Healthy Fish Recipes

What Kinds of Sushi to Avoid
If you're a fan of sushi, it's worth noting that some types of fish tend to contain more mercury than others; by choosing wisely, you can minimize your risk of experiencing mercury toxicity.

Omega-3s for Burning Fat
A study in a prominent women's health magazine has recommended dietary omega-3s for two different benefits, since fish oil supplements and fatty fish may offer two distinct metabolic benefits: better appetite control and a boost in fat burning.

Teenagers' Brain Boost Linked to Fish
A European study's findings suggest that the impacts of fish diets may be especially strong at this stage of life. The intelligence scores of boys who ate fish more than once a week were 12 percent higher than those of boys who ate fish less than once a week.

Pan Seared Tuna with Lime Pepper Crust
Remember, our minimal-mercury albacore tuna is certified sushi-grade, so this month's seared experience with lime and pepper is perfectly safe and delicious.

Tequla-Grilled Salmon with Raspberry Sauce
This salmon recipe is as exotic and delicious as it sounds. Great for company!

Ginger Honey-Glazed Salmon
Ginger and honey are two delightful flavors that really bring out the natural tastes of fresh, wild caught salmon.

Herb Broiled Albacore Tuna
We suggest serving herb-broiled albacore with steamed new red potatoes and Brussels sprouts lightly sprinkled with olive oil, basil and just a hint of garlic.

Wild Alaskan Salmon with Asian Glaze
A recipe specifically made with wild Alaskan salmon in mind. Smooth and savory Asian flavor.

Grilled Salmon with Avocado
Both salmon and avocados contain large amounts of healthy fats as well as fatty acids. Check out this delcious recipe to combine the two.

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