How to Treat Acne with Herbs

Acne is a problem pretty much everyone faces at some time in their lives, particularly when they're teenagers. Acne is most commonly seen on teenagers going through puberty, because they have a wide variety of hormonal changes happening within the body. Acne can be a problem all through your adult years too, for both hormonal reasons, nutritional reasons, or because your body has a build up of toxins and needs to be cleansed.

Most people want to treat acne with topical creams and ointments often prescribed by medical doctors, but the best acne treatments actually need to be taken internally, so the problems can be resolved from the inside out.

Acne is often caused by hormonal imbalances, but it's also caused due to toxicity in the body as well. By taking some simple steps to start detoxifying your body, you'll often clear up acne related problems naturally.

There are many single herbs which are excellent acne remedies for adults and teenagers alike. Some herbal combinations are designed specifically to help with female or male hormonal imbalances, while others are good for women or men to use specifically. When taking hormonal herbal remedies, you'll often clear up several problems at once.

For example, there are several herbs which work together wonderfully to help correct hormonal imbalances in women. These herbs work on internal problems, with the end results including reduced menstrual cramps, regulated menstrual flow, and improved skin conditions like acne.

Ginger, for instance, helps to cleanse the kidneys and bowels, removes excess toxins from the body, and stimulates the circulatory system.

Lobelia helps encourage the flow of oxygenated blood, which in turn helps remove obstructions, congestion and toxins.

Other excellent herbs to use for female hormonal problems include Red Raspberry, Black Cohosh, Marshmallow, and Kelp.

Red raspberry is particularly useful for a wide variety of female specific problems, and is often used as a base herb in any combination remedy for women.

Kelp is an excellent single herb to take for a variety of problems, because it's a potent source of many vitamins and minerals. In fact, it's basically an all natural multivitamin, and this can help restore the balance of vitamins and minerals in your body, which in turn will help clear up the acne and related health problems.

Going on any good cleansing or detoxifying diet will help clear up the acne too, but remember it can sometimes get worse before it gets better, because your body starts pushing toxins out faster once you start a cleanse.

A good herbal face wash option is Chickweed tea. Dissolve chickweed capsules in warm water, then bathe the face with it and rinse. Chickweed is also wonderful to use as a bath soak for other sores, rashes, boils and burns.

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