Environmental Gift Ideas

Organic, earth-friendly products are increasingly gaining popularity, as people recognize the importance of preserving nature and protecting Earth.

Products with little or no packaging, products made from natural ingredients and products that are made with little or no pollution are all examples of eco-friendly products.

Finding these gifts can be a tad challenging, but their rewards are obvious, especially when the person you're shopping for is eco-friendly. Many of these gifts save valuable water, energy and money, not to mention other natural resources.

When searching for eco-friendly gifts, some traditional ideas include organic teas and foods, energy saving light bulbs, all-natural soaps and personal care products, natural fiber clothing, bus passes, plants, and compost bins.

Some unique and more personalized eco-friendly gift ideas include: recycled wine glasses, memory boxes made of recycled paper, picture frames and other decorative home accents using recycled materials, organic herb garden kits, recycled stationery sets, and natural canvas tote bags.

A rather new, yet popular eco-friendly trend are products made from hemp. The environmental benefits of hemp are incredible. Hemp can displace traditional cotton, which is grown with massive amounts of chemicals and is extremely harmful to people and the environment.

According to HEMPTECH, ten percent of all the world's pesticides are sprayed on cotton. Hemp fibers have proven to be stronger, more absorbent and more mildew resistant than cotton. In addition to clothing and linens, hemp is also used in oils and body care products, foods and papers.

To wrap up your eco-friendly gift shopping, remember to shop locally first. Gifts that promote environmental awareness are readily available at local natural products stores including GNC, Whole Foods, Wild Oats Natural Markets, and Trader Joe's. Some things can also be found on the Internet.

Finally, try wrapping your gifts in recycled paper or magazines. Recycled bows and ribbons can add finishing touches or use alternatives such as yarn, twine, shoelaces, and scarves.

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