Don't Let this Happen to You or Your Children...

Don't You Think You Should Learn How to Avoid the Nutritional Deficiencies on the Strict Vegan Hallelujah Diet™ that Nearly Destroyed the Health of the Entire Westbrook Family?

By Chet Day
Publisher, Health & Beyond Online

Chet "No Vegan" Day

I'd like to share with you the story of Greg Westbrook and his wife and three children, a Christian family whose health dramatically deteriorated because they stayed too long on the strict vegan Hallelujah Diet™.

On that diet, Greg experienced heart palpitations, his metabolism dropped so low he was freezing all the time, he lost weight down to a ghastly 120 pounds, and he looked old and wrinkled.

Greg's wife Judie developed brutal headaches on the diet. Doctors said her neck muscles had atrophied, and she was dangerously low in calcium and magnesium.

Judie and Greg's daughter Sarah experienced deep tiredness and struggled with relentless food cravings.

Their son Tim lost his muscular build, had slumping posture, and began to slur his speech.

Worst of all, Terry, their youngest son, suffered from severe depression and despair on the diet.

Finally, They Realized They HAD to Change Their Diet

In the introduction to his book When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?" Crashing On The Vegan Diet, Greg writes:

It can be devastating to realize that “God’s perfect diet” has run out of gas. When we transitioned to an all-raw vegan diet in 1994 and then to the Hallelujah Diet™ (an 85% raw vegan diet) in 1997, we were so pleased with the results that we never dreamed our diet would one day let us down. We did not have the vision to realize that we were on a deficient diet barreling down a road to nowhere, and that we would one day have to stop the car and back up a very, very long way.

Greg on the Hallelujah Diet
A gaunt Greg Westbrook on the Hallelujah Diet™

Greg on the Plan B Diet
A healthy Greg Westbrook on the Plan B Diet™

I have a personal debt of responsibility to write this book since I have not only taught large numbers of people about the Gen 1:29 Diet, but have been a key person responsible for designing and producing the Weigh of Wisdom Workshop that has been leading people to the Gen 1:29 Diet and Hallelujah Diet now since January, 2001. I have been pleased with the short-term benefits of the diet, but it has become patently clear now for some time that the Gen 1:29 Diet with its long-term downside will never be the vehicle to take people to the ultimate health they are looking for. I believe you will agree with me once you read the long-term symptoms included in this book, and read about the dramatic recoveries.

I still believe the Gen 1:29 Diet is a good cleansing, healing diet for the short term – perhaps three months or so. If you are thriving on the Gen 1:29 Diet, and can honestly say that you have none of the symptoms in this book, just count your blessings, and stay the course. But please tuck this information away for future reference just in case the years ahead find you painted into a corner with nowhere to turn.

Faith in a diet ideal can be so strong that it blinds us to the realities of where our health is headed.

To illustrate this point, I’d like to tell you a true story. On January 18, 1982, the US Air Force “Thunderbirds” Aerobatic Demonstration team flying four T-38A Talon jet airplanes crashed into the Nevada desert killing all four pilots. This tragic accident occurred during a practice session and became known as the “Diamond Crash” since all four aircraft were in the diamond formation at the time of the crash.

The team of four jet aircraft was performing a big loop, each airplane flying within feet of the other in close formation. The three wingmen pilots are taught to follow the lead pilot without question. On that tragic day, the lead pilot miscalculated and led all three of his wingmen into the ground at the bottom of the loop. Unquestioning faith in their leader cost them their lives.

In working with people across America in our weight loss course, we’re finding that faith in the Gen 1:29 diet can be so total that people can be losing their health, and not even realize the diet connection. Many times people share with us their symptoms and when we relate their symptoms to their diet, they are totally shocked. Sometimes people need a few days to get over the shock that their diet has let them down. Surely, if the three “Thunderbird” wingmen had been looking out the corner of their eye at the ground coming up, they would have realized their leader was leading them into the ground. In this book, I hope to get you to look around, take a bigger picture look at where you are going, and possibly save you from serious health problems ahead.

