Grains and Sprouting Articles

Quinoa from the Andes 
In this fascinating and informative article you'll learn just about everything there is to know about quinoa, a health-giving grain that has been cultivated in South American Andes since at least 3,000 B.C. and has been a staple food of millions of native inhabitants. If you have a wheat allergy (as so many people do), this article is a MUST read.

How to Sprout Sunflower Seeds
Sprouting enthusiast Sunny Rivers reveals all there is to know about sprouting and consuming delicious and nutritious sunflower seeds. Fun reading!

Sunflower Sprouts and Greens 
Thomas Billings tells us everything we need to know about the wonderful sunflower seed, which can sustain life and promote health for little expense and even less effort.

Everything You Need to Know about Sprouting 
You can save a ton of money and get wonderful food with very little work by sprouting. You can also spend more than five bucks learning how to do sprout successfully. Well, save the money by reading this how-to-sprout article by Tom Billings. He'll teach you everything you need to know.

Natural Toxins in Sprouted Seeds
A lot of misinformation exists regarding toxins and sprouted seeds. Get a closer picture of the truth by reading this article written by two research scientists.

Millet-- Good Enough for the Hunzas 
Natural health writer Karen Railey continues her fascinating series on grains in this article about millet, a tiny grain that helps the Hunza people live healthfully over sometimes over a hundred years.

Teff -- a Nutritious Little Grain 
In this fun to read and informative article, Karen Railey takes a close look at a little-known grain called Teff. If you want something new in your diet, check this out. Recipes provided for pancakes and cookies.

Amaranth -- a Great Grain 
Health & Beyond contributing editor Karen Railey continues her fascinating series on grains in this article about a grain that contains 15-18% protein with no gluten. Once you read this article, you'll want to add this grain to your diet, believe me.

Arginine and the Treatment of Cancerous Tumors
Karen Railey takes a close look at the amino acid "arginine" and how it has been used to successfully treat cancerous tumors.

The Amazing Hemp Plant 
H&B Contributing Editor Karen Railey turns her research talents on the subject of hemp and she comes away with some remarkable conclusions. This is a must read article for everyone concerned about healthful fats and essential fatty acids in the human diet.

How to Grow Wheatgrass 
Some people don't like to use super green drink products and prefer to use Ann Wigmore's famous wheatgrass. In this article, you'll learn exactly what you have to do to grow it and juice it at home.

How to Grow Lettuce 
In this article by the good folks at Heirloom Seeds, you'll learn how to grow your own lettuce for those delicious evening salads.

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