WARNING: Don't Hire a
Therapist Until You Hear This:

Retired College Professor Reveals
Self-help Techniques You Can Use
to Get What You Want Out of Life

You... a person with personal power and peace of mind?  Yes!

Even if you've been miserable for years...
Get rid of the emotions and feelings that drag you down...
Create a happy and extraordinary life for yourself...

From:  Chet Day
Author, 21 Days to Health & Beyond

Dear Friend,

If you're tired of drifting unhappily through life like a rudderless ship, then please read this message about personal power very carefully.

Letís start with a question:  If you could wake up
every morning happy and roaring to go Ė would you?  

Of course you would.

Well, I'm happy to tell you that retired college professor Patrick J. Ryan has condensed everything he's learned during his 30+ years as a teacher and student of human psychology into a "how to" manual that you can use to dramatically improve the quality of your life.

In fact, I liked this book so much, I purchased the resale rights to it so I could offer it to friends and fellow health-minded people.

Entitled The 5 Steps to Personal Power, you'll find in this instantly downloadable eBook self-help methods to build the life you've always wanted.

Rather than expounding endlessly on theories, Professor Ryan cuts to the chase and reveals detailed and specific "how to" techniques you can use to break free of the thinking ruts and emotional patterns that currently hold you hostage.

In this densely-packed, 120-page text and workbook you'll learn the riveting secrets of Professor Ryan's Personal Empowerment Psychology, including easy and effective methods to attain five essential skills for an empowered life...

    1. The Master Skill of Relaxation

    2. The Master Skill of Self-Talk

    3. The Master Skill of Goal Setting

    4. The Master Skill of Visualization

    5. The Master Skill of Positive Expectation

A Successful Life Has Direction

Why drift through life without direction, permitting yourself to be buffeted about by forces apparently beyond your control? Make the first move, read this book and learn to: 

  • Take stock of who you are in a meaningful way. Assess your strengths, challenges, successes, values, roles, and temperament.
  • Take control of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and destiny. Discard self-defeating beliefs and attitudes.
  • Take aim at what really matters to you. Discover your mission/vision/purpose. Learn to set and achieve goals and to manage time within this framework. 

  • Take off on your lifeís journey with renewed energy and confidence. Learn to act -- not just react. Learn to seek solutions -- not just face problems. Learn specific techniques to help you get unstuck and moving in the direction you have chosen for yourself.
  • Stay the course - learn high-leverage activities to help you maintain and expand your gains

5 Steps to Personal Power!
How to Empower Yourself to an Extraordinary Life!

- by Patrick J. Ryan

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Here are a few more of the many important
techniques youíll learn, methods that'll prove to you
once and for all why it takes less energy to live a full, productive,
empowered life than it does to live an empty, unempowered one:

  • How to develop your own Instant Relaxation Response that you can use to instantly put yourself in control of any stressful situation. This technique alone is worth the price of the book.

  • Put into place the simple but powerful Refocusing Thoughts technique that you can then use to overcome the negativity to which most people fall prey.

  • Use the Anger Buster technique to rapidly displace the anger that's probably keeping you prisoner.

  • Troubled by negative or racing thoughts that keep you from sleeping? Then use Professor Ryan's Mental Vacuuming technique to calm and relax your mind.

  • Learn four simple steps to overcome self-defeating beliefs and then use the Positive Self-Talk, Situational Self-Talk, Universal Self-Talk, and Narrative Self-Talk techniques to stay on top of your life and goals.

  • Six Creative Goal Actualization techniques. If you don't know what you want, how can you get it? With Professor Ryan's goal techniques, you'll finally have a blueprint you can use to achieve the accomplishments you've so far only dreamed about.

  • Warning: DO NOT use the Creative Goal technique unless you're 100% sure you want to get what you're using it for because it's that powerful.

  • Memory improvement. In less that 30 seconds, I used Professor Ryan's Mnemonic technique to burn the names of the Great Lakes into the old brain that's been forgetting them for going on fifty years now. This is the best and simplest mnemonic technique I've ever seen. Amazing!

  • Use the powerful and element New Behavior Generator technique to replace destructive behaviors with constructive behaviors.

  • ... and much, much more.

Winners and Losers in Life

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people seem to be born winners? The kind of people who regularly and easily achieve their personal and career goals? What empowers such people to succeed where others might fail?

It really isn't a mystery. These people have learned how to take control of their lives by charting a course aimed directly at success. 

They own their own power. 

Now you can solve the mystery for yourself.

The 5 Steps to Personal Power is not just another so-called "self help" book. 

Quite the contrary, it picks up where other works usually end. Many books of this type are long on theory and very short on practical application.

Traditional psychology emphasizes normality, abnormality, and learning theory.  Seldom will the reader learn how to alter a state of mind or to take responsibility for feeling better.

Flying in the face of traditional psychology, The 5 Steps to Personal Power  will introduce you to the same simple and revolutionary idea discovered by the author.  A powerful concept so powerful that it cannot be under emphasized:

Reality is not so much what happens to us; rather, it is how we think about those events that create the reality we experience.  In a very real sense, this means that we each create the reality in which we live. -- Albert Ellis

The 5 Steps to Personal Power is densely packed with 120 packed pages that teach you a system based on sound principles.  Here are some more of the things that you will discover:

  • A more effective paradigm for how you think.

  • Give you an expanded vision of what you can expect from yourself.
  • Help you discover your mission, vision, or purpose in life.
  • Help you get unstuck and refocused.
  • Uncover a core of ever-available strength and serenity.
  • See and act more effectively when how you are thinking and what you are doing is not working.

Please order with total confidence because I sell The 5 Steps to Personal Power with a 100% money-back guarantee.  Itís simple: either the course lives up to my promises and your expectations, or you can request a refund and receive all your money back -- no questions asked!  You have a full three months to decide.

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Let me remind you that today's $10 price isn't much to pay in terms of the benefits you're receive:

  • Take control of your thoughts and emotions

  • Take aim at whatever really matters to you

  • Earn the kind of money you deserve to earn

  • Dramatically improve your overall well-being

In closing, you'll download the Adobe Acrobat Reader version of The 5 Steps to Personal Power as soon as you complete your order.

Note: If you're still not sure if The 5 Steps to Personal Power is right for you, click here to send me your questions or concerns so I can respond to them.

Yours for a healthy and peaceful world,

Chet Day

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