Dr. Ben Kim Articles

Sore Throat Home Remedy
When you have a sore throat and want to turn to something with a bit more kick that gargling with salt water, then you need to learn Dr. Kim's power sore throat home remedy, which he reveals in this interesting article.

How to Do a Winter Detox
Going on a cleanse or detoxing program during the summer warm months isn't easy for most people, but cleansing or detoxing during winter can be quite a struggle. In this useful and interesting article, Dr. Kim shares specifics on what you can to do cleanse during the colder months with warm, healing vegetable broths.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy
In this article, Dr. Kim discusses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, involves extracting a small amount of blood from your arm, using a centrifuge to collect the platelets in your blood, and then injecting concentrated platelets into injured tissue(s).

What to do for An Impacted Stool
Although this isn't the sort of topic to discuss when you're dining with the Vanderbilts, the topic does deal with a health issue that many people deal with at one time or another during their lives. In this article Dr. Kim shares tips on what to do when you get plugged up "you know where."

How to Improve Leg and Feet Blood Circulation
In this useful tutorial, Dr. Ben Kim shows you how to improve blood flow in your legs and feet. This is a healthy thing to do, especially for those with slow growing toenails. Read this article and find out what that means!

How to Improve Vision Naturally
Contrary to popular belief, your vision doesn't have to decline over time. With regular exercise of the muscles that control your eye movements and visual acuity, you can reduce eyestrain and maintain or even improve your vision. Utilization of a few acupressure points can also help your vision by encouraging healthy blood flow to your eyes.

Avocado Dill Dressing
I think the lowly avocado may be one of nature's best foods. I mean, seriously, a perfectly ripe avocado can be eaten raw, sliced into salad, whipped into a smoothie, and smushed into a paste to improve one's complexion. Here, however, Dr. Ben Kim uses the avocado to prepare a delicious dressing that will have your salads humming with delight.

How to Make Healthy Spring Rolls
In this luscious pictorial, Dr. Ben Kim shares his mother's classic Korean recipe for making healthy spring rolls. The pictures accompanying this "how to make them" tutorial are worth a visit to the page even if you hate spring rolls (and I don't know anyone who doesn't love them).

Don't Sacrifice Relationships for Dietary Purity
Dr. Kim writes, "When my wife and I were first dating, I remember being very pleased with myself for making all sorts of healthy and tasty meals for her. It's hard to describe the angst I felt whenever she decided to have something that wasn't on my menu."

Helping Other People by Giving Money
In this interesting article, Dr. Kim shares some experiences from his life when he provided monetary support for people he knew. This is a must read for just about everyone because it shares some sad but true insights into human nature.

Healthy Post Workout Smoothie
If you enjoy exercise, you know it's important to provide your body with something healthy when you finish that particular session so you can rebuild healthy cells. Try this delicious smoothie by Dr. Kim and your body will shout, "Hallelujah!"

Natural Headache Remedy - What to Eat
In this detailed and very useful article, Dr. Kim discusses what you can do regarding how and what you eat to to overcome a common root cause of headaches.

How to Make Soy Milk
In this pictorial, Dr. Kim shares his mother's traditional Korean recipe for making soy milk. If you're avoiding dairy for health reason and can't afford to make nut milks all the time, then you'll definitely want to give this recipe a try.

What's the Most Important Step You Can Take to Dramatically Improve Your Health?
Dr. Kim writes, "All of my clinical and personal experiences over the years have me convinced that no other factor has more influence over your health."

Healthy Banana Cream Pie Recipe
If you can use a go-to healthy dessert recipe for any occasion, you have to give this banana cream pie a try. Not only is it mouthwateringly good, it's super simple to put together - all you need are ripe bananas, a bit of maple syrup, and some unroasted, unsalted almonds.

How Your Body Deals with Toxins
On their own or in concert with other disease-causing factors, toxins can create life-ending diseases over time. But your body is well designed to recognize and eliminate toxins. In this article Dr. Kim tells you how to minimize your exposure to exogenous and endogenous toxins, as well as how to provide your body with the support that it needs to clear out toxins that do make their way into your system.

How to Have Healthy Bowel Movements
Constipation is a huge problem in the United States because most people eat so much junk food that clogs up the system like hardening concrete. Well, in this detailed and highly informative "how to" article, my friend Dr. Ben Kim tells you everything you need to know to get your elimination system working the way it should be working. A MUST read for anyone suffering from constipation.

Everything You Need to Know about Arthritis
In this extremely detailed and useful article, Dr. Kim shares with you his encyclopedic knowledge of arthritis. Learn the causes as well as many natural things you can do to either avoid arthritis altogether or else reduce your pain.

The Marvelous Self-healing Body
In this useful and interesting article by Dr. Kim, you'll learn the things you should do consistently to activate and then support your body's powerful self-healing mechanisms.

Toothpaste Primer and Three Dental health Tips
If you still have teeth, this is a MUST read article because Dr. Kim's going to tell you all about toothpaste and then a biochemist, physiologist, and doctor of dental surgery is going to share his best three tips for improved dental health.

Health Benefits of Ginger and a Real Ginger Ale Recipe
If you enjoy drinking ginger ale (and who doesn't?), you're doing to flip over the recipe for homemade ginger ale that Dr. Kim shares in this interesting article about the health benefits of ginger root. Fun reading this is, too.

Cancer Therapies Damage Hearts
In this important article for those considering chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, you'll learn about the potentially negative effects on the heart and the management of cardiac disease during and after cancer therapy.

