Are You Sick of Sleepless Nights and Stressful Days?

If You're Depressed by Lack of Sleep or If You Find It Hard to Unwind, You'll Love this Amazing CD that'll Effectively Relax You in 60 Minutes or Less, Guaranteed!

From:  Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Online

If you want...

  • to fall asleep quickly and then sleep soundly all night,

  • and if you want to experience peace of mind and reduced stress via intense relaxation in only 30 minutes, then...

You've come to the right place.

You see, I've created a unique listening experience called Cat's Purr.

If you own a CD player and a set of headphones, then you're good to go.

To save time, I need to warn you.

This CD is NOT for everyone, especially those who...

  • worry about getting too relaxed...

  • don't like to experience new things...

  • hate the sound of a purring cat.

If one or more of the above descriptions fits you, stop reading this page now and click here to see what else is new on my site this week.

Still with me?


Let's now read a review of Cat's Purr by Dr. Ben Kim...

Cat's Purr CD:
An Exceptional Natural Health Tool

Dr. Ben KimBy Ben Kim, D.C.

Back in 1999, a chiropractor friend sent me an article that described the healing properties of a cat’s purr. Although it perked my interest, I wasn’t compelled to do any further research at the time, probably because I didn’t have any friends or family members who had cats, and my life circumstances were such that it was impractical to have one myself.

I had forgotten about my friend’s article until about a month ago when I began to listen to a CD called Cat’s Purr, made by Chet Day. After listening to a 30 minute track of Cat’s Purr, I was so impressed with how it made me feel that I have since made it a regular part of my daily routine.

For years, many veterinarians have observed that cats tend to heal much quicker than dogs and other animals following surgery. Scientists attribute this unusual healing capacity to purring. A cat’s purr produces a wide range of sound frequencies, some of which can stimulate growth and repair of bones and muscles, and others which can provide a pain-relieving effect.

In the Cat’s Purr CD, Chet has used advanced audio technology to layer together the healing sounds of his own cat’s purr with soothing classical music. He has also blended in sounds from nature that are so real and relaxing, listening to it reminds me of how I used to feel when I would regularly pray and meditate on the shores of the San Francisco bay.

I am super grateful to Chet for spending the years and thousands of dollars that he did to create this exceptional health tool. If you’re looking for an effective way to manage stress, feel more peace of mind, and experience better quality sleep, I highly recommend that you give Cat’s Purr a try. Not only do I use it when I pray or meditate, I also like to listen to Cat’s Purr while I work on the computer, as I have found that it helps me feel more clear-minded and focused.

If you have been reading my natural health articles, you know how important I believe emotional balance and peace of mind are to your health. While there are many ways to work on improving your emotional health, there are few concrete tools that I have found to be truly effective. This is why I am very glad to have discovered this unique health tool and to recommend it to anyone seeking to experience better health.

Cat's Purr owner Rikki L. writes...

I LOVE the cat's purr CD. The first time I played it, I used headphones on a Sunday afternoon when I needed to take a nap; I heard probably about 3/4 of it and then fell into a very deep sleep for a couple of hours.

After that, I started using it every night for about 3 weeks now and it soooo works. I don't even use the headphones and most times I am asleep within 5 minutes -- tossing and turning in the middle of the night is a thing of the past, completely gone.

Even if I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, (which I used to dread because 50% of the time it would mean my mind would just take on a life of its own with random thoughts that would keep me awake for hours!) I am able to fall back to sleep immediately. Love it! Love it! Love it! I think my dog does too.*

Rikki L.


You'll love the Cat's Purr experience if...

  • You'd like to experience peace of mind that's next to impossible to find in our hectic world...

  • You'd like to improve the quality of your sleep at night while probably reducing the number of hours you need to spend in bed...

  • You'd like a tool you can use any time to turn stress into a state of relaxation that's the next best thing to deep sleep...

  • You'd like to expand your creativity to the point where you have more ideas for projects than you have time to do them...

  • You'd like to experience a peaceful meditation...

Then Cat's Purr is for you.

In the Beginning...

You might be wondering how I came to create this powerful CD.

Well, I've been a student of guided imagery and the science and practice of meditation since 1980. Since July of 2001 I've been deepening my knowledge of binaural beat sound technology.

I've spent literally thousands of dollars on sound wave and music technology and have been making CDs for my family and myself for years now.

CDs that just kept getting better and better.

Cat's Purr is the culmination of my studies and my creations in sound technology and it costs less than a dinner and a movie for two.

The First of Four Audio Layers Features Delightful Cat Purring

This is Lucy, our feline companion and the featured purring voice on my Cat's Purr CD.On this CD, I've included sixty minutes of joyful purring from our cat, Lucy Newman. Of the more than 50 stray felines my wife Ellen and I have cared for since we married back in 1972, Lucy Newman has the strongest purring engine we've ever heard.

