Food Chopper Pampered Chef:

Finally, the Food Chopper I've Been Looking for

by Josh Day

I've been after a good food chopper for years.

A food chopper is a simple, bladed machine that easily chops most vegetables, cheeses, and even some nuts.

I had been using a ridiculously inefficient model that was shaped like a small shoebox; to operate it you slammed down the vegetable over a bladed grid. Half the time the vegetables didn't go through, and it could not handle carrots unless they were already thinly sliced.

On top of all that, it was a royal pain to clean. No matter how hard you tried, a piece of vegetable always clung to the square blades or plastic grid that pushed the vegetables down. It got to be such a nuisance that I only employed it when making pico de gallo.

Thankfully, I recently found the food chopper I've always been after through a local Pampered Chef consultant.

Unlike my old chopper, this one tears through carrots like a rabid Bugs Bunny. It's a superior design, using a wave-grid for the blade and chopping directly on your cutting board.

And finally, it's a breeze to clean. It breaks apart easily and all parts can be rinsed and washed in less than twenty seconds. It's also dishwashable-safe.

A good food chopper cuts down my prep work time exponentially.

It's also a lot of fun to use and encourages you to include more vegetables in your diet, as the food chopper virtually eliminates all the tedium involved in veggie chopping.

So if you'd like to begin incorporating vegetables in your daily diet, get a quality food chopper. I guarantee you'll be experimenting with new vegetables and the old veggies that used to rot in your produce crisper will start getting used up!

Here are a few recipes that are ideal to make with a food chopper...

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