Health & Beyond Classics:

Issue by Issue Descriptions

Vol. 1, No. 1 (May, 1993)
Why I Started Health & Beyond
Gosh, looking back on this original issue from five years down the line, I have to sit and chuckle at my audacity in starting up a monthly health journal. In that initial issue, I wrote: "What's my major goal and the overall reason for the existence of Health & Beyond? Well, I want to earn the worthy description Chaucer grants his cleric in the prologue to The Canterbury Tales: 'Gladly would he learn and gladly teach.'" Well, as I write this in the spring of 1999, I can honestly look back and say that I accomplished this goal because I learned a whale of a lot from my subscribers and interview subjects, and I think I taught a bit too as I wrote as honestly as I could about my own failures and successes with various healthprograms. With this first issue, I essentially say what I'm gonna do with the publication. Only in later issues do I actually start doing what I say I'm gonna do here.

Vol. 1, No. 2 (June, 1993)
Hygienic Fasting - Who, Why, and How
I devoted the second issue of Health & Beyond to fasting because the subject and its possibilities for improved health absolutely blew me away. This issue includes anecdotes from my fasting and juice dieting experiences, a brief history of fasting, insights and directions from Marie Phelps Sweet's Some Hints on Fasting Well, and some general comments. The Phelps' material includes great points and how-to-do-it directions on the topics of preparing the mind to fast, preparing the body to fast, preparing the environment, and watching one's progress.

Vol. 1, No. 3 (July, 1993)
Medical "Research" Proves Safety of Fasting
When I first started advertising Health & Beyond, I made a big deal out of my ability to search the national medical database known as MedLine. With this issue of the newsletter we took our first journey into the bowels of one of our government-sponsored computers and checked out everything we could find on the subject of fasting as its been considered by the medical establishment and its peer-reviewed research. I spent more time on this issue than I thought possible because it took me hours and hours to translate the medical jargon into understandable English. Once I did so, however, I was happy to find lots and lots of "research" that proved the efficiency and safety of fasting. If you want "research proof" that fasting won't kill you or turn you into a emaciated, raving lunatic, then you'll want this reprint.

Vol. 1, No. 4 (August, 1993)
The Enema Issue Issue - How, Why, and Why Not
I still consider this one of the best issues of the newsletter because I had such a gas writing it! Indeed, a barrel of monkeys couldn't have had as much fun playing tag as I had in telling the stories of my enema and home colonic adventures. But if you purchase this back issue, you won't just enjoy several amusing stories from my trials and tribulations with colon cleansing. You'll also find serious and valuable information on how to take an enema as well as different points of view on whether or not you should ever do so. Dr. Norman Walker, one of the great health writers who lived past the century mark, considered enemas as healthy and natural as blowing one's nose. Dr. Herbert Shelton, Natural Hygiene's greatest writer, considered enemas unnecessary and unnatural. Even if the very idea of an enema gives you the willies, you'll still find Vol. 1, No. 4, a good read!

Vol. 1, No. 5 (September, 1993)
Interview with Dr. John Brosious - Part I
The entire editorial thrust of Health & Beyond changed, and changed for the better I might add, with this issue, our first interview with a long-time Hygienic practitioner. In this issue Dr. John Brosious, Hygienist and health retreat owner for close to fifty years, shared with us the story of his life and how Natural Hygiene enhanced it for him and his wife and children. In Part I of this interview, he provides details about the diet and lifestyle he and his wife have thrived on for decades and then tells us a great deal about fasting, both at home and in fasting institutions.

Vol. 1, No. 6 (October, 1993)
Interview with Dr. John Brosious -Part II
In Part II of his interview, Dr. John Brosious tells us about his disappointment with the current trends in Natural Hygiene, trends that encourage us to move away from traditional viewpoints regarding cooked food and food combining. Pulling no punches, this pioneer of 20th century Hygiene tells it like it is. Listen: "I believe the organization [American Natural Hygiene Association] is beginning to not look like itself anymore. I like the pure truth of Natural Hygiene as seemed to be practiced in the earlier years. But if we wish to reach more people then we need to be less rigid. Finally, the ANHS has not changed for the better-to cater to more adherents, we've given up our birthright." He then goes on to talk about the basics of Hygiene and shares a story or two about Drs. Cursio and Shelton.