Seriously, when you hear Lucy Newman's purr on this CD, you'll almost believe she's lying on your chest, a furry bundle of contentment and happiness who wants to share her good vibes with you.

Layer Two Offers Haunting Classical Music that Reduces Stress to Practically Zero

In addition to Lucy Newman's purr, I've embedded on this CD a specially-licensed rendition of Erik Satie's enchanting Gymnopédie No. 1.

Played by classical pianist Robin Alciatore, this haunting interpretation of Satie's solo piece for piano will stay with you long after you remove the headphones.

Those familiar with Satie's work know that Gymnopédie No. 1 is one of the world's most relaxing and stress-reducing pieces ever written for piano... or any other musical instrument, for that matter.

Layer Three Features Compelling Natural Sounds

The third layer on Cat's Purr features several sounds from nature -- the cleansing downpour of a summer rain, thunder and lightning, and a warm crackling fireplace. Thanks to NeuroImagery technology, these sounds are so sharply rendered you'll swear you're experiencing them in reality rather than on a recording.

Layer Four Brings on the Binaural Beats

The fourth and final layer on Cat's Purr features an inaudible but highly functional binaural beat track that will gently help your brain generate soothing theta waves and attain a mental state where you'll experience self-healing, deep relaxation, enhanced creativity, and a wonderfully pleasant feeling of overall well-being.

All four of these layers weave
together into a harmony where the
result is much greater than the sum of the parts.

Note from Chet: I devoted over two years of study and developmental research as well as thousands of dollars in audio equipment and licensing fees to produce this CD, but, frankly, the time and expense has been well worth it to me now that this first CD project is finally done.

From all the user feedback received to date, I know I’ve created something very special with Cat’s Purr: an audio experience that'll help you reach levels of relaxation and bodily well-being you never before dreamed possible.

Cat's Purr listeners think this CD is special...*

Got my Cat's Purr CD today. It is wonderful. It is worth every penny that is charged for it. I love it/you. Thank you so much for putting all the work, money & effort into this. This is just what I have been looking for.

I love the music in it. This CD is fantastic! Some other relaxation/stress reducing tapes depress me. They have flutes & stuff in them & seem soooo mournful.

I just purely enjoy listening to your CD. It really is absolutely fabulous. Pure enjoyment.

-- Kathy D.

Chet, as you might (or might not) recall I have mentioned several times that I just "can't" listen to meditation tapes. I get antsy or can't find the time. Well, I LOVE the cat's purr! I look forward to putting in my ear phones. I listen right before I go to sleep and I will be working my way up to finding "awake" time to listen. The kitty, the rain and the piano are wonderful. You did good.

Hugs, Bev S.

Thank you so much for the Cat's Purr CD.  I just love it - what a wonderful cat!  I've slept so well the last 2 nights, way better than I have for months.  What will it do after months?


Chet, my copy has already arrived and it is truly awesome, I have used it at night but also it plays in my room while I work and read. Once again, I have the pleasure of enjoying and growing from your many hours of research and hard work. Thank you so much.

-- Sally W.

Dear Chet:

I just wanted to testify to the awesome power of Cat's Purr. I was put through the ringer last year with tons of stressful events (stolen vehicle, hospital visits, bad job, etc.) and have been anxiety-ridden for quite some time. My family gently asked me to try medication again (tried in the past and had too many side effects to mention), but I refused.

Enter Cat's Purr.

I have been listening to it every night right before I go to bed and I cannot tell you how relaxed it makes me feel! While I am listening, I say positive affirmations in my mind. Before I know it, the hour is up and I am ready for bed. I sleep so soundly and wake up the next morning refreshed and ready to go.

I have definitely noticed a dramatic decrease in anxiety and I am better able to cope. Thank you for creating this wonderful CD!

I think more people need to be made aware of Cat's Purr because the only side effects are good ones - feeling great, greatly reduced anxiety and sound sleep!

I forgot to mention earlier that I am also feeling more confident in myself and my self-esteem is improving. For someone who has spent the past 10 years feeling down about herself, that is truly a miracle.

Thank you again, Chet. You truly have created a winner here!

-- Carol Major

Dear Chet,

Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for cat's purr. This CD is great and works great too. I'm going through some "stuff" right now and this is just what I needed. I grew up with cats but nowadays try to get a place to live that allows pets. I miss them and found the CD very comforting. Great healing effects. Very relaxing. Thanks again. Love your site and recipes too by the way.

-- Sheila H.

I did listen last night and slept like a baby (in fact I fell asleep with the headphones on and didn't take them off for a couple hours afterwards when I finally realized they were still on my head!) I'm curious to see what the long-term effects are.

-- Cheryl P.

The Cat's Purr Experience

Imagine... you're lying on a comfortable couch in a cabin in the woods.

