Folding Treadmills:

Benefits of Folding Treadmills

Folding treadmills can be a great choice for a small living space as they can be folded away and pushed under furniture such as a bed. Lighter models may even store in a closet. Often they have hydraulic folding mechanisms so that they are very easy to fold. However treadmills vary greatly in quality.

When folding treadmills first came out they were classed as not sturdy enough for running, and were limited to walking only. Running use of course puts the equipment under more stress as each foot comes down carrying more momentum and more of a shock.

These early fold-up treadmills were lightweight and also sometimes had stability issues with runners. It is clear that if you are running on a treadmill it needs to be more stable than if you are just walking.

However, in the last few years the quality of folding treadmills has improved greatly and now you will find foldaway treadmills that are virtually the same as the non-folding variety. In fact, it would probably be true to say that most home treadmills now fold. They can take runners, are not so lightweight and have a good warranty.

With treadmills you get what you pay for to a great extent and if you are planning to use it heavily you will need to invest over $1,000, or for top range models in the range of $2,000 to $3,000. This is true whether or not you want a fold-up treadmill.

Heavy use for a home treadmill would be if you are a race runner or marathon runner training on it daily, or if you have several people in the household who will use it regularly.

If you are planning to give your treadmill lighter use, either just for walking or for short weight loss workouts, you should be fine with a cheaper model. For example if it will only have occasional use because you would exercise outdoors in good weather, you can get away with much less. Be aware though that anything under $500 will be a very basic treadmill.

Check the stability of your chosen treadmill before you make a purchase as this can be an issue with lighter models. Also consider how easy it is to fold and move. Sturdier treadmills weigh around 200 pounds or more so even folded, most people would probably not easily be able to lift one.

Consider where and how you will store it. For example, if you want to store your treadmill under the bed, will you be able to push it sideways? Most folding treadmills have wheels, but do the wheels rotate or can you only push it back and forward? This could make it difficult to move under the bed as you would have to turn it around to roll it under there.

So there is plenty to think about when considering your foldaway treadmill purchase but you can also be sure there is plenty of choice available with many brands and models of folding treadmills on the market, and you should have no trouble finding the best one for your home and your workout needs.

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