Vol. 1, No. 7 (November, 1993)
The Meditation Issue: Find the Peace at Your Center
Cats love meditation, and they're enormously drawn to meditators. Those who own cats usually find them in their laps after meditation. One meditator has to put the cat outdoors during sessions-otherwise, it'll claw insistently at the door of her room when she is meditating. Wow! No baloney! If you find this fact about meditation interesting, you'll have a cow when you read all the how-to details that support this little anecdote. This issue provides information not only about meditation in general but also specific details about one-pointed mental focusing, Christian prayer meditation, and a variety of other techniques. I've meditated and prayed silently almost every day since 1980, and I share with you in this issue all that I've learned about the subject.

Vol. 1, No. 8 (December, 1993)
Interview with Anthony and Deborah Boyar:
California Raw Fooders Reveal All - Part I

The Boyars live and work in California, where they provide a variety of services to health-conscious people with their program, A Taste Of Life: Raw Food Design for Radiant Health. Among their services, they offer personalized eating plans, instruction in food selection and preparation, and information on such topics as sprouting, juicing, fasting, and internal cleansing. The Boyars also use their own experience with the difficulties and the joys of adapting a healthful lifestyle to motivate and encourage their clients to join them on the road to fabulous health. In this issue of H&B, Anthony and Deborah share with us how they offer new clients a comprehensive four-part program called The Living Seed, a program which includes the following sessions: 1. What Shall I Eat?; 2. How Do I Prepare It?; 3. How Do I Digest It?; and 4. What's Next? In Vol. 1, No. 8, they also give excellent advice about juicing and food dehydrating.

Vol. 1, No. 9 (January, 1994)
California Raw Fooders Reveal All - Part II
The Boyars conclude their fascinating interview in this issue and continue to reveal everything they know. Anthony declines to respond to my question inquiring about his daily diet routine, making the excellent point that we need to find the appropriate diet for our selves, the diet that works for us where we stand at the moment health-wise. He then goes into detail about how to understand and complement individual food needs, commenting in detail on the appropriateness of nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and so on. The Boyars, after talking sensibly and at length about how parents can try to rear their children on high level foods, conclude their interview by providing us with an excellent raw fooder's book list. If you want to see how two people work together to spread the good word about living foods, then Vol. 1, No. 9, will ring your "I gotta have it" bell!

Vol. 1, No. 10 (February, 1994)
Death with Dignity and the Five Rites
A nasty fire raced through the Day house and H&B office early in January and consequently disrupted your editor's life more than he ever imagined possible. As a result of the craziness in trying to deal with insurance adjustors, plumbers, electricians, and various contractors, I kind of tossed this issue together in a hurry. Nonetheless, I've received considerable complimentary mail about it. The first part of the issue presents an article on the stages of dying that many, many people go through. Those of us who had experienced recent deaths in our families found this article comforting and helpful. The second part of the issue I devoted to full how-to details on the famous Five Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites. You can find out everything you really need to know about how to practice these health-building exercises right here in the Fire Special issue of Health & Beyond.

Vol. 1, No. 11 (March, 1994)
Dr. Stanley Bass Interview
50 Years of Clinical NH Nutrition - Part I

With this issue, we returned to the interview format and first met Dr. Stanley Bass, one of the most original natural health thinkers and writers I've encountered. Although not everyone likes or agrees with Dr. Bass's conclusions, I've yet to have anyone tell me that they don't like reading what he has to say. In this issue and the next one, Dr. Bass shares with us his autobiography. And while we learn about his fascinating life as a long-term nutritionist and out-patient NH practitioner, we also get all kinds of helpful advice on how we can improve our own health at the same time. In this issue, Dr. Bass tells us of his extensive dietary experiments. Using his own body as his laboratory, he tried just about every imaginable variation of high level food diets. And by learning what worked and what didn't work for him, we glean a better understanding of what might and might not work for us!