How to Make California Rolls
If you enjoy California rolls but haven't ventured to make them at home, this pictorial will serve as a helpful guide. Try this California rolls with avocado and cucumber for a healthy and tasty culinary experience.

Six Tips for a Healthy Relationship
In this detailed and informative article that's also a lot of fun to read, Dr. Kim shares a lot of valuable insights on how to maintain and nurture a healthy relationship with your life's partner. Newlyweds as well as old timers will find the tips here very useful in smoothing out the rough edges found in almost all long-term relationships.

How to Pick a Mate
It's the most important decision you'll ever make -- choosing a partner to journey down the road of life with you. So you better not pick some loser who will make you miserable until the end of days. Instead, follow Dr. Kim's suggestion in this article and snuggle up with a winner who just might make you happy for the rest of your life.

Kim Chi Fried Rice Recipe
If you enjoy authentic Korean kim chi, you'll want to try Dr. Kim's recipe for Kim Chi Fried Rice, which features mouthwatering bursts of flavor with every spoonful. Dr. Kim learned this recipe from his mother, who learned it from her mother, and so on back in time for many generations.

Overlooked Causes of Leg Pain
If you suffer leg pains, you'll find the explanations and exercises in this article by Dr. Kim for relieving leg pain very useful indeed.

The Mind-Body Connection
Dr. Kim writes (and I agree with this observation 100%)... "Every thought and emotion that courses through you influences your health. Your thoughts and emotions affect blood flow, the strength of your immune system, healing capacity, and every other aspect of your physiology." This is a MUST read article for any serious health seeker.

What to Do about Muscle Stiffness
If you have stiff muscles or just feel stiff in general, in this article you'll find descriptions of things to do to improve tight muscles as well as loosen joint stiffness.

Foods that Contain Magnesium
Magnesium is one of seven minerals that you need in relatively large amounts for optimal health. In this article, Dr. Kim tells you all about magnesium and then provides a list of healthy, whole food sources you can eat to obtain this important mineral.

A Natural Approach to Seasonal Allergies
Seasonal allergies are never any fun. But before you stock up on antihistamines and decongestants, read this article first and learn about some natural -- and free -- techniques.

Healthy Spine Stretches
In many respects having as healthy spine contributes mightily to have a health body. In this pictorial, Dr. Kim shares several stretches you can do to have a healthy backbone.

How to be Less Egocentric
Most people don't realize it, but a lot of human problems come from being too egocentric (the tendency to perceive, understand and interpret the world in terms of the self). In this thoughtful article, Dr. Kim shares the techniques he uses in his own life to attain inner peace by detaching from his ego. Highly recommended!

How to Make Mushroom Frittatas
Oh, you're going to enjoy these terrific mushroom treats, which are like mini-omelets. If you like eggs and mushrooms, get ready to dig into a tasty and healthy recipe. That's all I have to say about that.

Inner Thigh and Groin Stretches
In this detailed pictorial, Dr. Ben Kim shares some of his favorite exercises to obtain (and then maintain) a healthy groin and thighs.

Healthy Shoulder Exercises
People don't appreciate healthy shoulders until they start having problems. Well, you can skip the problem part for most of your life if you practice the exercises Dr. Kim shares in this informative pictorial.

How to Sleep Better by Cleaning Your Nasal Passages
In this detailed and quite interesting article, Dr. Ben Kim shows you a natural health method for cleaning your nasal passages before going to bed at night. Though it may sound kind of yucky, doing this will significantly improve your chances of getting a better night's rest.

Healthy Nut Butters
In this blog entry I share one of Dr. Ben Kim's favorite nut butter recipes. If you've never tried nut butter, you really should make a batch because you're going to love the stuff. I promise!

Easy Healthy Greens Recipe
If it's tough to get your family to eat healthy greens like broccoli and zucchini, then you need to try this tasty and easy to prepare recipe right now.

Sleep in the Dark to Be Healthy
Most people don't know it, but it's critical for long term health to sleep in the dark. Far too many men, women, and children these days sleep in rooms that aren't dark, and they are suffering important health consequences because of their sleeping environment. This is a MUST READ for those who don't sleep in a dark bedroom.

How to Treat or Prevent Achilles Tendon Pain
Whether you're looking to treat existing Achilles tendonitis or simply to prevent it, you stand to benefit a great deal from stretching and doing pressure work to this area daily. This detailed "how to" will help you have the healthiest Achilles tendons outside of the Parthenon.

How to Improve Blood Circulation in Your Legs
If you want to maintain healthy legs, you're merely a click away from Dr. Ben Kim's simple exercises that'll help improve blood circulation in your legs. Many clear images accompany the "how to directions" in this pictorial.

Nine Important Ways to Build Healthy Bones
Contrary to conventional wisdom and pharmaceutical advertisements, powerful drugs with strong side effects aren't the most effective way to build strong, healthy bones. In this detailed article, Dr. Kim shares nine things you can do to increase the health and strength of your body's bones.

How to Make Guacamole
Though it's not one of Dr. Ben Kim's secret Korean recipes passed down for hundreds of generations, the directions provided in this pictorial will allow you to serve a tasty and healthy guacamole to your family without having to spend more than a few minutes preparing it.

Vitamin D Questions and Answers
In this short FAQ Dr. Kim answers the three questions asked most often of him on the topic of Vitamin D. These are questions you've most likely sought answers for, too.

How to Make Healthy Smoothies
I don't know about you, but next to sipping on lemonade in heaven, having a healthy and tasty smoothie down here on earth might be the next best thing. Well, maybe that's a stretch, but, hey, everyone likes a good smoothie and in this pictorial Dr. Kim will teach you how to make a healthy, beautiful smoothie.

