Crashing on the Hallelujah Diet:

Another Think A-Comin'

By Greg Westbrook
Adapted from "The Rudder" Newsletter, Oct. 2002

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In the summer of 2002, my wife Judie and I went to Colorado to visit my parents. My dad couldn't keep from marveling at our appearance. Several times during our visit he said: "I can't get over how much younger you and Judie look now. I was so sad to see you looking so much older every year, but now, you look at least ten years younger!"

It is so good to be strong again, to have muscles again, to feel young again, to hit a golf ball 300 yards again, to mountain bike and actually have fun pedaling over the mountain passes. It’s fun to go to the gym and have energy to burn. To crank up the treadmill for a half hour until the T-shirt is wet, and enjoy every minute of it.

It's exciting to have our active lifestyle given back to us after almost two years of Judie facing excruciating headaches nearly every day. It's fun to have people tell us we look young again, rather than old and tired. Yes, it is fun -- youth is back!

On the Genesis 1:29 Diet
Greg Westbrook on the Gen 1:29 Diet

Am I giving a testimony for the Genesis 1:29 Diet?

Not exactly.

I'm giving a testimony of getting off the Genesis 1:29 Diet.

Off the Genesis 1:29 Diet
Greg Westbrook off the Gen 1:29 Diet

Those of you familiar with our Weigh of Wisdom Workshop already know that about a year ago, we began to migrate towards animal products because of severe health problems we developed on the Genesis 1:29 Diet.

Now you are about to hear the rest of the story.

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Early Warnings

Three years ago when we contacted the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation to get permission to use the Pottenger Cat study in our Weigh of Wisdom Workshop, we were quite surprised that they did not give us permission. They did not want the Price-Pottenger name associated with our program because they felt the Genesis 1:29 Diet (a vegan diet) was a deficient diet.

With great alarm, they explained to us that people do not do well in the long term without some animal products in the diet, and that there has been no society on earth that exists without some animal products in their diet (milk, cheese, eggs or meat).

At that time, we felt like the Price-Pottenger Foundation wasn't aware of the benefits of the Genesis 1:29 Diet, but in fact, they were well aware of the diet.

It was we who had a lesson to learn.

Another warning we heard was at a seminar in Mesa, Arizona, by Udo Erasmus (of Udo's Oil). He said in his speech that he had never seen anyone on the Hallelujah Diet long-term that looked good.

Now that we have been in the Biblical health movement for several years and have observed several people lose their youthfulness on the Genesis 1:29 Diet, I would have to say that I agree with Udo.

I don't know a single person who looks good who has also done the Genesis 1:29 Diet faithfully for several years (with little or no cheating).

So what is all this fuss about the long-term effects of the Genesis 1:29 Diet? You have heard the old adage that the bus driver is the first one to the scene of the accident. Well, as bus drivers, we were soon to find out first hand what the long-term effects of the Genesis 1:29 Diet held in store.

Gathering Storm Clouds

In the summer of 2000, we were in the midst of producing the Weigh of Wisdom Workshop that teaches the Genesis 1:29 Diet. At that time, we believed in the Genesis 1:29 Diet with every fiber in our beings. We were so convinced of the virtue of the Genesis 1:29 Diet that we didn't make the connection between our ever increasing health problems and the Genesis 1:29 Diet. Judie was beginning to have chronic headaches. In fact, during the filming of the Weigh of Wisdom Workshops, she was having horrible headaches nearly every day. There were several days when we couldn't film simply because Judie wasn't well.

My weight had dropped to 120 pounds, and I was only a ghost of my normal weight of 155 pounds. We heard from the grapevine that people were talking about how old and tired Judie and I were looking. 

I had also lost almost all my digestive power as well as five teeth to decay on the Genesis 1:29 Diet. And I was always cold, the result of slowing metabolism. Things were not looking good for us, but we still did not make the diet connection at that time.

Since we thought we were on "God's Ideal Diet," we decided to try even harder at the diet. More raw food, more juicing, more dehydrating, and soaking nuts and sprouting seeds, more Barleygreen, more exercise. And this is what we did for another year.

We worked harder at the diet than ever, but to no avail.

We were rewarded with even more severe health problems.

Judie's head and neck-aches became unbearable, almost making her an invalid. I was extremely cold, and eating food always seemed to drag me down, rather than pick me up. Our daughter Sarah had no stamina or energy, and her food cravings had become almost unbearable. Our sons had problems too: Tim had no desire to do physical work any more, and Terry was beginning to suffer constantly from anxiety and depression.

Worse yet, we were beginning to see the same problems in others outside our family who were on the Genesis 1:29 Diet.

By the spring of 2001, it began to dawn on us that we had better take another look at our diet. We each had a brand new set of health problems that we didn't have before the Genesis 1:29 Diet.

My dentist told me that if I didn't change my diet, I would probably lose all my teeth. In fact, my dentist was doing a land-office business with vegetarians, and told me that the vegan diet (Genesis 1:29 Diet) did not provide the nutrients necessary for strong teeth. I had ignored his advice and lost five teeth. Could it be that we were actually missing something in our diets?

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Scratching For Truth

Sure enough, we had to admit to ourselves that in our zeal to believe in the "ideal diet," we had focused on just one verse of the Bible, Genesis 1:29. We had esteemed Genesis 1:29 as the last word on diet, when, in reality, it is only the first word on diet in the Bible!