In this book, I’ll introduce you to a powerful diet which is neither the Standard American Diet, nor the Gen 1:29 Diet. We called it the Plan B Diet. It is God’s complete diet, brimming with health and vitality.

If you are a on a vegan diet, I hope this book is some value in giving you a heads-up, and that it may save you from losing your vitality like we did.

The Westbrook family adhered strictly to the Genesis 1:29
diet for 6 years with no cheating, and it almost ruined their health!

In When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?", Greg explains how, in a few months, each member of his family regained their lost health:

  • The Westbrook FamilyIn five months, by adding organic meat back into her diet, Judie literally went from invalid to athlete.

  • Greg gained back to his normal 155 pound weight, and his metabolism and energy returned.

  • Sarah found strength and endurance, and her food cravings subsided.

  • Tim's energy and muscles came back with a vengeance.

  • Terry's horrible depression and despair lifted, and his happy nature returned!

In this eye-opening 135-page book, which you can order in downloadable format for Adobe Acrobat Reader, you'll learn the whole story of the Westbrook family's terrible struggle with the surprising deficiencies of the Gen 1:29 diet.

You'll also learn all the "how to" details about their healthy Plan B Diet™, the next step that Genesis 1:29 Dieters MUST take to avoid the inevitable crash that comes from avoiding animals foods for too long.

Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but thinking people can't deny the experience of the Westbrook family and hundreds of other struggling Gen 1:29 dieters that the Westbrooks worked with for four years.

It's true that junk animal products can cause health problems, but clean, wholesome animal foods will not hurt you. To the contrary, as omniscient omnivores, human beings require clean foods from both plant and animal kingdoms.

The contention that animal fat and protein can cause cancer, heart disease, or shorten your life is unsubstantiated baloney preached by individuals whose motives are questionable at best and unconscionable at worst.

Here's just one shocking fact the Westbrooks discovered through their extensive research:

They could not find a single scientific study that linked clean, wholesome meat with disease.

It's true. Studies condemning meat were ALL done using standard American junk meats (luncheon meats, processed meats, chemical laden meats, pork chops, bacon, ham, and the like).

One hallmark study actually used milk casein (a processed milk product) - a far cry from wholesome, clean meats!

You don't have to be afraid of meat! To prove it Biblically, Greg covers the scriptural foundations for eating meat, dairy, and eggs.

When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?" is an extensive work that contains 22 chapters and five appendices including:

  • How and why the Westbrook family lost their health on the Gen 1:29 (vegan) diet
  • The Gen 1:29 life cycle ( the phases a typical vegan dieter goes through)
  • The long-term deficiency symptoms of the Gen 1:29 Diet
  • How the Westbrooks regained our health with the Plan B Diet™
  • The Plan B Diet™ explained
  • The Biblical basis for eating animal products
  • Suggestions for finding clean meat, dairy, and eggs
  • Sixty-four differences between the Standard American Diet and the Plan B Diet™
  • Helpful hints vegan dieters can use to transition to the Plan B Diet™
  • An important chapter on dental health
  • And much, much more...

This is not just another health book that quotes figures and statistics.

When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?" Crashing On The Vegan Diet is a compelling story about one family's struggle for health, which contains a wealth of personal insights and lessons gleaned from their lives and their years as certified Health Ministers.

As one reader said of this book:

"The thing that really impresses me is the enormous amount of wisdom contained therein. As I got into it, I had the feeling that it could be written with ink and quill and it would not detract from the message."

The Westbrooks published When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?" Crashing On The Vegan Diet in 2002.

Upon publication, they were immediately attacked by dietary zealots who refused to acknowledge the truth.

During the next year, the attacks continued to the point where, near as I can tell, the Westbrooks decided to step away from what had become a Biblical health nightmare to devote their lives to less antagonistic and less stressful endeavors.

Although I too have taken my share of hits from Gen 1:29 zealots, over the years I've kept When Hallelujah Becomes "What Happened?" available online because I know how comforting and useful the material in this book is to the thousands of Gen 1.29 loyalists who don't understand why they're crashing and burning on what has been taught to them as "God's perfect diet."

Okay, that's enough.

Yours for a Healthy and Loving World,

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