BeeKeepers Don't Get Cancer

By Victoria

A few weeks ago I visited and checked out the "Bee Hive." I decided to take the kids there for an e-field trip.

I learned all the stuff about bees that I probably learned as a kid, but had forgotten. Bees are truly amazing! The queen can live for up to seven years and all because she gets a strict diet of royal jelly when she is just a larvae. That is the only difference between a queen and a regular bee. The queen gets the royal jelly and the rest of the bees don't so they turn into workers, nurses or drones. See what a difference a healthy diet makes? : )

After you visit the hive and learn all there is to know about why bees do everything they do, you can join the bee hive and become an official member. This was free so I joined right away. A couple of days later I received my certificate of membership, a little bee stuffed animal and a fascinating book by Bernard Jensen entitled, "Bee Well, Bee Wise".

You may have heard about the benefits of taking bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly, but I had not! I could not believe the information that was contained in this valuable book. For those of you that do not know, Bernard Jensen, Ph.D is a highly respected Clinical Nutritionist whose work I was first introduced to when I was researching the bowels. Anyone who is new to this newsletter, let me tell you, I am a bit obsessed about keeping the colon clean! I think you need to eliminate like clock work and three times a day is what I consider healthy. Food in, food absorbed, and then toxins must go is my motto. Bernard Jensen has written a great book on this if you want to get it. It is "Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management".

Back to the bees. Bernard Jensen considers bee pollen one of the oldest and safest natural remedies known to man. Honeybee pollen is primarily a food substance and is a highly concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, lecithin, hormone-like substances and a natural anti-bacterial substance--in a base of protein (amino acids), carbohydrates (mostly natural sugars) and fatty acids.

Pollen has been reported to benefit the endocrine glands, prevent anemia, strengthen the immune system, improve bowel function (yeah!), help protect the heart arteries from atherolsclerosis, treat prostate conditions, benefit brain and nerves, clear up some cases of acne, counteract fatigue, increase longevity and more.

Dr. Jensen has traveled throughout the world and interviewed many people over the age of 100. Most of them made use of pollen. They were eating the debris left by the honeybees on the bottoms of the hives--mostly pollen with a bit of propolis mixed in. This helped them to sustain health and help prevent disease.

These old Caucasus mountaineers used to be beekeepers and knew the waste matter was not only okay to eat, but actually enhanced health. They would sell their good honey at the market and would eat the leftovers. These guys would also exercise everyday (working outdoors), get plenty of fresh air, and eat a whole foods diet (nothing processed, no McDonalds up in those mountains!). Some of these men were the same weight they were when they were 18, had no disease and some were even reported to be over 150 years old!!!

D.C. Jarvis, M.D. and Charles Mraz, a beekeeper in Vermont, did a study and were unable to find a single case of cancer in beekeepers or learn of one who had died of the disease. They did find one man who had Hodgkin's disease but he had contracted it before becoming a beekeeper. This man was cured of Hodgkin's once he started his new occupation.

Dr. B. Beck did an international search for beekeepers who got cancer and found one. It was a man who died of skin cancer in Hawaii. Now I have to make a comment about this. Do you know that one of the number foods that Hawaiian's love is SPAM???? I know this because I lived in Hawaii for a few months when I was 21. I could not believe they liked it so much there, but they do. So I say it may have been the SPAM that contributed to the beekeepers cancer! Just say no to SPAM! Please say no. : )

Dr. Jensen suggests taking a teaspoon of bee pollen before each meal for weight loss! Gotta love those bees!

Here is a list of more conditions helped by pollen, propolis, and raw honey:

  1. allergies
  2. arthritis
  3. asthma
  4. cancer
  5. catarrh
  6. colitis
  7. constipation (can't have that!)
  8. depression 9. diabetes
  9. diarrhea (it is better than constipation! kidding.)
  10. digestive problems
  11. hay fever
  12. heart disease
  13. hemmorrhoids (get rid of the constipation and you won't have these!)
  14. high blood pressure
  15. impotence (forget the viagra!)
  16. infections
  17. influenza (stop with the flu shots already!)
  18. menopause and menstrual problems
  19. obesity
  20. prostate trouble
  21. radiation side effects
  22. rheumatism
  23. stress
  24. strokes

I think the bees may have it and they are worth checking out. I bought a 30 day supply of the pollen, propolis, and royal jelly and am trying it right now. I am interested in it for the fatigue I battle. I was given 12 injections of Lupron over 10 years ago, and have yet to get rid of the toxic chemicals completely.

If you do decide to try some of the bee stuff, do get it from as they have the best products on the market. They are even recommended by Dr. David Williams. Don't buy the cheap bee products. You won't get the benefit if the pollen is not processed in a certain way. Bee products are a LIVE FOOD and cannot be heated beyond 118 degrees or the enzymes are destroyed.

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