If You've Never Spent Any Time in an Alpha or Theta Brainwave State, You Don't Know What You're Missing!

by Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Online

The alpha wave brain state is associated with intense pleasure, as well as creativity and deep relaxation.

When an alpha brainwave state then drops down into a forty minute theta brainwave condition, most people will experience a blissful, dream-like state that rivals the kind of peace of mind that prescription (or recreational) drugs aim to create.

Additionally, during an alpha/theta brainwave experience, you can relive happy memories from your past, if that's why you want to do.

If that's not enough, when your brain is producing alpha waves, you'll find yourself in an extremely receptive mental state that lends itself to self-hypnosis, acceptance and resolution of old problems, mental reprogramming, and more.

Dear Chet,

Here some more experiences that I had with your CD.

I was feeling like waves of very light rushes of energy from the bottom of my feet up to my head.

I also saw in front of my closed eyes blue colors as well as sort of beautiful mandalas popping up (similar to a kaleidoscope) and then disappearing to be replaced by new ones. How is that possible? I loved that part a lot.

It was definitively amazing. Who knows what else I'll see during my next sessions.

Thanks so much.

Sophie P.


These are the types of experiences you can look forward to when listening to my latest CD release -- Deep Alpha Journey: Travel Beyond Your Dreams.

Deep Alpha Journey: Travel Beyond Your Dreams combines soft music, gentle sounds from nature, and advanced NeuroImagery™ audio technology to help your brain generate alpha and then theta waves for a deeply fulfilling 60-minute dream-like relaxation session.

You don't have to listen to Deep Alpha Journey: Travel Beyond Your Dreams for the full 60 minutes to enjoy its many benefits.

You see, this CD is so powerful that even listening to the
20-minute Alpha track will relax you more than a stiff drink
or a forty minute power nap!

But DO NOT limit yourself to listening to only the first track because the deep and really interesting mental experiences come during the forty minute second track when you'll literally float in the bliss associated with theta brainwaves.

This CD is a lot less expensive than others...

I've been using audio technology CDs for years, and the very few that come even close to giving me the mental adventures I've experienced during a Deep Alpha Journey listening session cost $65 and up.

Well, you can own my CD for a whole lot less than that!

Deep Alpha Journey:
Travel Beyond Your Dreams

Use headphones or earbuds for best results.

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