Cell Phone Brain Tumor Children:

Brain Tumors Claim More Children's Lives than Any Other Type of Cancer

By Dr. Ben Kim

The headline is correct - brain tumors now claim more children's lives than any other type of cancer. There aren't any published studies in the medical literature that all epidemiologists can point to and offer as proof that regular use of a cell phone can increase a child's risk of developing a brain tumor. And there never will be such a study, as definitive proof in the research world requires a double-blind, randomized control trial; how can you conduct a trial in which you ask a group of children to use a cell phone for 'x' number of hours per week?

If you know any children who regularly have a cell phone pressed up against their heads, please have them and their parents view the following special report from Australia, featuring Dr. Charlie Teo:

The bottom line is this: pressing a cell phone up against our skulls on a regular basis is an unnecessary risk for abnormal cellular growth in the brain and brain stem region. And the risk is greater for children, whose cells are growing and multiplying more rapidly than they ever will.

The department of public health in Toronto, Ontario is now recommending that young children and teenagers limit their use of cell phones to avoid potential health risks - it's the first advisory of its kind in Canada that takes into account the known and unknown dangers of regular, long term exposure to electromagnetic fields. The official recommendation is that children under eight limit their use of cell phones to emergencies, and that teenagers limit their calls to 10 minutes or less.

A good rule that parents can establish is that phone calls that occur while at home must be on a land-line. And it's best that all cordless phones be replaced with corded phones, as some cordless phones give off as much electromagnetic energy as some cell phones.

If you need help convincing teenage children of the potential dangers of regular cell phone use, you might consider getting a Gauss meter like the Cell Sensor EMF Detector. Holding a Gauss meter up against cell phones, cordless phones, electrical appliances, and electrical outlets is an effective way to demonstrate the presence of electromagnetic fields.

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