Are You Adventurous Enough to Join Me in the Wilderness for a Night Outside During a Raging Storm Accompanied by the Howling of Hungry Wolves?

... If you are, you may well experience some of the most interesting mental trips of your entire life!

From:  Chet Day
Creator, EarthWild: A Theta Storm Dream

Dear Friend:

I don't know about you, but for some odd reason part of me has always wanted to camp way the heck out in the wilderness on a cold, windy, nasty night in the middle of a raging thunderstorm.

I've been visualizing this camping trip for years, but I've never actually done anything to make it happen.

That is until recently when I saw down with my computer and my advanced audio technology software and created a 45 minute CD entitled EarthWild: A Theta Storm Dream.

And to spice things up a bit, in addition to the natural sounds found in a raging night time storm, I layered in occasional wolf howls to add some spice to the deep and sensually dark atmosphere of this mental adventure.

No Subliminal Messages

Because I personally want to consciously hear any words or messages on the CDs and advanced audio self-help tools I purchase, I don't include any subliminal messages or commands on any of the CDs I create.

A Theta Storm Dream

The EarthWild CD is subtitled "A Theta Storm Dream" because the audio technology on the CD helps your brain generate theta brainwaves.

Theta brainwaves are associated with REM sleep, the state in which the brain produces dreams.

In other words, when your brain is generating theta waves, you're in the "just before falling asleep" state.

By staying awake while generating theta brainwaves with the help of the EarthWild CD, it's much easier to plug into the subconscious mind where each of us has so much wild and interesting stuff, wild stuff that's been collected, analyzed, interpreted, and then saved into our mind's cellular databank...

  • from the books, magazines and everything else we've ever read and heard...

  • from everything we've seen or smelled or touched...

  • from how we were raised by our parents...

  • indeed, from all of our life experiences.

In other words, the human brain in a waking theta state can access some of the subconscious part of ourselves that we're usually not consciously aware of.

Consequently, using the EarthWild CD while resting quietly in a peaceful environment allows the receptive listener to experience fascinating day dreams and mind journeys.

Oh, one more thing.

The NeuroImagery audio technology found on the EarthWild CD is definitely not for everyone...

Please do NOT purchase this CD if you aren't willing to have core beliefs challenged and changed as memories bubble up from your subconscious mind!

With that said, the EarthWild CD listening experience may well help the listener explore altered states of consciousness where one can attain knowledge and insights that lead to personal growth.

The ideas and insights you'll get from the EarthWild: A Theta Storm Dream experience may well will be worth more than many $120 to $1200 self-improvement courses or retreats.

Use Headphones or Earbuds

Although you can listen to the EarthWild CD with regular stereo speakers, I recommend that you listen to it with your headphones or earbuds because the intensity of the storm journey will be much more intimate that way.

There are so many noisy distractions these days in most houses, offices, and rooms if you're like me you'll want to block all that out while spending 45 minutes on a serious head trip with this advanced audio technology.


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