Headache Articles

Precision Tinted Lenses Provide Migraine Relief
In this very interesting article, you'll learn how and why precision tinted lenses are proving migraine sufferers with very real relief from the pain and misery associated with this headaches.

A Frugal Headache Cure
Pat Veretto shares several natural and clever ways you can use household vinegar to overcome headaches.

Natural Cures for Headache Pain
This interesting and quite comprehensive article details a number of natural techniques you can use to ease headache pain. Why resort to over-the-counter medications when you can help yourself with simple methods?

Foods that Trigger Migraine Headaches
Various foods can initiate the severe pain of migraine headaches. In this article, you'll learn what foods to look out for. Identify these foods with a good elimination diet, and say good-bye to migraines forever.

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