Healthy Back Stretches
Dr. Ben Kim recommends two basic stretches to the vast majority of his clients who have issues with their backs. The stretches detailed in this pictorial "how to" will help keep the soft tissues in the lower and mid back regions flexible and well supplied with healthy blood flow.

How to Make Healthy Energy Balls
You know, most of the so-called "energy bars" at the supermarket are so full of sugar and additives that you almost want to cry if you read the list of ingredients. Well, I have good news for you today because Dr. Ben Kim has decided to reveal his powerful and secret recipe for tasty, healthy snacks that'll give you an energy boost almost as electric as sticking your big toe in a light socket!

Lumbar Support Exercises
In this detailed "how to do it" pictorial, Dr. Kim and his wife Margaret demonstrate several excellent exercises for stretching and supporting the lumbar region.

How to Make Sushi
If you enjoy sushi and haven't ventured to make your own, this fabulous this pictorial by Dr. Ben Kim will encourage you to give it a try. It's a lot easier than you might imagine, and the cost is minimal compared to buying sushi at a store or restaurant.

How to Make a Chocolate Vanilla Smoothie
Once you go through the steps in this detailed "how to" by Dr. Ben Kim, for the rest of your wonderful life you'll be able to make an endless variety of yummy, nutrient-dense, and dairy-free smoothies and soft ice creams, all with a blender and a few inexpensive ingredients.

How to Make Korean Rice Cake
Korean rice cake - the kind that comes out soft, chewy, and with just a hint of sweetness - provides a highly unique mouthfeel compared to modern day fluffy cakes. Dr. Kim's mother is a true master at making traditional Korean rice cake and in this detailed article you'll learn her secret, old family recipe.

Anger Management in Times of Conflict
With his usual thoughtfulness and compassion, Dr. Kim discusses ways to react when people around you are going ballistic. This is a must read for anyone who ever deals with other human beings.

How to Make Almond Milk
If you regularly suffer from nasal congestion, sinusitis, ear infections, joint pain, asthma, seasonal allergies, hyperhidrosis, indigestion, diarrhea, psoriasis, eczema, or any other autoimmune illness, you may experience significant improvement in your health by avoiding dairy and drinking delicious almond milk instead.

How to Make Healthy Fudge
This fabulous tutorial with lots of mouthwatering pictures details exactly how to make healthy fudge that is so delicious everyone in the family may well fight over the last few pieces. You can also call the recipe almond fudge brownies. Oh my gawd!

How to Have Healthy Wrists, Forearms, and Elbows
If you play tennis or have pains in your wrists, forearms, and/or elbows, you'll find natural exercises to do in this helpful "how to" article with plenty of pictures illustrating each exercise.

Using Honesty to Build a Good Relationship
Dr. Ben Kim tackles relationship issues and tells you why honesty in a relationship is so important.

Mindful Filling of Our Souls
In this thoughtful and reflective essay about love, children, God, and opening ourselves to the right things in the universe, Dr. Ben Kim shares some experiences that make for powerful and instructive reading. This one is a MUST read for those who want to have happier lives.

How to Make Kim Chi
In this detailed "how to do it" tutorial, Dr. Ben Kim shares a traditional recipe for Korean Kim Chi that's made with Napa cabbage. Whoa, this stuff tastes good.

Hiatal Hernia Treatment
Many people don't seem to realize that a primary cause of symptoms of heartburn is a condition called a hiatal hernia. To learn what a hiatal hernia is, as well as a few old school, natural remedies that have worked for many people with this health challenge, read this article.

Keeping Your Mucous Membranes Healthy
The mucous membranes that line each of these regions are continuous with your skin. All of your mucous membranes line areas of your body that are exposed to the outside world and/or internal organs.

Juice Fasting For a Healthy Body
Dr. Ben Kim provides all the "how to" details about going on your own healthy juice fast at home. This is a great way to lose a few pounds while flooding your body with healthy nourishment.

Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Disease
Here's a fun, funny, and important video by Dr. Michael Holick on vitamin D. Learn about the history of vitamin D, how it's converted in the body with sunlight, and the link between vitamin d deficiency and chronic diseases.

What Kinds of Sushi to Avoid
If you're a fan of sushi, it's worth noting that some types of fish tend to contain more mercury than others; by choosing wisely, you can minimize your risk of experiencing mercury toxicity.

H1N1 and the Flu Shot
Dr. Kim writes, "A number of people - a lot of nurses, I've noticed - have called me a dumb ass or something in the same vein for not shooting myself up with the H1N1 vaccine, and for possibly steering others to do the same."

How to Stop Constipation
While some people can overcome constipation by eating large quantities of vegetables every day, simply eating more fiber is not a guaranteed solution. Here are several action steps that I have found to be helpful for most chronic cases of constipation.

Diet Plan for Sufferers of Ulcerative Colitis
This article provides a specific dietary plan that many people with ulcerative colitis and other types of inflammatory bowel disease can benefit from. The following dietary plan is appropriate for people with ulcerative colitis who are not in the midst of a flare up

What Doctors Won't Tell You about Toxins or Detoxing
Dr. Kim writes, "Over the past few years, I've noticed that cleansing the body of toxins has become one of the most common topics that new clients want to consult with me on."

Beware of Caffeine Danger in Energy Drinks
So-called energy drinks like Red Bull and Sobe pack a whole lot of punch, and they are terrible for you. Most energy drinks contain up to three to four times as much caffeine as a regular soda.

How to Prevent Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder is characterized by a gradual stiffening of the shoulder region. Women first tend to notice that they have difficulty fastening a bra and brushing their hair. Men first tend to notice that it is painful to put their hands in their back pockets or to comb their hair.