Vol. 1, No. 12 (April, 1994)
50 Years of Clinical NH Nutrition-Part II
In this issue, Dr. Stanley Bass takes the bull by the horns and flat out states, "the time has come for a serious re-evaluation of Natural Hygiene diets. I believe that correct food combining as laid down by Dr. Shelton was good for its day, but we have gone beyond that and I believe what we call sequential eating is superior to correct food combining although some ideas of food combining are correct and apply even today... Regarding clinical nutrition, I agree with Dr. Cursio when he said that the sicker a person is, the more quickly the food has to be digested and the easier it has to be assimilated. In other words, when you're dealing with very sick people, you can't go into whole foods. You have to give them juices, you have to give them blended salads, you have to give them foods which are easily digested and assimilated. You have to get away from the whole food concept because these sick people will not be able to digest whole foods. They're too enervated. These are some of the areas that have to be updated."

Vol. 2, No. 1 (May, 1994)
"The Grape Cure" Revisited and Tips on Toning
In this issue I owe up to various dietary transgressions I committed during a vacation with my ill and aging parents. A breakfast nightmare at Shoney's turns into reality as I confess to wolfing down scrambled eggs, French toast, and greasy hash browns. The issue then turns to Johanna Brandt's health classic, The Grape Cure, a book which I had sought for ages. The rest of the issue takes a close look at her theories on how a grape diet can "cure" just about any health problem. Then Dr. Shelton shares with us some thoughts on "fasting versus curative diets." The final page of the issue gives some quick how-to tips on toning, a method of chanting meditation in a New Age cloak. Since I'll try anything free, easy, and more or less natural that might improve my health, I share my thoughts on this business of "toning."

Vol. 2, No. 2 (June, 1994)
"Three Generations of Natural Hygienists"
Whoa, did the heat in the Health & Beyond kitchen turn up to high with this issue or what? In June of the summer of 1994, Dr. Bass's long-suppressed (Dr. Shelton held this article for years and years and years) "With Three Generations of Natural Hygienists" finally saw the light of print. And boy, did this article cause some sparks! In it we learn that many of Dr. Cursio's patients suffered serious deficiency problems after staying with the traditional raw food vegan diet for extended periods of time. We also learn about problems with the offspring of these long-term Hygienists. In a rare interview with Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio, Dr. Stanley Bass questions his mentor and learns all the details of how Dr. Cursio adjusted the diet of his long-term patients. And how they thrived once these adjustments were made. Since the publication of this issue, I've received many letters from subscribers who've thanked Dr. Bass for helping them finally understand why a raw food vegan diet wasn't working for them. If you're emaciated and having problems with the all raw diet, then Vol. 2, No. 2, may well serve as a revelation for you.

Vol. 2, No. 3 (July, 1994)
In Search of the Ultimate Diet - Part I
In this issue, the first of two, Dr. Stanley Bass shares with us the results of his first two years of dietary experiments with white mice. In an attempt once and for all to prove or disprove the belief that fruitarianism was the highest diet for humankind, Dr. Bass tried it on his mice-with astonishing results! Dr. Bass also tried the following diets on his mice: vegan, 100% raw food, lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, raw and cooked food, and other diets and variations. He also learned and shared with us some fascinating information about periodic fasting and increased longevity.

Vol. 2, No. 4 (August, 1994)
In Search of the Ultimate Diet - Part II
Continuing with his mice experiments, we find answers in Part II to the following questions: Which fruits are best? Which proteins are best? Which vegetables are best? Which carbohydrates are best? What different foods does one need to eat? Which raw and cooked foods lead to longevity? Do different diet affect feelings, emotions, and thoughts? What's the best weight losing diet? and many, many more. Between these two issues "In Search of the Ultimate Diet," Dr. Stanley Bass gives us, in his words, "information equal to almost 120 years of research and tests on humans!"

