Bioterrorism Articles

Iodine and Radioactive Fallout
People are panicking on the west coast of the United States and gobbling up iodine capsules so fast the manufacturers can't keep up with demand. If you're in panic mode, you MUST read this intelligent and informative article about iodine and radioactive fallout. And read it before you spend an arm and a leg on tablets some greedy bastard is selling for 100 times (or more) than what they usually sell for.

Don't Fear a Smallpox Epidemic
In case of a smallpox outbreak, most people will be up before dawn to get in line for the government-approved vaccination. But you will have a different response. You will not panic. You will turn off the TV. You won’t listen to your hysterical neighbors. And more importantly, you won’t rush to be vaccinated. Study this article and learn to relax about smallpox! Required reading in these troubled times.

Smallpox and Forced Vaccination
Barbara Loe Fisher reveals what every American needs to know about smallpox and mandatory vaccination. This is a must read by anyone who is concerned about his/her health and freedom.

Smallpox FAQ
A short and very basic FAQ about smallpox, a disease that allegedly kills one out of every three people infected with it.

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