You Can Detox Your Body with the Grape Cure and Feel like a Kid Again...

By Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Weekly

Johanna Brandt The Grape CureMost people don't even realize it, but they feel sluggish, miserable, stressed, and whipped most of the time because their bodies are clogged up with all the junk they've been eating for so long.

Well, in the 1920s, Johanna Brandt of South Africa claimed that she cured her stomach cancer and healed everything that ailed her with what she called The Grape Cure. A few years later, she wrote a fascinating book that revealed the specifics of her protocol.

Today you can use Johanna Brandt's natural health classic to flush the crud out of your system and to start rebuilding your body.

As side effects, if you're like most people who try this program, you'll lose weight, sleep less, dream more, and have more energy than you've probably had in years.

Although most people use the information in this book primarily as a weight loss and detox program, the techniques in The Grape Cure can also be applied if you have a serious illness and if you work with a qualified physician who has an interest in nutritional healing.

The Grape Cure is NOT recommended for people with diabetes or blood sugar problems and should not be used by people with a serious illness unless they are working with a qualified physician who has an interest in nutritional healing..

So Much Better than a Starvation Diet

  • Instead of those boring and painful starvation diets, why not try The Grape Cure to lose those extra pounds around the middle? Most people who utilize this natural healing system report losing anywhere from five to ten pounds a week.

Fun to Read

  • Unlike many modern health books that require a Ph.D. in biology to understand, The Grape Cure was written by a woman who figured out on her own how to heal her physical problems. You'll enjoy The Grape Cure because it reads more like a detective story than it does a health book.

Extensively Annotated and Updated

  • I love old natural health books, but I also realize that the information found in many of them is occasionally dated or incorrect for modern times. Consequently, I always add my two-bits worth when I reprint a classic health book. With my easy-to-read footnote annotations, you'll have the best overall information I'm capable of providing for you.

Modern Science Supports Aspects of The Grape Cure

Respected cancer researcher Ralph Moss wrote enthusiastically about The Grape Cure in the Spring, 1997, issue of his Media Watch:

Substance in Grapes Inhibits Cancer Growth

On New Year's Day, 1997, The Boston Globe reprinted a Reuters dispatch that raises high hopes about grapes. Red grape skins, it turns out, contain a substance called resveratrol. According to a well-known researcher, Dr. John Pezzuto of the University of Illinois at Chicago, this naturally occurring phenol "has multiple modes of action, inhibiting cancer growth at a lot of different stages, which is unusual." These stages are initiation of DNA damage, transformation of the cell into cancer, and growth and spread of the tumor.

Resveratrol Protects against Coronary Heart Disease

Although resveratrol was first isolated from a Peruvian legume called Cassia quinquangulata, it was later found in grapes, particularly red grapes, as well as in peanuts, mulberries and other plants. It may also be one of the compounds responsible for wine's proven ability to protect against atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, according to other reports from the University of Toronto (Clin Chim Acta, 235: 2, 1995 Mar 31, 207-19). Great -- another excuse to drink wine! (If you do so, try to make it an organic red, since grapes are very heavily sprayed with pesticides.)

Magical Health Restoring Properties of Grapes

Again, this makes us think of another approach long derided by the quackbusters. This was The Grape Cure, popularized in the U.S. in the 1930s by a South African woman named Johanna Brandt. You can sometimes find her slim volume on a dusty shelf in the health food store. Brandt was herself drawing on an old European tradition which held that grapes had almost magical health-restoring properties when eaten in abundance.

I own an old book called A System of Physiologic Therapeutics by Solomon Solis Cohen, A.M., M.D. (Philadelphia: Blakiston's, 1901). In it, Dr. Cohen shows that there were over a dozen clinics and spas administering the grape cure in northern Europe at the turn of the 20th century.

In Baden-Baden (still a center of interest in alternative medicine) doctors 100 years ago were combining the "grape cure" with other alternative practices, such as the "Terrain Cure," i.e. graduated walking and climbing exercises.

Of course, these were eventually branded as classic quackery by the drug-oriented doctors. These new reports from very respectable universities suggest there may have been something to the "grape cure" after all. Again, we hope that the A.M.A. will reserve a spot in its alternative Pantheon for the much maligned Ms. Brandt.

Well, from painful experience we all well know the medical and pharmaceutical industries aren't in any hurry to document the efficiency of a natural weight loss program or cancer cure that people can do in the comfort and privacy of their own homes at a cost less than the usual food bill.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to take responsibility for my own health. You can do the same thing, and a great place to start is with my annotated version of Johanna Brandt's The Grape Cure.


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I've purchased similar techniques that aren't as effective for as much as $100, but, if you order The Grape Cure today, you'll also get a free copy of KOI CARP LAKE: HOW TO RELAX AND TALK WITH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Value: $14.95 to $100.00

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In closing, let me remind you that today's $19.95 price isn't much to pay in terms of the benefits you're receive:

  • Increased energy

  • A detoxed body and nice weight loss

  • Improved sense of overall well-being

In closing, you'll download The Grape Cure as soon as you complete your order. Note: I use ClickBank as my credit card billing service. Click here to order via our secure SSL connection today!

Yours for a healthy and peaceful world,

Chet Day

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