Vol. 2, No. 5 (September, 1994)
"Meditation and Natural Hygiene"
I personally consider the September 1994 number of Health & Beyond one of the best reprints, but this one's definitely not for everyone. If you like your reading material light, simple-minded, and three-quarters digested for you before you start chewing on it, then you should pass on Stanley Martin's marvelous "Meditation and Natural Hygiene." But, if you want to read the best thinking currently available on natural health and psychological cleansing, then you'll want to air mail your order for Vol. 2, No. 5. As I wrote in the introduction to the issue, "you must find a quiet place where you can devote several thoughtful hours to reading, thinking about, and then rereading the article that follows. Unlike the pap found in most health publications these days, the article which follows provides superior food for the health-minded intellect." Of everything I've read about how to break those incredibly annoying inferior food habits and cravings, Stan Martin's article has helped me the most. It'll help you too if you still occasionally crave a hot pizza or a cold dish of mint chocolate chip ice cream or even too many servings of figs and almonds!

Vol. 2, No. 6 (October, 1994)
Dr. Robert Sniadach Interview
Our Visit with an Intern of Dr. William Esser - Part I

Up to this point, our interview time has been spent with very experienced raw food experts and Hygienic doctors (over a hundred years experience combined in three interview issues alone). In this issue we get a refreshing look and attitude about Natural Hygiene from one of the newest certified Hygienic practitioners/chiropractors, Dr. Robert Sniadach. As subscriber Michael Bobier put it to me in a recent letter, "Great October and November issues, the best in a way for me, 'cause the guy rapping is intelligent, and not polarized, and/or egotistical about Hygiene knowledge." Well, Dr. Sniadach may not have a big head about his knowledge, but he has done some serious thinking about Natural Hygiene, and in Part I he starts sharing it with us. While he tells us all about his fascinating internship with Hygiene giant Dr. William Esser (one of the original founders with Dr. Shelton of the American Natural Hygiene Association), Dr. Sniadach also clues us in on such important subjects as sex, nerve energy, and emotional problems.

Vol. 2, No. 7 (November, 1994)
Dr. Robert Sniadach Interview - Part II
In this issue, we end our conversation with Dr. Robert Sniadach. But before we do, we learn all about Hygiene and contagious diseases, spiritual visions and expansions during fasting, juice diets, sleep and rest, and supplements in general. After expanding at length on the above topics and others, Dr. Sniadach then closes his interview with an articulate and moving overview of what Hygiene is and can be, what it does and could do for a culture that seems bent for self-destruction. If you enjoy articulate story telling, thoughtful argument, and impassioned enthusiasm for Natural Hygiene, you won't want to miss the Health & Beyond time with Dr. Robert Sniadach.

Vol. 2, No. 8 (December, 1994)
Interview with Dr. Robert Wynman, DDS
Natural Hygiene and the Teeth: Dr. Bob Answers Questions - Part I

In this issue, we bite into the fascinating area of Natural Hygiene and care of the teeth, gums, and mouth. Dr. Robert Wynman, DDS, FAGD, and founder of North Shore Dental-Lake Tahoe's Gentle Dental Team, takes questions from a variety of inquisitors in this interview. Of prime interest to many, he discusses dental problems associated with excessive fruit consumption. Dr. Bob also covers the important issues of mercury fillings and the subject of fluoride in our water supplies. He ends the issue by telling us how Natural Hygienists should care for their own teeth!

Vol. 2, No. 9 (January, 1995)
Interview with Dr. Robert Wynman, DDS
Dr. Bob Answers Questions - Part II

In the second part of this fact-filled and highly amusing interview, Bob Wynman talks about rebuilding tooth enamel, choosing among the many high-tech toothbrushes, and lemon juice. He also discusses the safety of dental x-rays, how to take care of the teeth of children, and the whole business of sealants. Throughout both his issues, Dr. Bob wittily shows his commitment to self-health through thoughtful natural living. These issues have received high praise from everyone who's read them!

Vol. 2, No. 10 (February, 1995)
He Studied with Shelton!
An Interview with Dr. Ralph Cinque, DC - Part I

We spend some time in this issue with Dr. Ralph Cinque, one of Dr. Shelton's final students. Covering a vast health territory in these eight pages, Dr. Cinque gives us the low-down on grains, blood tests, and pH testing. He provides us with a terrific Alexander Lying Down Procedure as well as the new International Association of Professional Natural Hygienists approved statement on food combining. He also does his best to put the editor of Health & Beyond straight once and for all on the enema question!

