How I Killed the Flu with a 3 Day Juice Fast

By Chet Day
Winter, 2000

By the time I went to bed one night last week, I knew I had the flu that had already invaded Casa Day and taken prisoner my wife and two sons.

During the first ten days of the flu bug's visit to our home, I thought I might squeak by and maintain my three-year record of no work days lost to illness.

But I didn't think that would be the case because I'd eaten way too much junk during the holidays, hadn't exercised much, hadn't juiced at all, and just plain didn't feel as immune to disease as I generally feel.

Sure enough, my nose started running like a faucet, and the next thing I knew I had my own personal box of Kleenex tied to my suspenders.

You know what? I'd forgotten just how bad a person can feel with the flu. I mean, seriously, when you haven't been sick for years, you really do lose the recollection of what's it like to have your nose so plugged you couldn't breath through it with a catheter.

I mean, Richard Simmons screaming at the top of his lungs couldn't break though the ear congestion.

And the nights... on man, I had really forgotten what it was like to not be able to sleep from feeling so bad, from having a headache that felt like the Boer War was taking place within my skull skull, from having muscle aches that felt like Dr. Frankenstein himself had been working on me in his lab, from having diarrhea that kept me on the toilet as much as off it.

You know what I mean? When you moan and sit up and hold your head between your hands and just plain groan out loud from sheer frustration and pain.

Anyway, I felt BAD, and I knew I needed to do something fast because self-proprietors like me who earn our livings on the Internet don't have the luxury of spending a week in bed while calling in sick every morning.

I also knew from my experience and my studies in natural health since 1993 that I didn't need to take TheraFlu and Tylenol, that I didn't need to gnaw on rhinoceros horn powder, and that I didn't need to rush to the doctor for decongestants and analgesics and antibiotics for secondary infections -- the expensive symptom maskers that would actually drag out my illness rather than helping my body to heal.

I knew I really only had to do two things:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids;
  2. Stay in bed and rest
  3. Not eat

Most people are familiar with the first two protocols for the flu. Doctors and mothers have been teaching these two aspects forever.

At the same time, most people haven't learned to stop eating when they're ill because they've been taught to "eat to keep up your strength."

Well, I'm flat out telling you that when you're dealing with an acute illness like the flu or a bad cold your body needs its strength to heal and not to digest chicken soup, hot milk, grilled cheese sandwiches, or yeast-raised waffles with butter and syrup on top.

So I went to bed and stopped eating.

After three days on this routine, I felt just fine again. My energy returned, my head cleared, my nose stopped running, and I resumed my usual work schedule.

It's now eight days since I got the flu, and I'm feeling the best I've felt in ages.

I lost several pounds and I gained at least a megawatt of energy.

For me the flu was a blessing in disguise because it motivated me to get on a good juice diet and clean out the remnant toxins from all those holiday goodies back in November and December.

So if you come down with the Millennium Flu, give some thought to trying a juice diet, along with lots of bed rest and plenty of  distilled water.

Using a juice diet, most people will spend a whole lot less than what they'd spend on a doctor's visit that resulted in two or three prescriptions.

And using a juice diet, most people will get well two or three times faster because they replied on their body's healing powers instead of simply masking symptoms and making it even harder  for their bodies to resolve the problem.

Our bodies truly are marvelous, self-healing wonders, if we're only intelligent enough to stand back and give them room to function as designed.

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