How to Improve Acne Outbreaks with Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the very first and best steps to take when trying to cure acne related problems in adults. Acne is often caused by hormonal imbalances, but a lack of proper nutrition is also a key contributing factor to the problem. And improving your nutritional levels will help with any hormonal problems you may have, while also helping to clear up acne related problems too.

Now, one of the biggest reasons nutrition is so important when trying to clear up chronic acne problems, is because eating better helps to cleanse your entire body.

People who eat poorly often do not eat many fresh fruits and vegetables for instance, so they're not getting nearly enough vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients their bodies need to stay healthy. So the body ends up using the bulk of its energy and resources to stay alive, even if it means being alive in poor health.

Having poor eating habits also often means you're not getting enough fiber in your diet. And when you don't get enough fiber, your body's waste disposal system is unable to do its job properly. The liver is an organ in your body which filters out wastes, toxins, and bacteria from your blood stream. It creates bile from the toxins it filters out, and that bile ends up as solid waste material in your colon.

The colon then moves the solid waste all the way through itself - and the colon is over five feet long so it has to move the waste some distance - and eventually that waste is disposed of through a bowel movement. Since the waste contained toxins and bacteria which were filtered out by the liver, eliminating those wastes takes the toxins out of your system.

If however, you are not eating enough fiber and your colon is unable to move the waste material through your body efficiently, that waste material can get stuck inside the colon instead of being eliminated. When this happens, the toxins which were filtered out by the liver originally, will start leaking back into the body. The body will then try to get rid of the toxins another way: Through your skin. And this is when acne rashes and pimples can flare up.

So the best nutritional changes you can make to your daily diet are: Drinking water; eating more fiber related foods; and boosting your vitamin and mineral intake.

Drinking water helps keep the solid waste material soft and easier to move through the colon. Eating fiber rich foods will also help move the solid waste material through your colon, because it acts like a scrub brush when it's inside your colon. Boosting your vitamin and mineral intake through foods or herbal supplements will help all your body's organs operate at optimal health levels, which will in turn keep the toxins and bacteria moving out of your system quickly.

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