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From:  Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Online

I'd like to share some testimonies we're received for our 21 Days to Health & Beyond System...

Hi there Chet!

My husband and I both went on the 21 day detox program together--made things much easier to do it as a team! We do have 3 young children(ages 6,4,and 2) and found it rather difficult at times to keep going with the program just because what they were eating always seemed so much better than what we had sitting in front of us!

My husband had gained some weight since we married seven years ago and had been complaining about it for quite some time but never did anything about it. When I mentioned your program he was a bit hesitant at first, but was willing to give it a try.

He was a champ!! Seemed to be having an easier time that I was --and I'm a big fruit and veggie eater as it is! He lost somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds! And felt great doing it!

One big thing we both noticed strangely enough was that we both felt unusually calm yet full of energy. Its easier getting up in the morning and I don't feel as though I'm running on empty as the day progresses.

Also, since starting the program I've begun a compost pile in our backyard--what better time to do it than now! My husband just turned 30 this past week and he and I went on vacation together for a few days.

As I'm sure you can imagine, we strayed a bit from our newly adapted eating lifestyle. Things definately didn't seem to taste as incredible as we believed that they would and have decided that due to our straying we're going to begin the 21 day program again and can't wait! We miss our morning smoothies! And are actually craving our veggies!

My favorite thing to eat that I threw together just recently was a veggie salad that consists of 1-2 pickling cucumbers, 2 roma tomatoes, 2 large carrots, purple onions, mini mushrooms, fresh green beans, and 1/4 avacado all sliced up into bite sized pieces and topped simply with pepper and celtic sea salt...occassionally I'll even add some sunflower seeds--its delicious!

One question that I do have do we get our children switched over to this lifestyle? and is it safe for them to eat this way as well? My husband and I were talking and believe that if we can get them to understand the importance of healthy eating and its effects on your body then it might help them when they reach those teenage years to reject the peer pressures we all know they'll face with drugs and alcohol because of the negative effects they have on your body. I know that its probably a long stretch, but every little bit helps--right?!

I'm just wondering if there are many kid friendly recipes out there for this raw food lifestyle and would greatly appreciate any input you may have on the matter!

Thank you so much for your program! Its changed our lives drastically and I can't possibly thank you enough!!

Melinda T.

Hey Chet,

After umming and aahing about the program for quite a while I finally commited. I finished the 21 days about two weeks ago. It was awesome. I lost 7 kilograms, which is about 15 pounds, and 4% body fat. I was riding my bike 30km a week and loving it.

After finishing, Ikind of went a bit crazy, eating lots of cheese (come on, 21 days without nachos!) and got back on coffee. Suddenly, my enjoyment of life plummetted from dizzy heights to depressed and just getting through. So last weekend I realised I had to be careful. I've cut out dairy, coffee, alcohol, refined sugars and anything fried, and even just 4 days later, I feel fantastic. Thanks very much, Chet.

Dom S.


I'm very happy I stuck with the program; I lost 13 pounds so far, more weight than I have ever lost before. The first 4 days were the hardest. I never had pimples and all of the sudden my face was full of them, but once my body got used to the change I was back to normal and more beautiful than ever. My skin has a glow to it now; I have more energy then I know what to do with. I finish my work a lot faster, I don't spend all day yawning watching the clock; I feel good. I'm looking forward to a healthier life and I'm glad I started at 21 and not 50 years old. Thank you

Maria R.

Dear Chet, I don't normally do these things but I have to respond to the last letter.  I had been on high blood pressure meds for almost 2 years prior to starting my 21 day program with you.  After about 4 days I was feeling very dizzy and weak.  My blood pressure had dropped to like 93/46! 

I called my doctor right away and he took me off the meds and told me to come in in a week.  Low and behold my blood pressure stayed normal for that week and after seeing me he took me off my meds completely!  He told me to keep doing what I was doing and keep monitoring my blood pressure.    After almost 3 weeks now I am still med free!