Natural Ways to Reverse Autoimmune Illnesses
In some cases, I've found that the steps outlined below can actually reverse some of the degenerative changes that can accompany various autoimmune illnesses.

Root Causes of Autoimmune Illness
Ultimately, the development of autoimmune illness requires that your immune system begins to identify some of your own cells as being harmful, and that control mechanisms that are in place to prevent such "glitches" no longer do what they are supposed to in preventing such occurrences.

A Timeless and Universal Health Principle
This article aims to give you a big picture look at how interconnected all of your parts are. Really understanding this concept should immunize you against the temptation to dip into the ocean of transient miracle remedies on the market.

Link between Type 1 Diabetes and Cow Milk
Though there are likely several potential contributing causes of diabetes type 1, it's hard to ignore the strong connection between cow's milk consumption and risk of insulin-dependent diabetes in children.

Dr. Kim's All-Natural Mosquito Repellent
Rather than expose yourself to DEET and other pesticides, try this all-natural formula made with essential plant oils that have long been used all over the world to provide natural protection against biting pests.

Should I Get a Mammogram?
Dr. Ben Kim discusses the risks and benefits of mammography after a question from a woman whose doctor is pressuring her to get an annual mammogram.

Health Benefits of Tempeh
Tempeh is plant protein, made from cooked soy beans. It can be used in anything from sandwich filler to stir fries. It's also very healthy.

Question about Potassium Deficiency
Dr. Kim answers a reader's question about potassium deficiencies.

Tips on How to Declutter Your Home
If your living or work spaces have accumulated unnecessary items and you're starting to feel like you live in the home of a packrat, I encourage you to think about going on a cleaning and donating field day. It will even improve your health and longevity.

When to Seek Medical Attention for a Head Injury
In the wake of the tragic passing of actress Natasha Richardson, I'd like to share a few details that everyone should know about head injuries and when to seek medical attention for one.

The Power of Our Beliefs
My return to playing tennis has been a good reminder for me on the power that our beliefs have to influence the quality of our health and lives.

Interview with Dr. Ben Kim on All Things Rice
In this interview, learn why rice is good for you, how to cook it, and discover a number of different varieties.

How to Prevent Nasal Congestion in Babies and Children
Allowing a baby to cry and produce tears when he or she is bothered by a nasal passageway that is plugged up by dried-up mucous can actually send tears into the nasal passageway to dissolve the mucous.

Nations Banning Cell Phone Use in Children
Children's brains are less dense- than adult brains. Scans have confirmed that the low-level radiation emitted by cell phones penetrate the brain of a 5-year-old child more than halfway through.

Blended Foods Are Healthy and Nutritious
In lieu of cooking, another way to soften and even break down fiber in plant foods and thereby get the most out of what you eat is to blend some of your foods.

The Laid-back Laptop Table
In searching for alternative solutions for people who need to work on a computer for hours at a time, I stumbled upon a number of different laptop tables and stands that can be used while lying down. The best such device that I found is called the Laidback Laptop Portable Table.

Q and A on Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D
In late 2008, the Vitamin D Council issued a warning on ingesting cod liver oil due to concerns about high levels of vitamin A in many brands of cod liver oil. Here are Dr. Kim's answers to the most common queries that I received on the Vitamin D Council's paper.

How to Treat and Prevent a Ganglion Cyst
A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled bump that forms under the skin near a joint, most commonly in the wrist area, and sometimes in the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle, or foot regions.

Delicious Chickpea and Pea Soup
Experience the many health benefits of eating green peas with this recipe, which is exceptionally healthy and calls for highly affordable ingredients.

How to Promote Healthy Senses of Taste and Smell
You have about 10,000 taste buds on your tongue that help you differentiate between sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and other tastes. There is mounting scientific evidence that suggests that having a poor sense of taste may lead to regular overeating.

What Your Nails Reveal about Blood Circulation
Your finger and toe nails provide a quick look at your overall health status. There's also a very easy test anyone can do to check the status of their circulation.

How to Use Acupressure for Best Overall Health
Applying direct pressure to specific nerves throughout your body on a regular basis is a simple and powerfully effective way to promote healthy nerve tone, which in turn, promotes good overall health.

Healthy Curried Stew Recipe
A delicious recipe for a curried vegetarian stew.

The Best Way to Address a Specific Health Problem
This article aims to give you a big picture look at how interconnected all of your parts are. You may be having a specific health problem, but you need to realize how every aspect of your body can influence the other parts.

Five Foods for a Healthy Digestive System
If you have G.I. problems, you may benefit from including one or more of the following five foods in your diet - all of which are rich in nutrients that are particularly important to the health of your digestive system.

Simple Habit to Keep Your Lower Back Strong and Healthy
If you have a back that seems to get tight and sore on a regular basis without any apparent cause, then you might benefit from adopting the following simple habit that can significantly improve the strength of your lower back.

5 Super Green Foods
I used to believe that eating only fresh varieties of dark greens was the best approach to nourishing and cleansing my body. But after a few years of doing this, I began experimenting with super green food powders, which yielded my new 5 Super Green Foods supplement.

How to Have Clear, Healthy Skin
Your skin is a complex organ, one that consists of three layers that are optimally organized to protect you against disease and injury. Learn how to nourish all the layers of your skin naturally.

How to Have Clear, Healthy Skin pt. 2
In part 2 we continue our discussion about clear, healthy skin.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup
You'll have to try this delicious cauliflower soup recipe from Dr. Kim in order to believe it. It tastes like something out of a 5-star restaurant and it's extraordinarily healthy.