A cat rests on your chest, purring softly, joining you in an afternoon nap during a rain storm.

You hear the purring and the rain on the roof, and then someone adds a log to the fire and the sound of crackling and popping embers fills the air.

The storm intensifies outside.

The rain comes faster.

You hear thunder approaching.

Lightning strikes nearby and the air literally shimmers with healing ozone and powerful energy.

While you're listening to all of the above and your body is enjoying a state of profoundly healing relaxation, you will also experience on a deeper level...

  • an opening and expansion of your creative self

  • deep peace and a quiet stillness that will astonish you

How Much is One Full Hour
of Rejuvenating Pleasure
Worth to You?

This remarkable CD features two tracks, each of which runs for 30 minutes.

  • The first track, entitled Fireside, offers up a NeuroImagery™ audio experience that blends

    • our cat Lucy Newman's powerful and comforting purr
    • classical music
    • sounds from nature
    • binaural beat technology

  • The second track, entitled Catnapping, features a half hour of gentle rain, cat purring, and continued binaural beat encouragement of theta brainwaves. This track is best listened to after the first track

Another Satisfied Cat's Purr Listener...

Chet, for the past few months my husband has had trouble sleeping. About the 3rd night after your CD came he was awakened by a late night phone call. I had not told him about the CD prior because he thinks I'm a little weird. I am a massage therapist and do several kinds of energy work which he is unable, unwilling to comprehend. Therefore he puts all the things that I experiment with in the same category.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes of his tossing and turning I said I have a CD in the player that I think will help you to sleep...want to try?

He was a little skeptical and laughed when I told him it was a cat purring. He stopped tossing and turning within 5 minutes. The next morning when I asked him how he slept, he said, "I slept like a log, I don't think I moved all night. I have not slept that soundly ever."

It was the deepest sleep that he thought he had ever had. So now he is a regular user. And it has worked this well without using earphones.

-- Jeri H.


And One More...

I thought I'd drop you a note about a nice experience I had with my new Cat's Purr CD. I had some sort of 24-hour bug last weekend. By Monday I was over the worst of it, and really needed to get some rest. I just couldn't seem to settle down, though, since I was still feeling so headachy, sore and uncomfortable. You get the picture.

I remembered my new CD and popped on my headphones to listen. Somewhere in the second track I just dozed off and finally got some much needed rest. I felt much restored when I woke up a couple of hours later... thanks!

-- Joan H.

P.S. That cat of yours sure has some loud purr!


And One More...

Thank you for your quick shipping of the Cat's Purr CD. I am so thankful that I ordered it and that you spent the time creating it (and that you offered it at a reasonable price).

Last night was the first good night of sleep I've had in over a week. I had a biopsy done on Monday and have been on pins and needles waiting for the results. I have not been sleeping well.

I put the CD on last night and fell asleep quickly and had a good nights sleep. My dogs woke me up around 3 am for a bathroom break. During this past week I would stay awake worrying about the 'what ifs' that are facing me. But, even without the CD on, I fell back asleep and woke up naturally at 5 am.

I'm going to tell others about your CD and probably will be back to buy more.

-- Christy K.


Here's a review of Cat's Purr from a best-selling natural health journalist...

Author of the best-selling Health on the Edge: Visionary Views of Healing in the New Millennium, Larry Trivieri writes:

Chet has spent a number of years researching the benefits of guided imagery, mind/body medicine, and sound technology to improve health. All of this led to the creation of his Cat's Purr CD, which features the sounds of his purring cat overlaid with classical music, the healing sounds of nature, and binaural beat technology.

I've been experimenting with the CD for a number of weeks, listening to it with headphones, and the results are consistently relaxing.

I often find myself also flooded with waves of creative insight.

I commend Chet for this product and am happy to recommend it. (Note: I derive no financial benefits for doing so.)

-- Larry Trivieri


Oh yes, you also get a
100% money back guarantee

What? A 100% guarantee?

Exactly right. I stand behind my work, and you can enjoy Cat's Purr risk-free for forty-five days with my 100% money back guarantee.

After you try my ground-breaking NeuroImagery™ audio technology, I know you'll feel better than you've felt in ages, but, at the end of forty-five days, if you want your money back for any reason whatsoever, just let me know and I'll tell you how to return the CD so I can refund your purchase price (less shipping and handling).

My reputation is important to me, and I only want satisfied, happy customers who use my CDs and other natural health products and reports to improve their lives and their well-being.

Yours for a healthy and peaceful world,

P.S. I've had a few people write and object to the price of Cat's Purr. My response to them is simple -- if a good night's sleep and improved peace of mind isn't worth $12.95 to you, then you probably don't need Cat's Purr anyway!

Relax Deeper than You've
Ever Relaxed before with...

Only $12.95

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