Fitness Goals:

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Setting up fitness goals is the first step toward reaching them. As the saying goes, "Fail to plan, plan to fail." Don't be like so many and fail just because you failed to do a little planning.

Benefits of Goal Setting
For even more incentive to set goals, scope out these additional benefits. First of all, you can raise your self-confidence because you set out to do something and worked towards goal. And you'll increase you motivation, pride, and self satisfaction in a job well done.

You'll improve your life and have a new achievement to chalk up. "Veni Vidi Vici" -- you came, you saw, you conquered yet another difficult challenge, something that was holding you back.

Now check out the facts.

Effective goal setters reportedly boast more self-confidence, focus. and concentrate better and show less stress and anxiety.

And overall they are happier people and lead more productive lives.

Goal Setting Steps
Simply stating unplanned goals is unwise. For example, if you list a goal like “I am going to be 50 lbs. lighter this time next year,” this is too vague and you're likely setting yourself up for failure.

Effective goals start with education. In other words, the goal setter has researched the details involved in order to complete the goals, and then set up specific step-by-step action plans with timed tasks that correlate to success or failure with each step.

R & D: Research and Development
Begin your fitness education by checking out some of the latest health and fitness books from your local library. While you’re there, check out some of the latest health and fitness magazines like Fitness, Shape, Men’s Health and Fitness RX for Women.

To help with choosing a good fitness program and plan to follow, you need to consider a few things. Cost is important, so make sure any home fitness equipment and fitness program fees, as well as extra costs like exercise videos and special foods, monthly gym memberships, and exercise class fees, fit into your family budget.

There are a few things you can do to help with costs. Call the gym to see if they publish coupons and where to get them. Ask about special campaigns they may have like 10% off plus no registration fee for AAA (American Automobile Association) members.

Check eBay for discounted equipment. Also consider networking online at or through popular fitness Internet forums to find which gyms in your area are best for you. Additionally, many people sell their used fitness equipment and are always looking for buyers online.

When you’re finished with your research, start setting positive fitness goals and steps to reach them based on your results. For example, if you found a used treadmill that fits in your family budget, incorporate a treadmill program into your goal setting and adjust anything else accordingly.

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