Underpublicized Dangers of Contact Lenses
According to two studies out of the U.K., wearing daily disposable contact lenses or contact lenses that are supposed to allow more oxygen into the eyes does not lead to a lowered risk of developing dangerous eye infections.

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds
The humble sesame seed provides a variety of health benefits. Check out this article for some delicious recipes.

An Overview of How Your Body's Organs Work
If you want to be relatively free of the fear of not knowing enough about your health that you have to rely on others to make big decisions for you, it's critical that you take some time to learn about how your body works.

Brain Tumors, Cell Phones, and Children
Dr. Ben Kim writes about the growing number of brain tumors in children and how industry may be coloring the science of cell phone safety.

Acid and Alkaline-Forming Effects of Food
There's so much baloney in the natural health world regarding acid and alkaline-forming foods and their supposed effects on the human body. This article is a must read for everyone who's measuring and/or obsessing about their pH.

How to Gain Healthy Weight
If you are underweight, you could experience significant improvement in your health by gaining and maintaining healthy weight. This article tells you exactly how to gain the pounds you need for optimal health.

Heart-Healthy Chocolate Smoothie Recipe
Raw, organic chocolate is one of nature's most flavonoid-rich foods. Here's a delicious recipe that packs a punch for heart health.

Improve Your Health with Food Enzymes
Kick your health up by increasing your intake of food enzymes. Learn what these enzymes do and what foods contain them.

Raw Flax Onion Bread
Here's a recipe from Dr. Kim for raw flax onion bread.

Healthy Pasta Made from Zucchini
Here's a delicious recipe for healthy, alternative pasta made without refined grains or load carbs. It's pasta made from zucchini.

Fasting One Day a Week Good for You?
Is fasting one day a week good for your health? To answer this question, let's take a look at what happens in your body when you begin to eat and drink nothing but water.

Interview with Dr. Ben Kim on the Place of Soy in the Health Food Arena
You'd lose a bet if you said you could stroll down two or three aisles in a health food store and not come across a soy product of some kind. Soy seems to permeate everything in the health food market, from "replacement" meats to vegan ice cream. We interviewed Dr. Kim to get the lowdown on the soy story.

Frequently Asked Questions on Doing a Full Body Cleanse
Dr. Kim answers some frequently asked questions about full body cleansing. Questions range from what kinds of supplements are acceptable to take, what oils to avoid, and how to get around certain food allergies.

Health Benefits of Peppermint
Peppermint, in addition to having a wonderful flavor, also has a great number of health benefits. Fresh peppermint as opposed to menthol can usually be digested by everyone.

What You Need to Know about Joint Replacement Surgery
If you have a severely deteriorated joint that prevents or significantly hinders basic activities of daily living, I think that joint replacement surgery is an option worth considering. But it's critical to check for financial ties between orthopedic surgeons and joint makers.

Don't Use Soap on Your Private Parts
Over the years, I have found that many people aren't aware that soap should not be used to clean the openings of your private areas.

Do You Hate the Way You Look?
If you have a condition that affects the way you look, you need to read this. Dr. Kim writes, "At one point, I realized that the person who made the most of my physical appearance was me. When I made it a big issue in my own mind, it seemed to become more of an issue to those around me."

What to Do for a Fever
The most common cause of a fever is a bacterial or viral infection, the vast majority of which your body's self healing mechanisms can conquer with proper rest and nutritional support. Learn when it's time to rest and when it's time to seek medical attention.

Healthy Mushroom Recipes
The many naturally occurring antioxidants found in white button, Crimini, and Portobello mushrooms make them excellent food choices for promoting optimal immune system strength.

Keep Your Kidneys Healthy As Your Age
This article provides critical information for everyone who has one or two kidneys. Have you been popping aspirin because some commercial or "doctor" has told you it helps prevent heart attacks? Or do you regularly take cold medication or over-the-counter pain killers? If you have been doing these things, perhaps it's time for a new perspective.

Some Healthy Dried Coconut Recipes
Here are some delicious and healthy recipes that call for dried coconut. It's always best to use fresh dried coconut. Learn where to find some of the highest quality coconut here.

Judge Individuals, Not Groups
Dr. Ben Kim writes, "When we judge groups rather than individuals, I think we hurt our chances of having meaningful experiences that can enhance our health and overall quality of life."

Cabbage Soup: an Anti-Cancer Recipe
Phytonutrients found in cabbage stimulate your genes to increase production of enzymes that detoxify your cells, resulting in elimination of free radicals. Here's a delicious cabbage soup recipe with some bonus anti-cancer properties.

How to Prevent a Sore Throat from Turning into a Cold
Dr. Kim gives you some inside information that everyone should know about preventing sore throats from turning into full blown colds. Unfortunately, you won't get this info from most medical doctors.

Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals to Support Your Health
What you don't know about vitamins and minerals may destroy your health. Unfortunately, due to the overdosage of synthetic vitamins, experiencing vitamin and mineral toxicity is far more common than you might think.

How Much Vitamin C Does the Body Really Need?
If you take a look at a variety of vitamin C supplements, you will find that the majority of them contain only ascorbic acid, which is NOT vitamin C. Learn about the real nutrient that is vitamin c and where to find it naturally.

Sweet Potato and Pecan Recipe
If you're looking for a delicious and filling vegetable that is super rich in health-promoting antioxidants, look no further than the humble sweet potato.

Making Sense of Free Radicals and Antioxidants
Just as free radicals can damage your tissues, they can also damage viruses, bacteria, and harmful substances that make their way into your blood; in these instances, free radicals serve to protect the health of your tissues.