Vol. 2, No. 11 (March, 1995)
He Studied with Shelton!
An Interview with Dr. Ralph Cinque, DC - Part II

Dr. Cinque
clarifies the troublesome question of absorption of inorganic minerals, gives his opinion regarding wheat grass and fermented foods, and shows how Hygiene differs from the popular vegan prescriptions of Drs. Ornish and McDougall and others. Other topics in this issue include nut-eating, fasting at home, juice diets, organic vs. inorganic produce, and sunbathing. He ends the issue by telling us all about his new Hygienic retreat, Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat. If you enjoy Dr. Cinque's writing and tapes through the ANHS's offerings, you'll want both issues of his interview with Health & Beyond.

Vol. 2, No. 12 (April, 1995)
Almost 100 Years of Hygiene: Articles by Drs. Bass and Zovluck
This issue blew away many of my readers. Starting with Dr. Stanley Bass's fascinating article, How to Live on a 100% Raw Diet Healthfully and ending with Dr. Bernarr Zovluck's Natural Hygiene: Nobody Knows, Understands, and Practices It. Why? Vol. 2, No. 12, had something for just about everyone. After Dr. Stanley Bass explains and details and provides a menu for what he considers an ultimate raw diet totally free of deficiencies, Dr. Zovluck came on board and blasted contemporary Hygiene practitioners and their little understanding of how to properly practice our chosen lifestyle. One of my best-selling back issues, this one comes high recommended.

Vol. 3, No. 1 (May, 1995)
He Leads the Essene Church of Christ
An Interview with Rev. Brother David Owen
After providing an overview of the ancient Essenes, Brother David goes on to describe how modern day Essenes practice the Sevenfold Peace life style. He then proceeds to answer a variety of questions about raw food eating and how we can increase our connection with the Divine by following a sane lifestyle that includes a vegetarian diet. Brother David provides an Essene meditation that brings solar energy into the solar plexus and thus increases the overall sense of well-being. If you're into improving the "beyond" or spiritual side of your health routine, this issue comes highly recommended.

Vol. 3, No. 2 (June, 1995)
Dr. Herbert Shelton Speaks from Beyond the Grave
Well, not really, but you will find in this issue a verbatim transcription of a long-lost tape recording of Dr. Shelton. In this speech, the master of NH addresses the topic "What Hygiene is and What It is Not." With his usual flare for the dramatic, Dr. Shelton begins by saying, We have a lot of members but no Hygienists. It seems to me as I meet people who call themselves Hygienists and talk with them and work with them that not more than one out of every five hundred I meet actually understands what Hygiene is." Whoa! If you want to read Shelton at his best, you'll enjoy this issue.

Vol. 3, No. 3 (July, 1995)
A Weird Life Experience and A Short Interview with Dr. Joel Fuhrman
After I detail the horrors of getting flooded just before we moved from New Orleans down here to Central Florida, we hear from popular medical doctor and Hygiene revisionist Joel Fuhrman. In these pages, the author of Fasting and Eating for Health calls Dr. Zovluck's view of traditional Sheltonian Hygiene "inconsistent with the history of Natural Hygiene." He then goes on and eventually concludes, "A new name for the practice of Natural Hygiene might be in order, not to distinguish it from earlier stages of Hygiene, but to distinguish it from the simplistic and inaccurate nonsense that some people mistakenly call Natural Hygiene." Following Fuhrman's brief interview, we read Dr. Shelton on "Hygienic Purity" and pretty much put things back in order. A very controversial issue that evoked many replies.

Vol. 3, No. 4 (August, 1995)
Letters to the Editor: H&B Readers Toss in their Two Bits Worth
Another very popular and informative back issue, Vol. 3, No. 4, contains comments from subscribers on all kinds of topics and issues raised in the newsletter. Dr. Jack Ebner lays into "physician Fuhrman" and reminds us that "had they hung tough with good old Mother Nature, I'm convinced that most would have survived." Joann Thompson shares some of her problems with the traditional Hygiene diet and tells us about her resulting vitamin B12 deficiency. Other readers cover a variety of other subjects. Recommended for those who like to read how "real Hygienists" really make out with Natural Hygiene in their lives.

