Common Treatments for Acne

Most people try to reduce or control acne by using harsh chemicals and detergent style facial cleansers. They don't realize though, that these products can often just make the problems worse.

Your body feels that it needs a certain amount of oil on the face for one reason or another, and when you use harsh cleansers which strip that oil off completely, the body will simply react as if your skin is too dry, and it will produce even more oil for your face.

Some people use these harsh cleansers even when they don't have overly oily skin, but just because they have some form of acne on their face instead. In most cases though, anyone - even people with oily skin - can keep their face clean just by rinsing it with clear water several times each day.

Part of the acne problems are caused by dirt building up in the pores of your face, so by rinsing your face with water regularly, you're removing the dirt that's collecting there throughout the day before it can embed itself into your pores and create an acne blemish.

Some women however, deal with acne problems by going on birth control pills. And this is often another key indicator that the acne problems are actually caused by hormonal imbalances or fluctuations in the body. Older women for instance, may not normally have acne related problems. But when they ovulate or begin their menstrual period, they will suddenly break out with pimples for several days. Again, these types of acne breakouts are caused by hormonal changes in the body, and this is completely natural.

Women can help control hormonal related acne break outs by using herbs which help balance their hormone levels.

Some people with severe acne problems choose to use very strong chemical based products to try and fix the problem. Some even go to a specialist, or dermatologist, and get prescription strength cleansers too. And in most cases these products do actually work. They have side effects however, which usually include an extremely dry face, rashes, redness, irritation, burning sensations, and blotchiness.

Some people's skin is too sensitive to use even the mild over the counter acne solutions too, and that's often when they start looking for more natural ways to clean their face, and start getting rid of the acne.

And the first step to natural acne healing is to start taking better care of your body.

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