Three Best and Worst Lunch Meals for Your Health
With a little planning, you and your family can consistently enjoy delicious lunch meals that are nutritious, inexpensive, and easy to put together.

Prostate Gland Care
Dr. Kim offers some advice for taking care of your prostate gland naturally.

Heart Healthy Chocolate Smoothie Recipe
Here's a recipe for a delicious chocolate smoothie that's actually good for your heart.

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain
Here are a few easy and effective exercises for preventing lower back pain.

Why Blinking Is Essential for Healthy Eyes and Improved Vision
Frequent and gentle blinking is essential to the health of your eyes and vision because it allows your eyelids to regularly coat your eyes with three beneficial layers of tears. Learn more about blinking in this article.

The Secret History of the War on Cancer
At long last, a devastating and truly noteworthy book on the subject of the so-called war on cancer has been published. It's called The Secret History of the War on Cancer, written by Devra Davis, PhD, MPH, and it may well be the most important book of our time.

Understanding Root Canal Care
There's a lot of conflicting advice and information on root canal care. Here's an article that explains exactly what a root canal is and also provides some great preventative care for avoiding such a procedure.

How to Overcome Chronic Fear and Anxiety
Fear and anxiety are emotions that are common to every person's life journey, but especially so for those who are living with a long-standing health challenge. Learn how to naturally overcome these issues.

How to Identify and Address Workaholism
Workaholism can be hazardous to your health. In this article learn how to identify the problem and deal with it before it really starts to impact your life.

The Benefit of the Real Vitamin C
Dr. Ben Kim writes, "My wife and I made the decision to add acerola cherries to her diet. In case you aren't familiar with acerola cherries, they are one of nature's best sources of REAL vitamin C."

Beware of Lipsticks That Contain Lead
If you wear lipstick on a regular basis, this article is a must-read. Learn about the brands of lipstick that contain lead and avoid them.

Thoughts on the Cure for Cancer
Dr. Ben Kim shares some thoughts on the soundbite-like idea of the "cure for cancer."

Beware of Toxic Air Fresheners
While they may say and seem to "freshen" the air, have you every wondered what you're exactly spraying around? It isn't friendly or healthy stuff.

How to Protect Your Health in the Computer Era
If you work on a computer or at a desk all day, the information in this article is invaluable. Learn how you can keep your health optimal by doing a few simple exercises and stretches and turning away from the computer screen every once in a while.

Recipe for Good Blood Circulation
If you're looking to include foods in your diet that can help to promote and maintain strong and steady blood flow through your circulatory system, give this simple and delicious recipe a try.

Warning on Microwave Buttered Popcorn
This article is a must-read for anyone who indulges in cheap microwaved buttered popcorn on a regular basis. You may be negatively impacting your lungs as well as your whole body.

Most Important Steps for Health Recovery and Maintenance
If you've recently had a traumatic experience with your body or you're otherwise looking to recover your health, these steps from Dr. Kim are a must read.

Vision Supporting Juice Recipe
Here is a nutritious and tasty juice recipe that packs a punch in promoting improved vision.

How to Protect Yourself against Toxic Behavior and People
Toxic people exist, and sometimes you're stuck in a situation where you have to deal with them. Learn more about how you can arm yourself against their toxicity.

Detox Juice Recipe
Here's a freshly pressed vegetable juice that is meant to stimulate the elimination of toxins from your body. Also it's tasty!

How to Prevent the Formation of Varicose Veins
Everyone hates varicose veins. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent their formation.

Acupressure Point for Boosting Mental Alertness and Energy
Just this one simple acupressure point can boost your energy and keep you mentally sharp. Check out this fun article to learn more.

Most Important Measures to Prevent Diabetes Type II
There are things you can do in your diet and lifestyle to prevent an onset of diabetes. This article discusses what you can do by cutting out certain foods.

Best Acupressure Points for Tension Headaches
Are tension headaches getting you down? Prescription drugs not doing anything or even making them worse? Give acupressure a try.

Healthy Foods That Promote Deep Sleep
Yes, there are certain healthy foods that can help you sleep. Read this article to learn about these foods and how you can regularly enjoy deep sleep through a sound diet.

Making Sense of Carbohydrates
We've all heard of carbohydrates. Most of us have a fair understanding of what they do for the body. But do you really know the whole story behind carbs?

How to Pick Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
In this article, the peak in-season range for different fruits and vegetables is relevant to all of Canada, most of the upper half of the United States, and pretty much all other countries that lie within the same latitudinal range.

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need to Be Healthy?
Few facets of your life have greater impact on your health status than the amount of quality rest that you get each night. Learn why your sleeping routine is so important to your ability to prevent disease and be at your best.

Three Acupressure Points That Can Significantly Improve Your Health
Acupressure is a healing art that involves using your fingers to apply pressure to specific points on your body to produce health-promoting effects. A must read article about nervous system health.

What Most Doctors Won't Tell You about Colds and Flus
The next time that you experience a cold or the flu, remember this: giving your body plenty of rest while allowing the cold or flu to run its course is good for your health.

Animal Rights and Potential Problems with a Strict Vegan Diet-- A Must Read Article
A handful of readers wrote in to ask why Dr. Ben Kim believes that it is difficult for most people to experience their best health while following a 100 percent vegan diet for more than several years. This important article explains why strict vegan diets will cause health problems for most people in the long term.

How to Treat Different Types of Bleeding
In preparing yourself to identify and treat different types of bleeding, you must first have a good understanding of the three distinct types of bleeding that a person can experience.

