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EarthWild The EarthWild CD experience will help you explore altered states of consciousness where you can attain knowledge and insights that lead to personal growth. This powerful 45-minute audio adventure simulates a stormy night in the wilderness!
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  This CD is entitled Deep Alpha Journey and the powerful alpha waves of the NeuroImagery technology will gently guide your brain into a pleasing alpha state of bliss. Want more than that? Track 2 takes you even deeper, down into theta!
Deep Alpha Journey
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  Our EarthRain meditation CD is a tool you can use for a few minutes to an hour any time you choose to visit a refuge where the hustle and bustle of modern day life will just plain fall away. Chet's daughter-in-law used EarthRain during labor!
Price: $12.95 US
  In Cat’s Purr, Chet has used advanced audio technology to layer together the healing sounds of his own cat’s purr with soothing classical music. He has also blended in sounds from nature that are so real and relaxing.
Cat's Purr
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  Kyoto Protocol No. 3 combines soft music, gentle sounds from nature, and advanced NeuroImagery™ audio technology to help your brain generate theta waves for a deeply fulfilling 60-minute meditation session.
Kyoto No. 3
Price: $12.95 US
  Gentle and rhythmic, our NightTrain Sleep System CD turns your bedroom into a train's cozy sleeping car. You become a passenger, the rails quietly passing beneath you as the sound of iron wheels on steel rock you into a deep and restful night's sleep.
Price: $12.95 US

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With close to half a million words comprising my H&B Classic issues, you'll learn the natural health secrets that took me four years of extensive correspondence and more than $2,800 worth of books and courses to unearth. This collection originally sold for $120, but you can now have the information for a whole lot less than that.

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