Gift Ideas for Always Cold People

Ever wonder how someone could be freezing to death when you're sitting there sweating bullets?

According to Vicki Rackner, M.D. and author, there are a number of factors that can cause one person to feel warmer or colder than the person right next to them.

These factors include weight, fitness, diet, gender (women are prone to have lower body temperatures then men), age and stress.

If you know someone who's always cold and who bundles up in layers in eighty degree weather, here's some great gift ideas to keep them warm all year long:

Irish Walking Cape

The traditional Irish walking cape buttons only at the neck, while the rest wraps, drapes and flows. Although it is a loose fitting garment, it effectively keeps out cold and is made primarily of a blend of wool. Purchase one of these distinctive coats online for around two hundred and fifty dollars.

Battery Heated Socks

Yes, there is such a thing as battery powered socks that will keep your recipient's feet warm and happy all day long. Many department and sporting good stores carry these ingenious items. It's an inexpensive gift costing less than thirty dollars.

Heated Lotion Dispenser

These awesome little gadgets keep lotions and oils at a comfortable temperature. They heat up quickly and cost very little to operate. You can find these at Target or Wal-Mart stores nationwide for twenty five dollars.

Flannel Sheets

People hate to admit it, but they love flannel sheets! They aren't romantic, but they are very practical on cold, blustery nights. L.L. Bean has a great selection of ultra soft flannel bedding ensembles. A single sheet usually costs somewhere in the ballpark of thirty dollars.

Heated Towel Rack

With a heated towel rack, your recipient can enjoy wrapping up in sumptuously warm towels at the end of every bath or shower. These heated units supposedly use less energy than a single light bulb, and drying damp towels saves on laundering and wear-and-tear. They plug into an ordinary wall outlet and are designed to run safely and economically 24-hours a day. This is considered a luxury item and a good one will cost around two hundred dollars online.

Gift Certificate to a Health Food Store

Research has shown that people who do not consume enough protein, vegetables, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for an optimal metabolism could find themselves feeling cold more often than not. So, a gift certificate for that colder someone might help to regulate their body temperature.

When temperatures topple and colder weather sets in, no present is more appreciated than one that chases the chills away. Options for giving the gift of warmth abound. But no matter what you choose, you can have peace of mind that it is a gift that will bring comfort and happiness to always cold friends and loved ones.

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