Goji Juice:

Responses to Dr. Ralph Moss's Article, "A Friendly Skeptic Looks at Goji Juice "

Editor's note: the following letters were sent to us in response to Dr. Ralph Moss's critical look at goji juice. Since we make the critique available to our readers, it's only fair to publish some responses to it...

Craig B. writes...

Just some info about Goji juice. After drinking it for about a month, my wife's IBS symptoms have diminished greatly. Being a stress-induced condition, there are times that it does flare up, however, it is now no longer an issue which stops her in her tracks when it appears and is not as long in duration.

As for me, and I do have the medical records to substantiate these claims, in less than two months of drinking four ounces of Goji juice daily, my total cholesterol dropped from 336 to 224 and my triglycerides dropped from 1780 to 657. I did not change anything else. My diet remained essentially the same, so as to prove to myself that it was the juice that was the only variable.

I would be happy to provide the medical forms if you are serious about whether or not Goji is effective and are willing to make a fair and balanced report.

Sandy T. writes...

It's very easy to sit back and poke holes in cerain products and the method used to market them. I read your article on Goji and frankly don't care what the studies show. I've been taking it now for almost three months and the results I've had with it are simply amazing.

I've suffered with chronic pain from back and neck injuries and was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I'm almsot completely off all medication, something I thought would never happen.

Apparently I'm not the only person having tremendous life changing results with Himalayan Goji. The claims are more than just claims they are the actual results people are having with Dr. Mindell's Himalayan Goji juice.

If you are truly into helping people recover or improve their health then why shut the door on something because you may not like network marketing. The cost of Goji is still cheaper than what my meds were costing me and at least it's now going to someone who has been fighting the drug industry for a nu

Jolene writes...

In am writing in response to your article on Goji Juice. I was introduced to Dr. Mindell's Goji Juice a few months ago by my mother. A co-worker of hers had tried it and had amazing results in dealing with his arthritis pain. Prior to goji he had been on a pill-form of chemotherapy as well as numerous other medications. After goji, he no longer required these medications.

My mom was convinced to try it and found an instant increase in energy, her mood lifted, she began to sleep better and her ability to focus & concentrate at work had returned.

My father began taking goji juice, and after a few short weeks he was able to lift his arms above his head- something his arthritis pain had prevented him from doing for many years!

Both my husband and I began taking goji juice. We both had wonderful results. My husband is a shift-worker so he always he problems with energy & sleep. Since taking goji juice, he has tons of energy and sleeps much better. A few unexpected things also occured for him such as weight loss. Myself, after about a week I noticed a substantial lift in my mood. I had been battling minor depression due to stress and found that after I began taking goji I was able to handle stress with much greater ease. Events that would normally cause me to become very stressed and upset seem not to bother me as much. And I find when I do feel stress, it is to a much lesser extent and it is very fleeting.

I've also had severe pain in my lower & upper back, shoulders, arms & neck for a long time. The word "fibromyalgia" had been mentioned and I am scheduled to see a rheumatologist in Nov. About 2 months after taking Goji juice I had no more pain in those areas. I had also been for acupuncuture as well, so that may play a part too.

A friend of mine had such severe depression that he was frequently missing work. I told him about Goji juice and he received his first case a few days before his week vacation. He took his goji juice faithfully and noticed after only a few days how his mood had improved. Well, vacation alone helps with that, so the test was his return to work. His mood continues to improve as well as his ability to handle stress & concentrate. He has not missed any more work and is feeling better by the day!

My husband and I really got into alternative & natural health care a few years ago. I think we've studied a little bit of everything. We've been through all the cleanses, stopped eating meat & limited our dairy. We have "green drinks" everyday, consume a lot of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. We stay away from processed foods, use reverse osmosis water, follow (for the most part) the diets set out in "Healing With Whole Foods" - Paul Pitchford, etc etc etc. We even sleep with magnetic rings on!!

The point is, we had been following this health regime for some time but still had health problems. Goji was the turning point for us. We also believe that once you begin to feel better/healthier you want to do even more to feel better/healthier. Since taking goji we have been able to improve our diets even further and have more energy to exercise.

I do kundalini yoga and I know about the 5 Tibetan rites you speak of, I call them the 5 Tibetans....I do them with the exception of the spinning...that one makes me ill..I am trying to do that one bit-by-bit to build up to the full amount of turns, any suggestions are much appreciated) I feel so much better mentally and have such renewed motivation & zest for life that I have been putting even more time into studying natural health.

I and my husband and I have joined the company that makes himalayan goji juice. It's done such wonders for us, that we want to share that with everyone we meet. We now have an excuse! I could go on for days telling you about the various people we have met who have been given their lives back because of goji. Lupus, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia...on and on.

I just have one question for you. You seem to have learned a great deal about goji through medical studies, fokelore and third-party accounts. My question is, unless you've taken goji for yourself, how can you really form an accurate picture? You mention the $44 a bottle and how it WOULD be worth it if it DID work.