Vol. 3, No. 5 (September, 1995)
Dr. Bernarr Zovluck: "A Natural Hygiene Answer to Dr. Joel Fuhrman"
Never one to take contrary opinions lying down, Dr. Zovluck point by point responds to Joel Fuhrman's criticisms of Natural Hygiene as practiced and taught by Dr. Zovluck. He counters Fuhrman's contention that times do occur when one should use antibiotics to combat health problems. Quoting a variety of Hygienic writers from the nineteenth and twentieth century, Dr. Zovluck also repudiates the germ theory and concludes "Natural Hygiene always works! Learn all you can about NH. Practice NH 24 hours per day and seven days per week, 52 weeks per year, and I guarantee that you will get well and stay well, no matter what is your problem!"

Vol. 3, No. 6 (October, 1995)
Abdominal Training and H&B's First and Last Satire
I received more negative mail regarding this issue than any other published to date. The first part of the issue provides comprehensive and downright wonderful "how-to-do-it" information on how to build a set of abdominal muscles that'll ripple like a steel washboard. Those into muscle development appreciated this part of the issue. Few, if any, apparently, appreciated the satire entitled "Seminal Uprising," a take-off on the theory that seminal retention builds health.

Vol. 3, No. 7 (November, 1995)
CellTech's Super Blue Green Algae:
H&B Takes a Close Look at all the Hoopla
After being inundated with praise from a friend and subscriber as well as mail from both Dr. Ralph Cinque and Victoria BidWell about the wonders and glories of Super Blue Green Algae, I broke down and spent around $130 on the stuff and popped it for several months as an experiment. This issue details the results of that experiment as well as providing pro and con points of view from several other individuals. Many have called this issue outstanding and an open-minded look at blue green algae and its so-called health benefits. Dr. Vetrano has recommended this Vol. 3, No. 7, to some of her patients who wanted to know more about the subject. If you currently give some thought to shelling out big bucks on SBGA, you should read this issue first!

Vol. 3, No. 8 (December, 1995)
The Thinking Problem in HIV-Science
and More Letters to the Editor on Various Topics
In this issue, we pay a visit to the contorted thinking that seems to surround the subject of AIDS. The second part of the issue we hear from subscribers, especially 40-year Hygienist Nick Phillips, who shares much of his knowledge and experience. T.C. Fry provides a few more comments about Super Blue Green Algae, and I write about my experiences with the Clean Me Out program. I also give a "recipe" for a so-called "tonic" that sells for $6.00 a gallon which you can make in your own home for next to nothing.

Vol. 3, No. 9 (January, 1996)
The Kombucha Special: Chet Grows the Manchurian Mushroom
I loved writing this issue! Frankly, I had more fun putting Vol. 3, No. 9, together than I had with just about any other issue to date. Although many Hygienists hate the idea of drinking Kombucha Tea and find it contrary to the spirit of "pure" Hygiene, this so-called "health drink" has a long and respected history throughout the world. Consequently, I thought I would experiment with it for a few months and give the stuff a try. In this Kombucha special edition, I relate everything I learned about the Kombucha "mushroom" and its tea. I provide full "how-to" details for those who want to try this experiment themselves. Always concerned about the B12 controversy, drinking a natural drink like K-Tea struck me as one possible method for ingesting all kinds of good vitamins without having to pop processed pills. I recommend this issue without reservation.

Vol. 3, No. 10 (February, 1996)
Dr. Bernarr Zovluck: "Why Natural Hygiene Always Works"
Dr. Zovluck
answers criticisms from subscriber Nick Phillips and others and also tells us all kinds of things about injaculation, "an orgasm without ejaculation." He also discusses the laying on of hands and its role in healing and then goes on to talk about the poor health of many of the world's great religious leaders. The second article in this issue comes from long-time Hygienist Marian Goodell and is entitled Twelve Years of Living in Tropical Equador with Tropical Fruits and Vegetables as an Adequate Diet.

