Crashing on the Hallelujah Diet:

Animal Products, Cancer, and the Genesis 1:29 Diet

By Judie Westbrook
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Sometimes just taking a step back and using a little common sense helps us get a clearer picture. It's easy to get buried in a lot of modern theories, but what has history told us? A whole foods diet that includes animal products has been around for centuries and is not new at all.

Meat has been part of the American diet since the first turkey dinner. Early farmers and settlers survived long winters eating the meat they hunted. We have been eating meat for all the generations since Noah.

The Israelites in the times recorded in Exodus ate God's whole food diet, including animal products. They worked very hard, lived under constant pressure and stress for 430 years yet even so, Psalm 105:37 tells us "there was not one feeble person among their tribes."

I'd like to turn the question around–What proof do we have that a vegetarian or a raw food diet is safe, especially for long term use? There is mounting evidence and research that proves that a diet void of animal products causes deficiencies and health problems, especially for children and for women in their child bearing years.

We know of one mother who had been on the Genesis 1:29 Diet for almost five years. During her pregnancy, she had her blood tested to make sure there were no deficiencies. All her levels were in the normal range. However, as their new baby began to grow, the parents noticed his activity level was behind that of their other children at his age. These parents began to research B-12 deficiency and found their baby matched almost all of the typical symptoms of this deficiency. At 15 months of age, the baby is still behind. Often times blood tests do not reveal the true level of health, nor does a parent's level of health guarantee that the baby will have the same level. Often times the weaknesses are magnified in the children.

Many are avoiding meat today because of what we call the "Fear and Dread Syndrome." The Bible says in Genesis 9:2, "And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hands are they delivered."

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BUT NOW THIS HAS BEEN REVERSED. Now the fear and dread of the animals is upon the people and we avoid animal products like the plague! We're afraid that if we eat meat we'll get cancer, heart disease, stroke and die of a young age.

If meat were as harmful as some believe, cancer and heart disease statistics would have surely made us extinct by now. But instead, cancer, heart disease and other degenerative disease statistics have soared just in the recent decades since the industrialization of food began.

Foods that God created to nourish the body have been changed so that they hardly taste or look like the original real food. Our foods are highly refined and processed and chemicals are used in most every step of food processing, starting in the fields and ending with the packaging. Worse yet, our foods are molecularly and genetically changed, microwaved and irradiated. Now that's a real reason for fear and dread. Though our food has changed drastically through the years, meat, a food we've been eating for centuries, has taken the blame. It doesn't really make sense.

Another important thing we need to look at on the whole meat issue is what does God say? The simple truth is, the Bible says that meat is good for food. God gave us animal foods to eat in Genesis 9:3 when He blessed Noah and told him to multiply in the earth. God does not bless with a curse.

It is a trick of the devil to have us believe that God cannot be trusted. This is a small foothold for us to doubt God in other areas of our life. If meat were dangerous, why would God go so far as to mention the use of animal products so often in the Bible? It's time to look at the real results of the teachings of the Genesis 1:29 Diet and ask ourselves if we are truly in line with what God intended in the Bible.

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Let's get back to the cancer and meat question. In a nutshell, we have worked with people with cancer that have had both positive and negative results on the Genesis 1:29 diet.

  • One person, whose cancer was in remission, had her cancer return on an all-raw, animal-free diet.
  • We have a man who was on the Genesis 1:29 diet for 5 years, very faithful, who has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
  • We worked with a young mother cancer patient who had no results at all from the diet who died, leaving four young children.
  • Two other cancer patients, who did the Genesis 1:29 Diet, failed to respond and died.
  • We had another cancer patient who was afraid to use animal products because of her past 2 bouts with cancer. After four years, she had a complete physical and mental breakdown on the Genesis 1:29 diet. Since then, she has rebuilt her health with animal products.
  • We also know a breast cancer survivor who has been eating clean animal products for the last 4 years and is doing extremely well and is cancer free.
  • Studies show that vegetarians have the same rate of cancer and heart disease as non-vegetarians.

It is time to find the real common denominator to cancer. Man-made foods are far more suspicious than a food given to us by God. Meat is not the "garbage of the world," but a whole food created and approved by God.

In the book, Life Without Bread, Dr. Wolfgang Lutz and Christian B. Allan, Ph.D. reported a study where researchers looked at meat consumption and cooking methods in a group of almost 33,000 women. In their work, the researchers did not find an association between those who consumed the most red meat (up to one serving per day) and breast cancer. Furthermore, the method of cooking was not associated with the risk of incidence of breast cancer, including barbecue methods.

The studies linking meat and cancer were done using junk meats (pork, hot dogs, luncheon meats, crab, shellfish, and other sea foods without fins and scales), isolated proteins or hydrogenated fats, NOT naturally raised fresh clean meats.

The junk meats are toxic meats, and include scavenger animals (e.g., the pig). The key is to buy fresh clean meats raised using natural methods.

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Click here to order Greg Westbrook's When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?" so you can overcome the health and deficiency problems you may well be generating or experiencing on a Genesis 1:29 vegan diet.

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