Healthy Eating Primer:

A Simple Healthy Eating Primer

There are three main steps to maintaining a routine for healthy cooking and eating. It really is not difficult to eat more healthily, but it does involve some planning before hand and a little bit of dedication.

The first step in learning to eat more healthfully is to analyze, the second is to make your purchases, and the third is simply to cook healthily.

Analyzing mainly involves planning ahead. You should plan to figure out which days require you to cook an evening meal, by analyzing the schedule of your entire family. You should also plan what meal will be served for each day, taking notes as you do so. Keep track of each entrée, side dish, and any other foods which are necessary in order to prepare and serve the meal.

You can keep track of this menu on your refrigerator, so your family members will also be able to plan ahead for dinner. Planning is typically easier if you do it in periods of two or three weeks, cycling your meal options at the end of each period. Most families tend to eat the same ten or twenty recipes over and over, which is why this routine works.

If you are in need of more recipes, consult cookbooks or online cooking websites to find new and exciting recipes which are easy to prepare.

What purchasing involves is deciding which ingredients you already have by exploring your pantry and refrigerator, then making a grocery list and purchasing the foods that you are missing. When you go to the supermarket, you should purchase only the items which are on your shopping list, and you should never to go the supermarket if you are feeling hungry because you will likely end up buying food that you do not need.

You should always begin by planning for tomorrow's meal tonight. Any preparation that can be done beforehand should be done now, such as taking frozen meat out to defrost in the refrigerator overnight. You can organize all of your ingredients together so that you will not have to go hunting for items the following day when time is short.

You should prepare as much of tomorrow's meal as you can ahead of time, by cutting up any fruits or vegetables, or cooking any meat, pasta or rice which is necessary for the dish. You can even put an entire casserole together and leave it in the fridge for baking tomorrow. This way, when it is time to prepare dinner you will have your work cut out for you. Making preparations tonight so that tomorrow is less stressful is well worth the effort, because dinners will be much quicker and easier to make tomorrow if you have everything organized today.

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