Vol. 3, No. 11 (March, 1996)
Natural Hygiene Guru: An Interview with Ron Weston - Part I
Ron Weston
has been living and teaching Natural Hygiene for more than thirty years, and in this issue he begins his long and comprehensive interview with H&B readers. In Vol. 3, No. 11, he replies in great detail to the following questions: Is it possible to attain superior health as we approach the turn of the century? Who do you consider the top five Hygienic practitioners? What about seminal fluid retention? Do you feel there is room for amicable difference and dissent in Natural Hygiene? What do you consider the limitation of Natural Hygiene? Does surgery have a role to play? What about "instinctive" eating? Can NH cure tinnitus? And many, many more.

Vol. 3, No. 12 (April, 1996)
Natural Hygiene Guru: An Interview with Ron Weston - Part II
Ron Weston
shares more of his many years of experience as both a practicing and consulting Natural Hygienist, giving detailed answers to the following questions, among others: What can you tell us about toxicosis and "chi" and nerve energy? Should we eat frozen and/or dehydrated foods? What is the ideal percentage of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in the human diet? How do we attain complete detoxication? Have you ever experienced "true hunger"? Should we consume bee pollen or honey? Why or why not? Why do so many Hygienist and Hygienist experts die so young and so sick? What is the role of grains in the Hygienic diet? What "transitional" foods do you recommend for newcomers? And many, many more.

Vol. 4, No. 1 (May, 1996)
Diary of a Juice Diet with Kombucha Tea
In December of 1995, I spent most of my vacation sitting around my home drinking fruit and vegetable juices and sipping Kombucha tea and distilled water. I didn't pop a bite of solid food in my mouth for five full days. As a result of this experience, I lost six pounds and gained a clarity of mind that I hadn't experienced for years. In this issue of the newsletter, I tell you exactly what I did on his juice diet and how I did it. I also editorialize about the American way of health and sickness and tell you how to find the best health of your adult life.

Vol. 4, No. 2 (June, 1996)
Natural Hygiene Guru: An Interview with Ron Weston - Part III
Ron Weston
shares more of his many years of experience as both a practicing and consulting Natural Hygienist, giving detailed answers to the following questions, among others: Why do garlic and onions remain on the breath so long after eating them? Should humans eat any animal flesh? What diseases can be aided by fasting? Does any vegetable, grain, fruit, or plant come to mind which should be eaten only if heated? Can you tell us about the so-called "flesh-eating" bacteria? And many, many more.

Vol. 4, No. 3 (July, 1996)
Shelton's Protege: An Interview with Dr. V.V. Vetrano - Part I

Dr. Virginia Vetrano
, known throughout the vegan and Natural Hygiene world as the successor and keeper of the flame of Natural Hygiene as taught by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, begins with this issue her most in-depth interview in decades. In this issue, she tackles major questions and gives us the most information ever given about the final years of Dr. Shelton and his struggle with Parkinson's Disease. As always, Dr. Vetrano answers all questions with detailed replies. The glib generalization does not exist for this true voice of Natural Hygiene!

Vol. 4, No. 4 (August, 1996)
Shelton's Protege: An Interview with Dr. V.V. Vetrano - Part II
In this issue, Dr. Vetrano gives us a modern definition and explanation of Toxicosis. Other topics included in the August newsletter include: high protein diets, true hunger, B12, the minimal requirements for a Hygienic diet, enemas and colonics, instinctive nutrition, and the advisability of soaking nuts and seeds before consumption. And many, many more.

Vol. 4, No. 5 (September, 1996)
Shelton's Protege: An Interview with Dr. V.V. Vetrano - Part III

In the final part of her interview, Dr. Vetrano deals with asthma, the causes of foul breath, sciatica after an extended fast to completion, and the future of Natural Hygiene. In this issue, Dr. Vetrano presents one of the finest and most detailed arguments that I've seen on why we should avoid blood transfusions. Her comments on this important topic many folks have found to be worth the price of the issue alone.

Vol. 4, No. 6 (October, 1996)
Setting the Record Straight on Humanity's Evolutionary Prehistoric Diet

In what I suspect will come to be known as one of H&B's most controversial issues, Ward Nicholson gives us about 10,000 of the most clearly argued words on the fascinating topic of humankind's "real" original diet. Unlike most articles on this topic which, kindly put, rely on "common sense" and "blinded naturalism," Ward went to the "scientific" sources and did his homework. This footnoted article may well change the thinking of any rational fruitarian or vegan who no longer feels as good as he or she felt when first opting out of the Standard American Diet. Of all the issues, I've printed, I consider this one MUST reading.

