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From:  Chet Day
Editor, EarthLeaves Meditations

Dear Friend:

May I tell you the fascinating story of how I created my EarthLeaves CD?

You see, it all starts back in the summer of 2005 when I experienced two amazing coincidences.

First, I discovered a British musician who had composed a meditation track that I found extremely conducive to deep meditation.

EarthRain Meditation CDSecond, I read Christopher Calder's thought-provoking Meditation Handbook.

In his Handbook, Calder shares an incantation that he developed based on the work of a respected Indian teacher named Ramana Maharshi.

Maharshi reached enlightenment through self-inquiry by asking the most fundamental question "Who am I?"

Calder deepened the "Who am I" self-inquiry method by creating a powerful incantation that really resonated with me:

What is this ball of consciousness? What is this ball of consciousness? What is this ball of consciousness?

I am not this library of memories. I have no history. I have no biography.

I am the space. I have always been the space, and I crush these bonds of attachment now!

After these two interesting coincidences came into my life, I wondered what would happen if I licensed and then combined the meditation music with Calder's incantation and my own NeuroImagery audio technology?

Well, I did just that and then started refining and polishing.

My goal was to make one of the most powerful meditation and relaxation CDs ever created, and I wanted it to...

Provide an experience where listeners would relax into a deep theta meditative state that could quiet endless mind chatter and stop racing thoughts so the listener could experience deep relaxation and inner peace of mind.

In January of 2008 at the age of 60 -- after developing and testing literally hundreds of variations -- I finally had a CD that met my goal.

I named it EarthLeaves because you practically feel like you've left this earth after listening to both tracks.

Is This A Guided Meditation CD?

I wouldn't call EarthLeaves a guided meditation CD.

To be more specific, the first several minutes of the CD present professionally composed meditation music.

Beneath the music a comforting layer of audio technology gently encourages your brain to generate slower and slower brainwaves.

Then the spoken "I am the space" incantation begins.

It's presented to the brain in various ways: right ear only, left ear only, both ears.

After about five minutes of these various presentations of the incantation, the rest of the CD features the licensed meditation music layered with powerful audio technology.

The music slows imperceptibly during the first track.

And then the music slows even more during the second 30-minute track.

By the 35th minute of the CD, your brain is comforting every part of you by generating relaxing and dreamy-state theta waves.


You see, with the EarthLeaves CD, you'll have a tool you can use for a few minutes to an hour any time you choose to visit a powerful refuge where the hustle and bustle of modern day life will just plain fall away...

... leaving you by the end of the 30 minutes of track one more relaxed, quiet, and still than you've probably ever been.

By the end of the second track of the EarthLeaves CD, you'll you'll find yourself slowed down as much as you've been slowed down in a long, long time and you'll feel...

...totally calm, totally at peace with yourself and the world, and totally blissful.

And that feeling will last as long as you allow it to.

EarthLeaves is a sixty minute CD that requires headphones for best results.

EarthLeaves has two tracks...

  • You Are the Space (30 minutes)

  • You Have Always Been the Space (30 minutes)

EarthLeaves is so powerful, you'll experience a depth of meditation and relaxation that you've never reached before.

Important Warning

Oh, one more thing.

The NeuroImagery audio technology found on the EarthLeaves CD is definitely not for everyone. Please do not purchase this CD if you aren't willing to have core beliefs challenged and changed.

The EarthLeaves CD listening experience dives into "the truth" about meditation and deep relaxation, states of being where one can attain knowledge and insight that lead to personal happiness and self-understanding in the quickest possible time.

The ideas and insights you'll get from the EarthLeaves CD will be worth more than many $120 to $1200 self-improvement courses or retreats.

I guarantee it!


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