Benefit of Vitamin C:

The Benefit of the Real Vitamin C

By Dr. Ben Kim

About a year and a half ago, my wife and I made the decision to add acerola cherries to her diet. In case you aren't familiar with acerola cherries, they are one of nature's best sources of REAL vitamin C.

My wife was eating plenty of foods that are known to provide vitamin C, such as red bell peppers, oranges, and a variety of green vegetables.

But we wanted to be absolutely sure that her body would receive a steady dose of truly natural vitamin C on a daily basis.

Our reason was simple: my wife was pregnant with our first child and we wanted to do everything that we possibly could to build and support her immune system during her pregnancy and while she breastfed our baby.

So in addition to taking her daily dose of Dr. Kim's Greens, cod liver oil, and eating a relatively healthy diet, Margaret began taking acerola cherry powder every morning.

The result?

She experienced an extremely healthy pregnancy and gave birth to our baby at home after 6 hours of labour with the help of three wonderful midwives.

My wife continued taking acerola cherry powder as she began breastfeeding our baby and still takes it every day. We are extremely grateful that our baby has experienced nothing but excellent health since he was born, despite being exposed to people who were sick during the flu season.

The full vitamin C complex found in acerola cherries is nothing like synthetic forms of vitamin C found in most supplements.

I have found the natural vitamin C complex in acerola cherry powder to be extremely effective for treating a variety of health conditions, most notably:

1. Tooth decay and gum disease
2. Unexplained hair loss
3. Frequent colds and other infections
4. Easy bruising and bleeding
5. A weak immune system
6. Chronic fatigue

Do I believe that everyone needs to take acerola cherry powder? In a word, no.

I recommend acerola cherry powder for people who are doing the best that they can with their food and lifestyle choices, but need extra immune system support to reach their health goals.

In keeping with our policy to recommend only those products that we actually use on a regular basis, we are excited about being able to provide the same high quality acerola cherry powder that my wife has been using for the past year and a half to those among our subscribers and patients who also need it.

It has taken us more than a year to make absolute sure that our acerola cherry powder is the best quality product of its kind.

If you would like more details on our acerola cherry powder, please click here.

Based on the many requests that we have received over the past year for an all-natural vitamin C product, we cannot guarantee that every order for our acerola cherry powder will be sent out immediately. If we run out of our initial supply more quickly than we anticipate, we will be sure to post a note on our website that indicates when the next batch will be ready.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

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