I will confess I have not been as faithful as I should be but I am sticking to it. I also have to tell you that I have two co-workers that are also following the plan after seeing my results. I lost 10 lbs almost immediately, gained 5 back, but I was aware that would happen and have lost those 5 this last week.   Thanks,

Julie  D.


Chet, I have now completed the 21 days detox and must say I want to continue for another three weeks on this programme.  Today, however, I steamed some fish and will be having a small amount with my vegetables and brown rice for lunch.  I have still continued with my morning and evening routine -- smoothie with oats, banana and raisins and sometimes apples and a small portion of mango for breakfast and for dinner, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes for a salad with multi-grain whole wheat bread sometimes.  I still have my fruits as a snack during the day. I feel great and want to lost another few pounds to round out my weight.  I am really committed to eating healthy from now on and will continue afterwards on the Health and Beyond Living to the Max program. I have been recommending the program to everyone and they are trying it and enjoying it also. Thanks again for your help.

Rosalee T.

I would like to let you know how I have done on your program. I have lost 20 pounds. I feel great. I am looking even better. I modified the program to work for myself. I just started some protein, chicken and fish. I haven't eaten many other cooked items. I followed the raw fruits and veggies. I will continue with the same program that I have been following. I want to loose another 20. Before I started the program, I was cloudy and undetermined. I now have a will of steel. I can accomplish anything I want to.

Thanks for all your help.

Lauren Y.


Today is the last day of my 21 day detox. I am feeling great! I decided to start the detox as I had some friends that had done it and because I had been feeling really sluggish.

I was sleeping poorly, living on Ibuprofen with Codeine from headaches with neck pain and feeling exhausted from about 2-5pm (no amount of coffee, emergenC and vitamin B complex would change this) and needing to sleep most days just to get through! Whilst the first week was hell in many ways as I came off coffee etc, I was determined to stick it out knowing that I would do anything to have my old energy and vitality back.

I found the detox really easy in terms of food etc. I like to experiment so that always adds some adventure and a sense of achievement for me. There are so many options on this detox. I also stopped all supplements during this time. I was having 2-3 EmergenC a day as well as a B complex vitamin each morning.

I have been feeling better each and every day. I am sleeping more consistently, am not having headaches and overall my muscles feel looser and healthier. I also have a more stable sense of wellbeing - less highs and lows in my mood which is great for everyone! I am saving so much money as I no longer go to Starbucks, eat processed/fast foods and take Ibuprofen with Codeine.

I need to confess that I didn't and haven't weighed myself before, during or after the detox. My aim wasn't really weight though I want and need to lose some. I thought if I did weigh myself I may become disappointed if I wasn't loosing weight fast enough (and be tempted to give up) or cocky if I thought I had lost so much (and stop the detox being comfortable with the weight lose).

I was in this for the long term health not just the weight. I want to feel good not just look good! I also knew I would feel if I was loosing weight by how my clothes fitted etc. I know I have lost a good amount of weight and am excited about this.

As I have come toward the end of the 21 days I have started back at my gym and will continue adding more of this without overdoing things and giving up. Thanx Chet, I am becoming the person I once knew with so much energy and life. My wife and two sons are also eating much more healthily and my wife walks along the beach each day now!


Hi Chet,

Yesterday April 21, 2008 was the end of my 21 day program. I am happy to report that it was well worth it!

I lost a total of 10 pounds on the program even though I didn't do a lot of excercise. I experienced minor discomfort during the program -just a bit of constipation during the first week but I think that's when I lost most of the weight. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be as the friuts were delicious and they gave me a bellyful. The raw vegetables were the only challenge but I got through it and I am happy that I did the program. I don't plan to go back to eating the way I did before which wasn't all that bad but I see where this diet is more beneficial to my health. I had an irregular menstrual cycle but It miraculously became regular while I was on this diet. Also, while on the program I felt lighter and more energetic and while I was always sleepy and tired before, I can stay up a whole lot longer than I used to and when I wake in the mornings I don't feel exhausted.

Thanks Chet from the bottom of my heart. I vow to continue eating healthily as you have taught me.


Jodi K.

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