Vol. 4, No. 7 (November, 1996)
The Life and Times of T.C. Fry
There we were in the middle of great interviews with Ward Nicholson, and what did that T.C. Fry, the unpredictable advocate of a fruitarian diet, do? He upped and died on us. So of course I dropped everything planned and put together a memorial issue for one of the most controversial figures in the living food movement. In this issue, you get the full skinny on T.C.'s journey to Costa Rica, where he took ozone therapy for his undisclosed heart problems. You'll read both good and bad things about the mentor of Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. This has proven to be my most popular issue of 1996.

Vol. 4, No. 8 (December, 1996)
Fire and Cooking in Human Evolution, Rates of Genetic
Adaptation to Change, Hunter-Gatherers, and Diseases in the Wild

In Part II of his interview, Ward Nicholson puts his analytical mind to the question of cooked food. Raw foodists love to think that human beings always lived on and lived best on totally raw food and just are genetically suited or adapted to any kind of cooked food. Ward looks at the anthropology and comes to conclusions that annoyed a lot of traditional-thinking Instinctos and Natural Hygienists. If hard science and clear thinking and articulation ring your bell, then you want this issue in your collection.

Vol. 4, No. 9 (January, 1997)
The Psychology of Idealistic Diets and Lessons Learned
from the Natural Hygiene M2M about Successes and Failures of Vegetarian Diets
Not one to keep from annoying just about everyone, in Part III of his magnificient series, Former Natural Hygiene M2M coordinator Ward Nicholson turned his microscope on the issue of idealistic diets. With his usual clear-thinking and highly readable prose, Ward gives pause to anyone who sticks to a diet just because it sounds right to them. If you're having problems with a diet, then it's probably the diet causing your problems and not your inability to stick with its tenets, Ward tells us. Must reading for anybody who believes he/she has THE answer to the human dietary.

Vol. 4, No. 10 (February, 1996)
The Reactions to the Nicholson Interviews
We came up for air for an issue in February and gave readers a chance to voice their replies to all the controversial ideas presented by Ward Nicholson in previous issues. Freida Ireland voiced in with a Sheltonian response that urged Ward "to study Shelton's major works with the zeal and diligence with which he has pursued anthropology." Several folks provided the routines they have developed for themselves in their search for ultimate health. Everyone seemed to agree that having our assumptions shook up was a good thing!

Vol. 4, No. 11 (March, 1996)
An Interview with Rev. George Malkmus -- Part 1
Whoa, did readers react strongly to this issue when we first met the founder of Hallelujah Acres, Reverend George Malkmus, in the pages of H&B. In this issue, George fielded a number of important questions and provided information on why he contends that water fasting is dangerous and something modern health seekers should avoid. He also provides a detailed answer as to why humans should eat predominately of uncooked foods.

Vol. 4, No. 12 (April, 1996)
Reactions to the Nicholson Interviews Continue
Just about everyone had an opinion regarding Ward Nicholson's accessment of Natural Hygiene, raw food eating, and the oftentimes destructive psychology involved with sticking too strictly to some "ideal diet." In this issue, we hear from long-time Hygienist Frieda Kabelac-Ireland who explains that Natural Hygiene is NOT just a dietary system. The Reverend David Owens, leader of the Essene Church of Christ, then provides us with an excellent alternative to consuming flesh in our diets.

Vol. 5, No. 1 (May, 1997)
An Interview with Rev. George Malkmus -- Part 2
In this issue, Rev. Malkmus fielded more questions and provided information on why he considers his Hallelujah Diet a discovery that could literally change the health of the world. If you're a Christian and want more of the Malkmus philosophy, this issue's for you, but read the Malkmus issues with a skeptical eye because after working with him for 18 months at Hallelujah Acres, I eventually learned that the Hallelujah Diet was a dangerous and deficient diet in the long-term. Click here for details on that.


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