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Two Classic Fasting Books Reveal How Turn-of-the-Century Men and Women Stopped Eating to Heal what Ailed Them

From:  Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Online

In Upton Sinclair's The Fasting Cure (54 pages) and Dr. Linda Hazzard's Scientific Fasting (135 pages), you'll find fascinating narratives and detailed "how to" techniques about water fasting that have been helping people for close to a hundred years.

With these two ebooks and the bonus materials, you'll learn how water fasting can help men and women lose weight, increase energy, and reduce those aches and pains associated with aging and living in the 21st century.

The information you'll find in these two books is as valuable and applicable to natural health and modern medicine today as it was in 1910 as Upton Sinclair turned American upside down when he wrote about fasting in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Yes, that's right.

The controversial author of The Jungle -- Upton Sinclair -- the man who exposed the horrors of the meat-packing industry, wrote a best-selling natural health classic about water fasting back in 1911.

And at approximately the same time, little-known osteopath Linda Burfield Hazzard wrote and continually revised an even more important book that truly advanced the science of fasting on water alone -- 75 years ago.

While Sinclair was stunning readers in the East with his reports about the healing powers of water fasting, on the other side of the country in Washington state, Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard was fasting sick people that allopathic physicians had given up on.

Hazzard's detailed book Scientific Fasting remains a valuable resource for those hungry for water fasting information.

Now, for a limited time, you can add both of these natural health classics to your library for only $12.95 instead of the usual price of $19.95.

Three Reasons To Purchase
The Fasting Cure and Scientific Fasting

  1. I've been studying natural health since 1993, and I've spent thousands of dollars on rare and out-of-print books about natural health that were written in the 19th and early 20th century. With The Fasting Cure and Scientific Fasting, you're getting not only two fascinating narratives about fasting but also detailed "how to" ebooks that will help you in association with your professional health advisor or doctor develop your own water fasting regime.

  2. You get the complete, unexpurgated, original editions. Not a single word has been changed, though each volume has been completely retyped and reformatted for easy printing, reading and binding.

  3. Although I've never been to medical school, by this point I've probably spent as many hours studying human health as most doctors, and I know I've spent many more hours studying nutrition than the average physician who takes two hours in that field, if he takes that. From my extensive experience in reading natural health classics, I have to say that The Fasting Cure and Scientific Fasting are two of my favorite volumes.

When you have these books
in your health collection, you'll read...

  • In The Fasting Cure a compelling health story that reads like a detective novel. Learn how fasting fever took hold of America when Sinclair shared his experiences with Cosmopolitan readers back in 1911.

  • A plethora of specific details and techniques that reveal how to go on a water fast.

  • Fascinating commentary about how water fasting affects the mind, providing a clarity that most of us haven't experienced in years because we've been overeating of the wrong foods for so long. If you've ever wondered why so many religious figures fast, once you finish reading these two books, you'll wonder no more.

  • A theory on the unity of disease and cure that helps people break free of the diagnosis game that drives so many individuals to the poor house. With fasting, the body does the healing... not some drug with terrible side effects.

  • The difference between fasting and starvation. You'll learn when to start and when to stop fasting.

  • Preparation for the fast. If you don't know how to prepare physically, emotionally, and mentally for a fast, you shouldn't start one.

  • Symptoms during the fast. Many people start a fast but then bail out in a hurry when the first symptoms show up. Well, forewarned is forearmed and with the H&B Fasting Classics Collection you'll know the symptoms to look for... and the ones to act on.

  • How to break the fast. Coming off the fast is as important as going on it, and if you break the fast incorrectly you can undo all the good you did during your period of non-eating.

  • Diet recommendations for after the fast, including a controversial diet developed by Upton Sinclair for his body after strict veganism failed him. Learn why this happened and why he made the changes he made.

  • And much, much more...

 Listen to what some readers wrote
about Upton Sinclair's The Fasting Cure

Dear Mr. Sinclair:

I was so fascinated with the story of your fast that I immediately made the experiment for myself, abstaining entirely from food of any kind for five days. I had no particular ailment which seemed to need the fast cure, but felt impelled to do a little investigating on my own account. Without going into details, I can simply say I was astonished by the results. I am frank to say I was never so pleased with, nor so greatly benefited by anything ever previously extracted from a magazine article.

R.E. Wheeler

Dear Sir:

I read your article in the May Cosmopolitan and was very much impressed with the ideas you advocated. I had for twenty years been troubled with constipation, which caused colds and grippe, besides making me very sluggish.

[After his fast] all my troubles seemed to disappear. I am living on wheat, nuts, all kinds of fruits, and vegetables, and the result is everything you said it would be.

I thank you very much for your information along the line of health. You've have been a great blessing to me, and I am sure you have been also to thousands of others.

Andrew Hemphill

Dear Mr. Sinclair:

Yes, you may use my name in connection with my experience.

As I did not take a complete fast the first time, I began again Sept. 4th, and fasted thirteen days, when natural hunger returned. Had none of the unpleasant experiences of the first fast. Was able to be on my feet and work more than at any time in years.

Chronic rheumatism had caused sinewy swelling of my knee joints, that in turn had caused numbness of the feet and lower limbs, making it impossible for me to be on my feet. What I have suffered with them from jars of people walking across the room, or brushing against them, cannot be told. The first fast removed all the pain and soreness. The last fast has brought them down to normal or nearly so. I am confident that I shall soon be able to walk any reasonable distance.

You are certainly entitled to a place among the public benefactors of the age for giving to the people the knowledge you had gained by the fast.

Gratefully yours,

Mrs. E. L. Raymond.

The Fasting Cure and
Scientific Fasting are hard to find...

Finding an original hardback copy of The Fasting Cure or Scientific Fasting is pretty hard to do these days, and if you find copies for less than $25 each, I'd suggest buying them because in the future they'll be worth a lot more than that.

But, happily, you don't have to search through old bookstores to own a copy of The Fasting Cure or Scientific Fasting because I have downloadable Adobe PDF versions ready and waiting for you right now on the H&B Online server.

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  1. Edwin Earl Purinton's classic Twenty Rules for Fasting. This 26-page bonus PDF, written by a man who saved his own life by going on what he calls a Conquest Fast, presents twenty rules for a successful fast on water alone.

  2. Dr. Herbert S. Shelton's How to Break a Fast. Dr. Shelton, the father of modern Natural Hygiene, supervised over 40,000 fasts and in this file you'll read his favorite methods for breaking a fast.

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