Why Drinking Too Much Water Is Dangerous
If you force large amounts of water into your system over a short period of time, your kidneys will struggle to eliminate enough water from your system to keep the overall amount at a safe level. Read this important article to learn more.

The Underpublicized Risks of Caesarian Sections
In some cases, C-section deliveries are encouraged because they are more profitable and convenient for doctors to perform, even though C-sections are clearly more dangerous than natural vaginal deliveries that take place in a supportive environment.

How to Treat Burns with First Aid
You can get burned by a number of different sources, the most common of which are hot liquids, hot objects, etc. In general, if a first-degree burn does not cover a significant portion of your body, it can be treated at home.

How to Prevent the Formation of Problematic Kidney Stones
What's particularly scary about passing a kidney stone is that in most cases, there are no warning signs. One minute you are going about your normal business, and then all of a sudden, you begin to have waves of unimaginable pain on one side of your lower back.

Nexium and Other Heartburn Drugs Can Cause Hip Fractures
A recent AMA study indicates that taking heartburn drugs like Nexium, Prilosec, or Prevacid for one year or longer can significantly increase the risk of experiencing a hip fracture in people over 50 years of age.

Night Weaning Breastfeeding Baby
A discussion on Dr. Ben Kim's experience with his own baby son and how he and his wife successfully night weaned him without resorting to the "cry it out" method.

Nasal Congestion in Babies
Nasal congestion in babies can lead to a number of health problems associated with breathing and sleeping difficulties.

Vaginitis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
Vaginitis is frequently misdiagnosed as a urinary tract infection, which can leave a woman unaware of lifestyle factors that are chronic, recurrent causes of vaginitis.

Kicking Your Health Up a Notch with Tumeric Seasoning
We all know tumeric spice turns food the color of a bright Halloween, but did you know this seasoning is also great for your body?

Potential Health Dangers in Antibacterial Soap
If you are still using antibacterial soap that contains a compound called triclosan, I hope this information will lead you to consider switching to the plainest bar of soap that you can find.

Ways to Prevent Lead Poisoning
To access seventeen concrete steps that you can take to protect yourself against lead poisoning, read this article by Dr. Kim.

Top Twenty Acrylamide-Rich Foods
In July of 2006, the United States Food and Drug Administration released the results of its latest research on the acrylamide content of common foods.

Treat Yourself As You Do Others
While many people attempt to practice the golden rule, many others fail to apply the concept of being kind to others to themselves. Margaret Chuong-Kim offers some tips in treating yourself as you do others in this article.

Overcoming Constipation
While some people can overcome constipation by eating large quantities of vegetables every day, simply eating more fiber is not a guaranteed solution for constipation. This article will furnish you with a few more natural alternatives.

A Warning about Dental Freezing
Did you ever chew your gums when they were numb after a dental visit? If your child is about to undergo his or her first dental procedure that utilizes anesthesia, then this article is a must read.

The Health Benefits of Eating Dinner as a Family
Margaret Chuong-Kim discusses a very common problem among western families: eating separately and eating bad foods. Check out a few of the health benefits a family can gain by eating together.

Making Sense of the Nutrient Calcium
Calcium. The nutrient many consider the cornerstone of the vitamin ziggurat. Dr. Kim breaks down everything you need to know about this important nutrient.

A Sick Heath Care System
Did you know pharmaceutical companies are to doctors like lobbyists are to politicians? You don't want to miss this shocking read about how Big Pharm's reps bribe many doctors into writing prescriptions simply to meet a monthly quota.

How to Get the Most Nutritional Value out of Watermelon
To learn a simple tip on how to improve the nutritional value of watermelon, as well as a tip on making watermelon juice as healthy as possible, check out this article by Dr. Ben Kim.

Mercury and Tuna Fish
Do you eat tuna fish on a regular basis? If so, you should know about a recently published report on dangerous levels of mercury found in canned tuna fish.

How to Have a Healthy Liver
Having a healthy liver is one of the most important requirements for experiencing your best health. Click here to learn five critical keys to protecting yourself against liver damage. Must reading if you're taking any products containing acetaminophen.

Pomegranate Juice and Prostate Cancer
Dr. Kim discusses a study about pomegranate juice for prostate cancer patients. He then offers seven essential guidelines he's found in his practice to be helpful in preventing and treating prostate cancer through natural means.

Birth Control Pills for Painful Periods
It's shocking how many teenage girls are put on birth control pills today by their doctors to simply "manage" their menstrual cycles or to alleviate pain due to menstruation. Learn how teenage girls can avoid birth control pills through diet change.

Swimmer's Ear Treatment
It's summertime which means many of us are hitting the pool or lake. Check out this article by Dr. Ben Kim and learn how to prevent swimmer's ear, as well as how to treat it if you're afflicted.

Experience the Health Benefits of Sesame
Did you know that half a cup of sesame seeds contains three times more calcium than half a cup of whole milk? Sesame seeds also pack one heckuva wallop in a multitude of other vitamins.

Traditional Kim Chi
If you enjoy spicy and naturally-prepared foods as much as I do, you're going to absolutely love this tasty, fermented Korean dish known as Traditional Kim Chi. And it's good for you, too!

The Anti-Cancer Diet
Dr. Ben Kim recommends the following dietary and lifestyle guidelines to people who visit his clinic looking to get stronger and healthier after a bout with chemotherapy. Includes a free PDF version of the diet that you can print and give to family and friends.

A Natural Approach to Curing and Preventing Acne
Dr. Ben Kim lets you in on some preventative tips on keeping acne at bay.

