An Interview with Susan Millar

She Created an Asthma Treatment and Cured Her Husband’s Asthma

by Chet Day

Susan Millar has a popular website devoted to a natural health method for relieving and preventing asthma and allergies, an aid that she developed to help her husband Stan Grist.

According to Susan, “I started my site in August 2000. A year before, my husband Stan suddenly became very ill with asthma, so ill he almost died. The side effects of the asthma drugs the doctor prescribed were worse than the asthma itself. To make matters worse, the drugs didn't really help him that much either. He was completely bedridden. Stan is a very active man, and this was very depressing for him.”

But Stan and Susan didn’t let the problem get them down, as she explains: “Our work together is based on extensive research which we both enjoy, so it was natural for me to dig deep and begin researching alternative medicine. The drugs just weren't an acceptable solution and we needed to find a better way.

“At that time, we were based in Quito, Ecuador, a very polluted South American city. My husband and I were researching and conducting expeditions on various archeological projects together in the Amazon jungle when he first became ill. It was no longer possible for him to work, since the expeditions are often quite physically demanding and in remote areas without any medical help.”

Because of the situation, Susan and Stan decided to move their base to Florida because alternative medicine and supplements just aren’t that easy to find in Ecuador. They also needed the cleaner environment in Florida.

Susan continues with their story: “Being in Florida also helped initially with my research because I had better access to books in English, as well as articles, medical journals, and the results of clinical trials. Once my initial research was completed, I used the Internet extensively. I then realized that a website was an ideal way to reach and help other people with asthma and allergies.”

Well, as a result of her research, Stan regained his health and he and Susan are current back in Ecuador working on several new projects together.

I asked Susan when she first got interested in natural approaches to health and healing, and she replied that it happened over 27 years ago: “I was constantly sick and I became very worried. None of the doctors could find out what was wrong. My immune system was so low, I was knocked flat by every flu and cold bug there was and spent weeks in bed. It got to the point where I realized that in the previous year, I was sick more days than I was well. I was in danger of losing my job. The doctor simply prescribed more antibiotics, which only made me worse.

“I decided that I had to help myself, so I did a lot of reading about alternative medicine. Finally I went to see a naturopathic doctor. He tested me, and I was diagnosed with systemic candida yeast overgrowth. It turned out that the years of antibiotics I had been given throughout my adolescence had weakened my immune system. My doctor had freely prescribed antibiotics for just about everything and in addition, I had been on tetracycline for years to treat acne. I also suffered from allergies and sinus problems since I was six years old and had used antihistamines constantly over the years. Heavy antihistamine use can have a cumulative effect on liver function, which in turn lowers the immune system.

“I was a mess, and traditional medicine and drugs had played a large role in getting me there. Don't get me wrong: if you get hit by a car, the emergency room is the place you want to go, so I'm not saying that traditional medicine doesn't have a place. But I also know that many doctors hand out drugs too freely that have very serious side effects, and they don't always inform their patients. It also helps to keep in mind that they are part of a multi-billion dollar drug industry. I realized I needed to take more responsibility for my own health by doing my homework and not blindly trusting doctors. They aren't gods, and they are often too busy to keep up on the latest research. To their credit, some open-minded traditional medical doctors are realizing the value of natural medicine and are studying and applying it when it is appropriate.

“At that time, the traditional medical establishment claimed candida overgrowth was a myth created by alternative doctors who were irresponsible quacks. There was quite a backlash against them and unfortunately, there still is today. It took a year of treatment  (combined with a healthy diet) for me to strengthen my immune system and regain my health. The difference in my health and energy was astounding and from there on in I was sold on alternative medicine. Over the years, I also became involved in studying homeopathic medicine and acupuncture and found them to be quite effective in many areas.”

Like many other laypeople interested in natural approaches to health who use the Internet for research and the sharing of knowledge, Susan has enjoyed connecting with new friends all over the world. As she put it, “The Internet truly is a powerful communications tool and has allowed the world to become the ‘global village’ that Marshall Mcluhan prophesied many years ago. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people overcome their asthma and allergy problems.”

Anyone wanting to learn more about asthma or allergy relief will profit from a visit to Susan’s website, where “I have a free report about asthma and allergy prevention which I have researched from extensive medical studies.  It explains the key things you can do to your environment to help prevent asthma and allergies. Most importantly the experts claim these measures can even prevent young children from developing asthma and allergies in the first place. The numbers of asthma and allergy sufferers in North America and around the world is increasing at an alarming rate.

“I also have a free report explaining what asthma is and another free report about the negative side effects of asthma drugs which are often quite serious. I think it is important for people to know what the risks are of the drugs they are taking.  All of this information is fully documented from top medical sources and I provide these links on my site.”

Not one to rest on her laurels, Susan has plans for future books, “I’m going to include a section about other alternative health information which I have found genuinely effective. We are also currently conducting research for our upcoming longevity and rejuvenation report about the old people of Vilcabamba in southern Ecuador. Some live to be 120 years old. We will be combining this information with all the latest medical research for a comprehensive overview. In addition, we are, of course, always adding documentation of our latest expeditions on Stan's web site.”

When asked to share the five things she considers most important for a health life, Susan ticked them off without missing a breath:

  1. Eat a healthy diet;
  2. Don't smoke;
  3. Exercise;
  4. Live in a clean environment;
  5. Try to love each other while laughing frequently.

She added, “Health is an ongoing process of discovery. Taking responsibility for our own health is the most important thing we can do.”

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