Get Well Gifts

Get well gifts should convey a message of cheer, encouragement, support, and best wishes for a speedy recovery. So in most instances, humor is best left out of the get well mix, unless you're sure that the recipient is well on his or her way to recovery and have a good sense of humor.

Most of the time you should stick with a gift that brightens someone's day in a heartfelt way. Suggesions are below:

Tea Set
Tea has many health benefits and some believe it possesses natural healing powers. It has been shown to boost energy, help people sleep and relax, and relieve some symptoms of the common cold. If you need an appropriate get well gift, elect for a tea set with universal appeal. A set usually includes a teapot, teacups, saucers and a selection of teas. Lemon, echinacea, and green teas are those frequently chosen for medicinal purposes.

Tranquility Fountain
The sound of cascading water is very relaxing and calming and helps create a stress-free environment. That's why indoor tranquility fountains make ideal get well gifts. There are various types to choose from including tabletop, wall mounted, or floor (free-standing) models. The soothing sound of running water will provide the person who is under-the-weather with the perfect backdrop for sleep and rest.

Puzzles and Games Gift Basket
A gift basket loaded with food is probably not the best choice for someone with an illness or recovering from a medial treatment or surgery. Instead of gourmet treats, opt for a basket brimming with crossword puzzle books, word searches, and handheld games such a Poker or Yahtzee. This is a much better alternative than unhealthy snacks and candy and is perfect for someone who is bedridden for awhile.

Memory Foam Slippers
Forget the days of flimsy, toeless slippers made out of cheap cotton. Therapeutic memory foam slippers cradle the feet in luxurious comfort. They relieve pressure and support arches in a way that no other slipper can. Revolutionary memory foam will mold to your recipient's feet to pamper and soothe them. It's a thoughtful get well gift sure to be appreciated.

Healing Music

Music is one of the greatest gifts to give at any time and for any occasion. For someone not feeling well, look for selections that have soothing gentle sounds like wind chimes, rain falling, or wind blowing. Please check out our exclusive Cat's Purr and EarthRain CDs for the perfect get well CD gift.

Express your concern and cheer your friends and family up by giving them a get well gift that encourages relaxation, comfort, and rest. It's the best way to send your wishes for a quick recovery... and you'll also boost their spirits.

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