Halitosis Other Health Problems:

Some Other Health Problems Associated with Halitosis

Halitosis is usually caused by a variety of minor factors such as improper oral hygeine, or eating foods with strong odors such as garlic or onions. Sometimes, however, chronic bad breath can be a sign of more severe health problems within your body.

Diabetics for instance will often have chronic bad breath due to the high level of glucose, or sugar, in their blood stream. When the blood sugar levels go too high, this can be quite dangerous because the blood becomes acidic.

Keeping the blood sugar at lower levels, and preventing them from severe high spikes can often help resolve bad breath problems. This will also help resolve a myriad of other diabetes-related problems, and the blood sugar levels can often be controlled with changes to your diet, and the use of certain herbal supplements.

Chronic bad breath can also be caused by liver problems.

There's a rare form of liver failure known as Fetor hepaticus for instance, but there are other more common liver problems which can contribute to chronic halitosis too. Even poorly functioning or damaged livers can cause problems with bad breath, because when the liver is not functioning properly, the entire body suffers from excess toxins, wastes and bacteria not being filtered out very well.

If your bad breath may be caused by liver problems, you're probably experiencing various other health issues as well. Some indications of liver problems include constipation, acne, skin rashes, and skin eruptions or plaques known as psoriasis.

Liver problems can often be treated well with a change in dietary habits, and there are many herbs which can help cleanse and tone the liver too.

Certain types of infections can cause bad breath as well. Usually these are lower respiratory infections in the lungs or bronchial tubes, but others such as renal infections can cause chronic bad breath as well.

Infections need to be treated before they turn into something more severe, and safe alternative remedies exist in the form of herbal "antibiotics."

Garlic is one of the most powerful for fighting infections, and Golden Seal is another. Echinacea is an excellent herb to use specifically for glandular and lymphatic infections too.

Metabolic dysfunction is another more serious health condition which can cause chronic bad breath. When your body's metabolism is not working properly, many areas are affected.

Some other symptoms that can occur with metabolic problems include decreased energy and fatique, weight gain, moodiness, depression, and lowered immune system which makes you more susceptible to bacteria, germs and diseases.

Herbs which help boost your body's metabolism include Kelp, which is high in natural iodine and helps regulate your thyroid. General herbs which are very high in vitamins and minerals are excellent resources for metabolic problems too, and these include herbs such as Parsley and Alfalfa.

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