Biblical Nutrition, the Hallelujah Diet™, and Health

Hallelujah Acres Research Casts Doubt on "Ideal Diet" * MUST READ
In this article, Greg Westbrook examines published studies by a well-known Genesis 1:29 Diet researcher, Michael Donaldson, Ph.D. Donaldson's research reveals a multitude of nutritional deficiencies that vegans should be aware of, especially expectant mothers, nursing mothers, babies, children, and teenagers.

When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?"
This is my review of Greg Westbrook's indictment of the Hallelujah Diet and its long-term nutritional deficiencies, deficiencies that may well impair your health and the health of your children if you're strictly following that 85% raw vegan diet "as written." This is a MUST READ article for anyone on the Hallelujah Diet.

When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?"
Greg Westbrook explains in this 135-page book how and why problems with the vegan Genesis 1:29 Diet almost destroyed the health of his family. This is "must read" material if you're losing strength and energy on this nutritionally deficient Biblical diet.

Our Experience with Deficiencies on the Hallelujah Diet
In this must read article for all vegans,
health minister Andrew Foote tells how their baby was injured by B12 and calcium deficiencies on the strict vegan Genesis 1:29 diet.

Is a Strict Vegan Diet a Recipe for Disaster?
Dr. Ben Kim writes, "My experiences with my own body and in providing health care to many people over the years have led me to believe that a long term, strict vegan diet is a sure recipe for developing certain nutritional deficiencies and significant health problems." This is a must read for strict vegans.

Dangers of Vegan Diets for Expectant Moms, Children, and Others
Although a vegan diet can help many people overcome weight problems or major health challenges, it may not be the best choice for the long-term, especially for expectant mothers and their babies. Must reading for all vegans, especially those involved with the Genesis 1:29 diet.

Is Your Shepherd A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing?
No, this article isn't about false prophets, but it is about false teachings. A common vegetarian "half-truth" for a meatless diet is that man's digestive system is patterned after that of an herbivore, not a carnivore. Not so. Read on for details.

Animal Products, Cancer, and the Genesis 1:29 Diet
Genesis 1:29 Diet promoters claim that animal foods cause cancer. In this article, Judie Westbrook asks an important question of these promoters: What proof do we have that a vegetarian or a raw food diet is safe, especially for long term use? She then discusses mounting evidence and research proving that a diet void of animal products causes deficiencies and health problems, especially for children and for women in their child-bearing years. Vegans should read this article.

Losing your Mind to the Genesis 1:29 Diet
According to the author, "Probably the biggest surprise that we discovered about the long-term symptoms of the Gen 1:29 (vegan) Diet is its effect on mental capacity and emotional stability. From survey results of Gen 1:29 Dieters, we discovered that 67% reported scattered or foggy thinking
, 55% reported memory loss, and 51% reported low tolerance to stress.

Hallelujah Diet Crash: Another Think A'Coming
In this article, Weigh of Wisdom Workshop author Greg Westbrook details how his health went down the drain during his three years as a raw foodist and additional three years on the Hallelujah Diet.

Hallelujah Diet Dangers: Invalid to Athlete in Five Months
Judie Westbrook followed a raw food diet for three years and the strict vegan Hallelujah Diet for an additional three years. The nutritional deficiencies in these diets resulted in terrible headaches and atrophied neck muscles. Read this article and learn how Judie regained her health in five months.

Sloppy Reasoning in the Biblical Health Movement
In this major article, Chet Day dismantles sloppy reasoning regarding the Hallelujah and Genesis 1:29 diets, and he speculates on why so many so-proclaimed experts in the biblical diet movement deceive their followers.

Lester Roloff's Health Tips
Christian evangelist and natural health teacher Lester Roloff shares 22 of his favorite health tips. Roloff taught that people could attain superior health if they drank fresh vegetable juice and ate a sensible, predominantly plant-based diet that included moderate amounts of animal foods.

Click here to learn about Greg Westbrook's ground-breaking When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?" so you can overcome the health and deficiency problems you may well be generating or experiencing on a Genesis 1:29 Diet.

Biblical Nutrition:
Bible Supports Plant and Animal Foods, Part 1

James Ong shows how the Bible supports a healthy diet based on both plant and animal foods. A must read for students of Biblical nutrition.

Biblical Nutrition:
Bible Supports Plant and Animal Foods, Part 2

James Ong adds even more compelling evidence in his series of articles which prove how the Bible supports a healthy diet based on both plant and animal foods. A must read for students of Biblical nutrition.

Biblical Nutrition:
Bible Supports Plant and Animal Foods, Part 3

James Ong adds the third part of his series of articles which prove how the Bible supports a healthy diet based on both plant and animal foods. A must read for students of Biblical nutrition.

Biblical Nutrition:
Bible Supports Plant and Animal Foods, Part 4
Raw Veganism, Biblical Nutrition, and Health Principles

In "Raw Veganism, Biblical Nutrition, and Health Principles," Singapore author James Ong presents the final part of his extensive series on Biblical nutrition. Must reading for anyone considering a raw vegan diet for solely scriptural reasons.

Alcohol and the Bible
In our ongoing series on Biblical nutrition, we learn in this fascinating and sensible article by Daniel Whitfield about alcohol and the Bible. This is the most thoughtful discussion I've ever seen regarding wine and scripture.

Alcohol: Biblical and Catholic Teachings
"The weak arguments from the Bible used by fundamentalists to oppose all alcohol use whatsoever collapse upon even cursory examination" in the opinion of Dave Armstrong, the author of this fascinating article. Must reading for those interested in wine and Biblical nutrition.

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