Healthy Poultry Recipes

Thai Barbecue Chicken
This recipe is a kitchen staple and its oriental flavors are sure to make it a favorite with you and your family.

Primo Chicken Salad
This easy and healthy little recipe is perfect for picnics or bulk lunches. Also great for dinner.

Herb Garden Chicken Breast
Only the choicest herbs from the garden are selected in this delicious chicken recipe.

Emperor's Baked Teriyaki Chicken
It's rumored Marco Polo got this recipe from Kubla Khan himself all those centuries ago... not really, but the recipe's still good.

Chicken Soup with Almonds
Traditional chicken soup with the light hearty taste of almonds.

Bird in a Pot Chicken
Not enough time to cook? Throw a chicken and a handful of ingredients in a crockpot and let it do the work for you.

Slam-dunk Chicken Pot Pie Dinner
This recipe of chicken pot pie, gravy, and sour cream biscuits is a hearty dinner all in itself.

Chicken Parmesan for Two
What's a chicken recipe collection without a recipe for chicken parmesan? Second-rate, that's what it is.

Luscious Chicken Curry
What's so delicious about this chicken curry recipe that it's called luscious? You'll find out when you make it.


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