Diet Journal Online:

Losing Weight with an Online Diet Journal

by Josh Day

If you want to slim down but can't seem to keep the weight off, starting a diet journal will often keep you motivated and on track with your weight loss goals.

What exactly is a diet journal?

A diet journal tracks your progress through: your weight, the foods you eat, how often you eat, and utilization of a calendar to mark your results.

Diet journals also can:

  • Track calorie intake
  • Monitor how you feel in regards to what you eat
  • Detail the nutrients and ingredients in your food
  • Help others later with a recorded log

Your diet journal can be as simple as jottings on a steno notepad to as complex as an entire software program devoted to helping you lose weight.

So why start a diet journal?

  • Keeping a record keeps you focused and forces you to have goals. Successful people often claim writing down goals and keeping a log is one of the biggest secrets to their success.
  • By keeping track of everything you eat, you'll understand the weight loss process better and learn more about your body. You'll also be more inclined to eat healthier foods and avoid the ones that add negative results in your log.
  • Keeping a journal leads to a greater sense of accomplishment when you reach your goals.

Now that we've outlined that what's and why's, let's talk about keeping a diet journal online.

Do you work on a computer most of the day?

Do you have access to the Internet, at home or at work?

If the answer is yes, you should seriously consider starting a diet journal online -- in the form of a blog.

Blogs are popping up faster than ever these days. It's easy to get a free blog, and it's even easier to learn how to use.

Blogs have all kinds of features like calendars and tracking modifications.

And here's the kicker... your blog doesn't necessarily have to be seen by anyone except you!

So save a tree or two and start an online diet journal.

Some people report better success with diet journals when they are available to the public because they feel with others watching them they stay on their toes.

And you can always turn a private blog into a public blog -- and vice-versa -- any time.

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