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Today is my 21st day of your program... I did it!!! Thank you for your emails and encouragements. This was my second time in a year to do this detox program. I originally followed the book that you published a while ago! This time I read your new download form of the program but I still did the same as before! I am planning to do this new version of your detox program twice a year and God willing be living well inspite of being 40 years old. I am trying to get a least one or two people to do it with me. We need to take action and stay away from the medical field as much as possible. Any way, thank you again for the program and the time you put into helping others!

- Judy H.

Dear Chet,

I did indeed do your program and want to thank you for all the information. I wanted to only do the food part just to see how I would feel and how much weight I would lose in the 21 days before I started working out.

Wow, I feel so much better and have more energy.. I lost about 10 pounds... and feel great... Ieven got my wife to start eating better. I have been off of it for about two weeks and have done well with the food part, only a couple of slips.

I enjoyed it so much that I am going to start up again with working out this time. My stomach hasn't been this flat since high school. I am now 5'11 and 170. Thanks again for all the emails and support.

Bruce F.


Chet, I have two more days to go! I must admit I had more cooked veggies, and ate more nuts and oats than I am sure you would recommend on this program but I didn't have any sugar, enriched flour, meat or dairy. I was very pleased with my results, I can't afford to loose weight anywhere but this pooch I have in my lower abdomen. I'm not sure how this happened but I lost about an inch around my waist, I am not bloated like I was, yet didn't loose anywhere else.

I was even more pleased to report the amazing decrease in p.m.s symptoms, and food cravings.

I am not sure exactly what I am going to do after the next two days, I like the way I eat now except I miss my butter bread. I may actually try a little stricter program next to really keep my immune system strong during this cold and flu season.

I can't thank you enough for your support it is perfect because even if you do not do this perfect you learn more and eat better than you did before and that all leads to better health! You are making a difference one person at a time.

Kristine F.

Hi Chet,

I completed the 21 day program Feb 10th and found it most rewarding. I lost approximately 8 pounds and had increased energy. I recently returned from vacation and stuck closely to this new way of eating. I found that I am more conscious of what I eat than ever before. Thanks for this great 21 day program. I have two family members that started this program three days ago. Thanks for all your encouragement.

Bev D.


Dear Chet,

Thank you so much for the support you have given me in the last 21 days. I am going to miss your positive outlook and backup. I would not have been able to complete this without you. So thank you again.

I have been suffering from constant tummy swelling for months now. It gets so bad, I look about 9 months pregnant. Since I started your 21 day program, the swelling has gone and I even lost 4 kg. I have been sleeping like a baby. I have not had such restful sleep in a long time. I normally toss and turn and dream a lot. I don't know if it is this good sleep, or the great diet, but I feel very refreshed and full of energy the next day.

I am definitely going to try to do this program at least 3 or 4 times a year.

Once again, THANK YOU.


Dear Chet,

I finished the 21 day program and am feeling on top of the world. The energy increase has been almost unbelievable. My husband says he gets tired watching me!!!! I am continuing with lifestyle change and anticipate even more wonderful changes. Many thanks.

Ann S.


Dear Chet,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful program! I successfully finished the 21 days and intend to continue following this way of eating; the way I look and feel is so worth it! I started this program for the health benefits and ended up losing 9 pounds. I was surprised that I wasn't hungry during the 21 days and that helped me stay in check of everything I put in my mouth. I shared the program with my co-workers and 1 decided to take the plunge and I'm happy to report she's doing well. I have 2 other friends that want to start the program too, and I've shared your web site with them. Thanks again for your support during these 21 days and beyond!


Sussy M.

Dear Chet,

I am ashamed to say it's been 7 months since I last emailed you. At that time, we were just 5 days into the 21 day program. But I am proud to admit we stayed on your program, lost weight, and are feeling more healthy than ever before.

Dave and I ate pretty healthily before the program, however, the program showed us recipes and options we hadn't tried before. As a result, we might not have lost as much weight as some of your readers (I believe I lost about 5 pounds), however, we have continued your healthy eating style for the last 7 months. In that time, I have now lost 15 pounds and gone from a size 12 to a size 6.

Can you believe it, we are STILL eating the raw oatmeal every day and have discovered variations that we absolutely love. Just last night, I soaked it in pineapple orange juice instead of apple and this morning I couldn't believe the difference that made. It tasted like something I'd never had before (and remember, I've been eating this nearly every day for 7 months!!). This summer we also put peaches in it instead of apples and that was also very delicious. I can't go back to eating cereal after the raw oatmeal; nothing is as satisfying as that to me and it keeps me feeling full well into the morning. We also tried the no bake oatmeal cookies which we really liked and several other recipes that have all proved to be excellent. Your all day applesauce served with frozen yogurt is a great dessert/snack that I served to company who also raved about it.

All in all, Chet, your program gave us the foundation to get started and to keep going. Everybody always asks what I'm doing to look so good. Dave too has found that his knee joint pain has lessened by eating less sugar. His weight has also benefited from the program but more importantly, he was able to get out of his slump of craving chocolate and sugar every night after dinner.

Thanks so much for your no-nonsense approach and the free program to get healthy!

Kathy & Dave V.

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