Well....there is no risk for anyone who tries it because goji comes with a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee. If it doesn't meet your expectations you get your money back. No hassle, no questions asked. I'd never want anyone to spend money on something that's useless for them. If I refer goji to someone, I make sure they understand that if they don't love it, to get their money back. (Though so far, I haven't had anyone try and and not love it!)

I challenge you to take Himalayan Goji Juice yourself for 90 days! After those 90 days you can write your own personal story (which is always the most convincing evidence - Facts tell but stories sell) If it has done nothing for you, get your money back. I go one further, have your blood work done before you start taking goji and then again in 90 days.

The average "dose" of Goji is 2 oz 1-2 times daily. (I take 2 oz twice daily) For people with illness, up to 8 oz is common. (Cancer, lupus, etc)

Allan writes...

The only reason I even considered this product was because of its history of use by Daoists in China, but that said I still needed to feel the benefits myself before I would consider the business.

Please let me briefly explain why I want you to try it and then you will understand why I believe so strongly in it.

The product has been so excellent for me personally, I've got way more energy than I had before, and my digestion problem is clearing itself up, hopefully I may start to gain some weight soon. My stomach feels so much better now. Also when I first started I went through a large detox, a lot of mucus and junk came out of my nose and throat, but I still felt full of energy, and when it was finished I felt so much better.

One of my friends who I introduced it to has also had excellent results, he has lost about 2 kilos in one week, and he feels so much stronger and healthier. He went for an hour run and he said he could have gone for another hour, this has never happened for him before and he has asthma. He is breathing easier, people are noticing how much better he looks, not just from the weight loss but they say his skin looks younger and more alive, almost brighter.

My friend who introduced the product to me, had chronic fatigue and it is gone, he is full of energy. His wife who has had eczema (skin condition) has found the rashes have completely disappeared and she isn't itchy anymore, she has also recovered from a digestive problem she has carried her whole life.

That friend recently left his job in an investment bank to promote goji fulltime and this is after just a couple of short months. This was made possible by the support he has received from the people who have introduced him to goji, the strength of the compensation plan and most importantly the results the product is bringing for people.

I'd really love it if you would try the product, and I am willing to send it to you for no cost, all you need to do is drink 30mLs twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) religiously, and at the end of each week let me know how you feel, and what changes you have noticed until you have finished the box. This weekly diary is so we can clearly identify the changes you have and the amount of time it took for you.

This product has been so great for me, and I would love for you to discover it, and if you like it, it will be to the benefit of your readers and just as important your friends and family.

I found after I started seeing the results, I wanted to tell my friends and to share what I'd seen. I was telling my uncle about it this morning, he knows me, and even though he was very sceptical, he knew if I was recommending it to him, it was definitely because I believe it can help him.

Thanks for your time.

Dee writes...

I'm here to tell you that I have used Himalayan Goji juice and it is a phenomenal product!!! My mother who has had severe osteoarthritis for years is now pain-free. Out of all the many products making health claims this one really does work! If you spent your efforts selling this amazing product you would be of far better help to your clients and to your self. For whatever ignorant reason you are invested in seeing this superior product as a dud and you are DEAD wrong.

Here's to you waking up...

Annie writes...

i am 74 years of age and have been drinking 6oz daily of hgj since nov 2004. for the past 37 years i have been the personal assistant of the former president of the colleage of american pathology. this assn gave me access to many of the leading md specialists for whatever ailment i was suffering with. six years prior to starting hgj, i was diagnosed with and prescribed these daily rx: hpp - zestral, 40mg, 2x; bloating -hydrochlodrot, 25mg, 1x; sleep disorder - elovil, 20mg, 1x; diverticulitis - protomix, 40mg, 1x. roughly eight months after starting hgj i was removed from all meds by my docs and have been med free since. my bp avgs 120/70 without meds and with meds it avg'd 150/80. wish i could get my results published on pubmed. my sure my employer would be more than happy to testify to his amazement of how this little berry has changed my prognosis.

on your site you wrote,

"The results indicate that LBP can be used as an adjuvant in the biotherapy [i.e., immunotherapy] of cancer," the authors concluded.

"This is a potentially important finding. A juice that can double the response rate to standard cancer treatment would be worth many multiples of $44. However, there remain numerous questions about this clinical trial that might be difficult to answer, since all there is to go on is an abstract in PubMed. The full article is in a Chinese journal that does not maintain an English-language website. Dr. Gao is the co-author of just seven PubMed articles, none of which gives his contact information.

If, however, I could interview Dr. Gao here are some of the questions I would ask:

  • How many patients were treated in each group?
  • What exactly is your standard for an "objective regression"?
  • How much longer did the remissions last in the goji-added group than
    the control group?
  • Was there any effect on disease-free or overall survival?
  • Have there been any follow-up studies using goji with drugs in a single form of the disease?"

maybe you should direct your questions to Dr. marcial-vega, renowned cancer specialist, johns hopkins-trained oncologist, and medical researcher. he just completed a year long study of 85 cancer patients with biopsy-confirmed cancer of a single type. he has published his results and commissioned a dualdisk of the highlights. check it out and give it your "pass" or "fail" litmus test. you will get the answers to your questions you would have posed to dr. gao.

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