Food Combining

Efficient digestion 
Dr. Herbert Shelton explains efficient digestion. Contending that at least half the food most of us eat passes out of us without being utilized or digestion, Dr. Shelton proceeds to give us specific details on what we can do to quit wasting 50% of the expensive stuff we send down our throats!

The Necessity of Proper Food Combining 
With his loud and clear voice, Dr. Herbert Shelton in this article shouted "Hogwash" to those who would deny the efficacy of proper food combining. And he then proceeds to explain why we should combine our foods if we want the most efficient digestion possible.

The Principles of Food Combining 
Nothing terribly earthshaking here... except for Dr. Herbert Shelton's precise how-to-do-it information on food combining that medical science says has no evidence to prove it works. This is a quick read. 

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