Constipation Overview

Constipation has become a chronic, everyday problem for the majority of Americans these days, and being constipated regularly will lead to a wide variety of other health problems, diseases and conditions in your body.

A person with a healthy colon will have an easy bowel movement at least twice each day. Usually the first one occurs without about an hour of waking up in the morning, and the movement is very easy. There is no straining or waiting for things to happen.

A good bowel movement also releases a lot of solid waste material at once. When your colon is healthy for instance, that first of the morning bowel movement is generally three to five feet long.

If you do not have a bowel movement at least twice each day minimum, you're constipated. Likewise if you do not eliminate several feet of waste material at once, you're constipated. If you have to sit on the toilet and wait for your bowels to move - or worse, you sit on the toilet and strain hard for your bowels to move - you're constipated.

And when you're constipated, there can be any number of other physical things wrong with you.

The colon is the primary method the human body uses to get rid of toxic materials, bacteria, and wastes. That colon is over five feet long though, and it touches every area of our body through nerve endings. So if waste materials are backed up inside your colon - a.k.a. you're constipated - this can cause you to be sick, generally not feeling well, or have any number of so called syndromes and conditions which are so common in society today.

The colon is where solid waste material ends up in our body, and the colon's job is to keep that waste material moving until it is expelled through a bowel movement. The liver however, is what actually starts the waste creation process. The liver filters and processes our blood, removes the toxins and bacteria that is harmful to use, and creates bile from the filtered materials. That bile is then sent on through to the colon for disposal.

When the colon is backed up however, the liver is not able to do it's job as efficiently, because it has no place to send the waste material it's creating. So it must wait until the colon clears before it can continue doing it's job. And that's the first problem, because when the liver is not able to filter toxins from our body, we start getting sick.

The second problem though, occurs within the colon itself. When you're constipated, that waste material is just sitting there in the colon, and it's leaking the toxins and poisons back into your body through the thin colon walls. Essentially, the waste material is slowly poisoning your body, and that's the second reason we start getting sick.

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