Just like all man's attempts to carve one verse out of the Bible and build a pet theory on it, our theory eventually began to wear thin. We began to seek the Lord about our failing health. Where had we gone wrong?

We revisited Genesis 9:3 where God tells Noah: "Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you: even as the green herb have I given you all things." We had to rethink this verse. We had to come to realize that this verse was not a curse pronounced on mankind, but rather a blessing to enable mankind to "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." (Genesis 9:1).

We had to admit that nowhere in the Bible is there a warning about the evils of meat and animal products. Nor is there any warning in the Bible about cooking meat. The loving father served the fatted calf to the returning prodigal son. Jesus fed the multitudes bread and fish. The more we dug, the more we realized that the Genesis 1:29 Diet was simply not supported by the full spectrum of Biblical teaching on food. With this new perspective, we worked up our courage to try a few animal products.

Genesis 9:3 to the Rescue

We began by adding raw goat's milk into our diets. After a few months, we tried turkey, chicken and eggs. Mind you, none of these animal products were standard grocery store fare. Fortunately, we have a health food store in our area that sells veggie-fed and organically fed animal products. Gradually our health began to improve. However, we still seemed to be missing something, as Judie's headaches continued to persist. It wasn't until we took the quantum leap and added beef back into our diet that we finally saw the breakthrough we were looking for.

With the addition of animal products, our entire family has now backed out of all the health problems we developed on the Genesis 1:29 Diet.

In my own case, I've been restored to my correct weight of 155 pounds, and my metabolism has come back in full force. I'm not freezing cold any more, and I can tolerate getting chilled, such as when I forget to take a jacket along at night. Even more exciting, I have my strength back. I can actually hit a golf ball 300 yards now, while 200 yards was more normal on the vegan diet. I think coordination has also come back to me as well.

For all my vegan and Hallelujah Diet years, I just didn't feel like doing physical work, but now, I'm doing all kinds of projects around our little farm. Being in our mid-fifties, Judie and I are delighted to have our youth back. Judie's recovery has been dramatic, and I've documented her story as well -- you can click here to read "From Invalid to Athlete in Five Months."

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The Survey (Click here for a copy)

Since the early days of our health ministry, we've had our share of emails and phone calls reporting hair loss, muscle loss, slowing metabolism, dry skin and a host of other problems. In those days we just recommended Udo's Oil or vitamin B-12 and sent them on their way with admonitions to be more faithful to the diet, eat more raw food, bigger salads, etc.

But, as our own health problems became overwhelming, we began to sit up and take notice. Being a scientist at heart (an electrical engineer for 30+ years), I wanted to get a handle on the scope of the problem. So, we created a survey.

So far, we have identified the most common fifty-four health problems people have developed on the Genesis 1:29 Diet, and have incorporated these symptoms into the survey. The survey is an invaluable tool because it lays out all these long-term symptoms on two pages and enables people to really understand how much health they have lost. We've been keeping track of data from the surveys, and continue to update the database as new surveys come in.

We have been absolutely shocked at the survey results. Here are just a few examples:

  • 55% reported loss of muscle and muscle tone on the diet
  • 55% also report difficulty staying warm, a thyroid problem
  • 59% are plagued with food cravings
  • A whopping 67% report scattered thinking.
  • 46% feel they are looking older than they should.
  • 54% feel run down, chronically tired.
  • 59% don't feel like exercising or working on the diet.

As you can see, these numbers are too significant to be ignored.

I'd invite each of you to click here to take our survey. Doing so will help you gain a clear understanding of your own state of health on the Genesis 1:29 Diet.

If you would like your survey results included in the database, please feel free to copy it, fill it out and return it to us. Please take the time to be thorough and include your name. We will hold your survey results in confidence, except that your scores will be included in database results.

About Face

We are no longer teaching the Genesis 1:29 Diet as a long-term diet. For a cleansing diet, it is appropriate only for short periods of time only; no longer than three months as a general rule. Our new materials are based on what we call the  “Plan B Diet,” which includes animal products, but none of the junk in the Standard American Diet.

We have a new video series called “Beyond Gen 1:29” that is designed to help people move beyond Genesis 1:29 in their quest for ultimate health. Our goal in these videos is to leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered. (Note from Chet: To learn more about this video series, call the Westbrooks at 1-480-833-0182.)


The worst mistake we can make as leaders is to reverence a theory (Genesis 1:29) so highly that the theory becomes more important than the health of our students. When we saw failing long-term health on the Genesis 1:29 Diet, it was time to rethink the theory.

If we had closed our eyes to the failing health of our students and ourselves, then we would have ceased to be true shepherds for our Lord.

When we produced the Weigh of Wisdom Workshop, we thought we had reached the pinnacle of knowledge regarding diet and health. But, as my mother is fond of saying: "You've got another think a-comin'." She's right, we had another think a-comin'!

Our calling as health leaders is to bring people out of the jungle of junk food and fad diets, and into a wholesome diet of healing, powerful, God-designed foods. This we will do, armed with the power of the Plan B Diet, and with His guidance and help. Indeed, we have a big job to do.

Most workshop leaders have been extremely receptive to the diet changes. I hope that as you read through this article, take the survey, begin to re-think some of these dietary foundations, and experience renewed health by changing your diet, you too will be convicted that this is a message that we must take to the people.

Note from Chet:

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Click here to order Greg Westbrook's When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?" so you can overcome the health and deficiency problems you may well be generating or experiencing on a Genesis 1:29 vegan diet.

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