Why Antibiotics Are Not the Answer for the Common Cold and Acne
So many people use antibiotics as the end-all be-all cure. This is a must read article for anyone who's ever been put on an antibiotic or plans to go on one in the future.

Most Common Household Toxins
Dr. Ben Kim looks at some very common items you'll find around the house and how many of them contain dangerous toxins.

Understanding the Benefit of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
You've probably heard a lot about omega 3 fatty acids, but do you really understand the ways in which they are beneficial to your health and which foods to get them from?

Beware of Cell Phones
If you use a cell phone on a regular basis, there are some possible health risks you should be aware of.

Natural Vs. Synthetic Vitamins
Dr. Ben Kim discusses some facts that you won’t find advertised on most of the vitamin supplements at your local vitamin store. Learn about the difference between natural and synthetic vitamins.

Essential Information about Blood Sugar and Insulin
You have approximately 5 lifters of blood traveling around in your blood vessels and heart at any given moment. In these 5 lifters of blood, you need only about one teaspoon of sugar for all of your regular activities.

The Most Important Lesson I Learned in Korea
When I was in my late 20s, I left a lucrative professional position in the arctic of Alaska to move to Seoul, South Korea. My main reason for doing this was that I had a lot to say to my parents.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is commonly referred to as pyridoxine. It is a water-soluble B vitamin that comes in six different forms. But what does vitamin B6 do in your body?

How to Find Lasting Relief for Nasal Congestion
Do you know someone who suffers with chronic nasal congestion? I’m not referring to nasal congestion that comes with typically short-term conditions like the common cold, the flu, a sinus infection, or hay fever. I’m referring to people who feel healthy overall, but can’t figure out why they usually feel stuffed up.

How to Effectively Treat a Sprained Ankle
For years, the standard protocol for treating a sprained ankle has been the R.I.C.E. method - Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. While this protocol usually prevents further damage and allows gradual healing of a sprained joint, I have found that people recover more quickly and effectively when they follow the following recommendations.

The Price of Chewing Gum
If you chew gum on a regular basis, you may be harming your health.

Are You Throwing Away Your Egg Yolks?
Cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but a substance that is absolutely necessary for you to be healthy. High cholesterol itself does not cause heart disease. Join Dr. Kim join in never throwing away another egg yolk.

An Organic Egg Really Does Do Your Body Good
If you've been staying away from eggs because of the fear of high cholesterol, it may be worth your while to get cracking. Cracking organic eggs, that is.

Acute Back Pain
The best thing that you can do for yourself as soon as you feel that familiar spasm or pull in your back muscles is the following: Nothing. Does this surprise you? Read on for more.

Eating Too Much Fruit Can Be Dangerous to Your Health
While fruits and vegetables are much better for you than refined foods like cookies and chips, my experiences and research have led me to believe that too much fruit can be harmful to your health.

How to Improve Digestion and Stop Gas
Some of us seem to think that we can be healthy by simply eating healthy foods. The truth is, your health is determined by how well you digest the foods that you put into your body.

Say No to High Heels
What do toe pain, mid foot pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain, mid back pain, upper back pain, and headaches all have in common? You guessed it -- high heels.

More on Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Fats
Dr. Ben Kim outlines ten practical and essential points regarding fats and oils in your diet.

Avoiding Hearing Loss
Dr. Ben Kim gives you some precautions on saving your hearing. This article is an eye opener, as much as it is an ear opener -- some noises you may think are safe are actually not.

Relieving Chronic Low Back Pain
Do you know anyone who suffers from chronic low back pain? As simple as it seems, many people with chronic low back pain can improve and even fully heal their backs by doing this one simple thing.

Being Safe around Arsenic
Although the United States Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of arsenic-containing wood for homes and playgrounds on January 1, 2004, approximately 70% of homes and 14% of playgrounds in the States still have decks, porches, and play structures that contain arsenic.

Exercising True Prevention
Did you know a survey was conducted that showed 75% of medical doctors would not subject their bodies to chemotherapy? Dr. Ben Kim explains true prevention so you won't have to deal with these hypocrites.

How to Treat Ear Wax
Dr. Ben Kim gives some techniques to naturally eliminate earwax.

Why Do You Want to Be Healthy?
Everyone says being healthy is what you should do. Dr. Ben Kim joins us again this week and discusses the link between physical health and a proper state of mind in conjunction with what happens to your body as you get healthier.

Getting Healthier from the Inside Out
In September of 2004, Dr. Ben Kim graciously agreed to serve as the professional Natural Hygiene resource for Health & Beyond Online subscribers and readers. Read all about him and his practice here.

Nine Steps to Better Sleep
Too often, people who have difficulty falling asleep and sleeping deeply turn to medication. Experience has shown that many sleep disturbances can be solved through natural means. The following are 9 steps you can take to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Is White Rice a Healthy Food Choice?
For years, I believed that white rice should be avoided completely. I believed that it had very little nutritional value and that it contributed to constipation. But I have come to realize that white rice does provide useful nutrients.

Choosing Healthy Fish for Nourishment
Clean fish provides healthy protein, essential fatty acids, and an abundance of minerals, particularly iodine and zinc. This article will tell you the healthiest and most nutritious fish.

Say No to Soy Milk and Rice Milk
With greater awareness of the many health problems associated with pasteurized dairy products, many people are turning to vegetarian milk substitutes like soy milk and rice milk. This article reveals that these alternatives may not be good for you either.

Getting to the Root of Eczema
For various reasons, people can develop intolerances to certain foods and substances over time, leading to an allergic reaction in the blood, which in turn causes inflammation and itching in the skin.

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