Healthy Spice Articles

Spices May Be Used As Potential Pesticides
Fortunately, new evidence review indicates that extracts from common kitchen seasonings - and plant essences used in aromatherapy -could become a serious alternative ally against insect pests.

Kicking Your Health Up a Notch with Tumeric Seasoning
We all know tumeric spice turns food the color of a bright Halloween, but did you know this seasoning is also great for your body?

Benefit Your Health with Ginger
Ginger is delicious and a staple in Chinese and Indian cooking. In this article learn why this herb is more than a mere spice.

Cinnamon Offers Health Benefits
Cinnamon tastes great on everything from cookies to sweet rolls. But cinnamon has some powerful health benefits, too. Read this short article for a comprehensive list of why you should have some cinnamon in your diet every day, especially if you have Type 2 diabetes.

Black Pepper: More than Just Salt's Buddy
Black pepper is on everyone's table. Next to salt, pepper is the most used seasoning or condiment in the western world. But did you know pepper may be good for you too?

The Basil Herb As a Spice
Italian food is rich in the herb basil. But did you know basil has high levels of vitamin A and beta carotene? This spice is an excellent addition to most foods.

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