Constipation Water Fiber:

Water and Fiber: Constipation's Worst Enemies

Due to the way our bodies filter out and dispose of wastes and toxic materials, being constipated on a regular basis can create health problems over time. So the best way you can help your body maintain its optimal levels of health is to take steps to ensure you're almost never constipated.

Fortunately, relieving or preventing constipation is quite easy to do. All you need is extra water each day, and extra fiber.

As solid waste materials move through your colon, the body extracts additional water from that material to use elsewhere. And the more dehydrated your body is, the faster it will extract the water from the waste material.

As that material gets drier inside the colon, it can become stuck and unable to move.

It starts by simply slowing down, and of course the slower it travels, the more water gets extracted from it, thus the drier it becomes. Eventually it will become stuck and unable to move at all. And that's when the toxins can start leaking back into other areas of your body.

By drinking plenty of water each day, you help your body stay hydrated enough so that it doesn't need to extract much water at all from the solid waste materials which are moving through the colon. And since the waste material keeps its water, it stays soft and pliable, so it's able to move through the colon at a much easier and faster rate.

Now, fiber is the second part of the equation. The sole purpose of fiber is to help solid waste move through your colon more efficiently. Fiber is not actually digested and used by the human body, so that fiber ends up in the colon as waste material. Since it's rough material, though, it essentially acts as a scrub brush inside the colon. And that allows it to help the other solid waste material keep moving too.

Fiber can easily be found by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains. Flaxseeds are a wonderful addition to your morning cereal, and they're quite high in fiber. You can also buy fiber supplements, or simply take an herbal supplement such as alfalfa. Any herbal supplement which is high in Chlorophyll content is a good source for helping to "scrub" your colon.

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