Learn the Natural Health Secrets that Took Me Four Years of Extensive Correspondence and More than $2,800 Worth of Books and Courses to Unearth

From:  Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Online

Chet Day, creator of Cat's PurrStarting in 1993, for 49 consecutive months I published a controversial print newsletter called Health & Beyond that was devoted to teaching men and women how to build health and energy naturally and inexpensively.

Devoted to examining unquestioned assumptions in the natural health movement, I used this publication to chronicle the first four years of my health adventures.

I also used it to challenge the so-called experts and gurus who claim to have the health answers for everyone.

In the 390 pages of Health & Beyondyou'll find detailed how to instructions on topics like

  • Water Fasting -- Stop Eating to Let your Body Heal Itself and Save Money on Doctor Bills

  • The Enema -- Use a Traditional Enema to Clean Your Colon and Improve Your Energy

  • Improve Health and Happiness with Meditation

  • Death with Dignity: How to Prepare for a Death in the Family

  • Sequential Eating is Better than Food Combining

  • Why Three Generations of Raw Foodists Failed to Thrive -- Don't Make the Mistakes They Made

  • The Ultimate Diet: Dr. Stanley Bass Shares a Diet You Can Use to Lose Weight and Improve Energy

  • How to Care for Your Teeth to Avoid Dentures, Root Canals, and Expensive Crowns

  • The Alexander Lying Down Procedure that Teaches You How to Relax

  • How to Safely Juice Fast in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Those are just a few of the topics covered in the Health & Beyond Classic Issues that you can now purchase for 1/6 of their original cost. You want a few more reasons to download these back issues right now? Then how about the in-depth interviews with natural health experts who know how to help the human body health itself? Interviews with people like...

  • Dr. John Brosious Reveals the Diet He Used to Live 80 Disease-Free Years

  • Two California Raw Foodists Shares Everything They've Learned in 25 Years

  • Dr. Stanley Bass Reveals the Tragic Deficiencies in Vegan, Raw Food Diets

  • Dr. Robert Sniadach Shows You How to Overcome Sex and Emotional Problems

  • Robert Wynman, DDS, Teaches You How to Have a Healthy Mouth and Teeth

  • Dr. Bernarr Zovluck Discusses Injaculation Techniques and the Laying on of Hands

  • Ron Weston, Raw Foodist for 30+ Years, Shares the Health Secrets of Living by Nature's Laws

  • Dr. Virginia Vetrano, Herbert Shelton's Protégé, Shows You How Natural Hygiene Can Work in Your Life

  • Ward Nicholson Sets the Record Straight on Humanity's Prehistoric Diet

Yes, you get so much expert "how to" information in this set of classic newsletters that it's like having a personal relationship with some of the top guns in the natural health movement.

But that's not all. Other issues in this huge set of close to a half million words of entertaining and informative natural health writing cover topics as diverse as...

  • How Wheatgrass and Fermented Foods Might Not Be Healthful

  • Dr. Stanley Bass's Ultimate Raw Diet -- A Week of Menus

  • Essene Meditation Draws Solar Energy into your Body

  • How Raw Foodists Can Avoid Vitamin B12 Deficiencies

  • How to Develop Abdominal Muscles that Look like a Steel Wash Board

  • What I Learned after Eating $120 Worth of Super Blue Green Algae

  • How to Make a Home-brewed Health Tonic that Sells for Big Bucks in the Health Food Stores

  • Kombucha Tea -- Health Drink or Death Warrant?

  • Dangers of High Protein Diets

  • Why You Should Soak your Nuts and Seeds before Eating

If you want a detailed description of every issue of the Health & Beyond Classics, click here now.

By reading the 390 pages of these back issues and not making all the mistakes I made on my journey to heal the middle-age problems that ailed me, you too may well be able to attain a level of health that will leave you flabbergasted.

And reading this material is more like reading a good novel than reading dry medical and health writing.

I mean it.

The writing in Health & Beyond sizzles and pops.

When you read these issues, you'll pick up on the energy I tapped into while writing them, a clear, hard energy that bubbled right up from cellular level.

I know that sounds odds, but, seriously, I felt inspired most days when I punched out the average 10,000-word issue.

And readers agreed with me...

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