My Family's Experience with Homeopathy

by Joel Preston

Our use of homeopathy started about a year after my daughter was born when she woke up with a large black area under her eye. Naturally it was on a Sunday so our pediatrician met us at the emergency room and it was an infection (a spider bite we believe).

Because she believed we were conscientious parents she gave us a prescription and we went home. (Otherwise she would have been admitted -- doctors have that power.)

Monday we were able to get to see the doctor up in Chicago who is an MD but practices classical (not mix and match) homeopathy. Before we got home, the black area under her eye was mostly gone and we were convinced.

The remedies in homeopathy are apparently determined by giving one to a perfectly healthy individual and seeing what results. (Called proving.) Then, when an individual gets this symptom, that remedy is used.

But it's not that simple (not like a vaccine -- which would be used on everyone who has a particular symptom.) The doctor takes into account all kinds of things that I thought were odd, the big picture, so to speak. Like the kinds of foods you like, which side you sleep on, do you prefer it hot or cold, etc.

Overall, though, homeopathy works like a miracle for my daughter because (I believe) her body is not contaminated. Normal drugs counteract the remedies. Each year she has gotten healthier I believe as her immune system gets stronger. At this moment it is unlikely she would be bothered more than a day when she gets the current problem going around that puts everyone else out for a week or two.

My wife has had a number of things that have been cured (i.e. they do not return), including floaters in the eye and a precancerous condition inside her cheek.

I myself have been extremely healthy, maybe a headache in 30 years. But that has ended. About 8 years ago psoriasis began which around last Christmas became psoriatic arthritis (an uncommon form of it but with distinct symptoms that take a good rheumatist to decipher). (It can't be done with lab tests.)

There is no cure for this. The drug of choice is an anticancer one (methatrexate) which in time will damage the liver. I declined that one. I am using a NSAID. This form of arthritis will cause deformities, pain, and inflammation. I needed a wheelchair for a couple of months and then a cane.

We have a homeopathic vet for our pets and he sees this person who I'm told is a world famous homeopathist (both for his practice and for himself) who lives in England but comes to NY 3-4 times a year to see patients.

With my vet's recommendation I got an appointment. (My regular guy in Chicago wasn't getting anywhere.)

It was pretty exciting to get to talk to the best of the best.

What he believes started all this happened here at work. The building I'm in now was torn down to the frame and rebuilt. Before that was done I came visited the building and looked around, mainly looking to salvage anything useful (I do electronic engineering work).

There was a small unlocked room that had a tiny amount of radioactive material, I'm sure in a container that met some government emissions criteria. But not doubt there was some exposure and that exposure triggered the psoriasis.

In the hour interview when that fact was finally exposed he immediately decided that was the cause (some people think this is hogwash and that's what alternative therapies do, i.e. wait for a weird fact and then blame that).

The remedy was something -- bromide in a water-alcohol solution (1 oz eyedropper bottle). I take 2 drops in a tablespoon of distilled water, swish it around my mouth and swallow. I start with a low concentration, I'm up to my second level.

In the third month I stopped using the wheelchair and then the cane. The growth of the psoriasis has basically stopped (though the sq. in. amount has not declined.) When it flared up I could almost see it growing.

I can move around on uneven ground now (I coach a soccer team) and a number of movements that caused a lot of pain before do not now. I do not think the rheumatologist would give credit for this to the NSAID (indocin). But the combination of that and the remedy seem to be doing quite well.

I've begun on a low dosage because he didn't want to aggravate the psoriasis, though we are trying to address the arthritis.

A few more things. There are NO bad side effects from the remedies, they just don't work because there are not the right ones. Getting the right remedy is the art of homeopathy. After the first visit it can normally be done on the phone and it's inexpensive.

You need to use common sense. We do use regular doctors and the laboratories. (By the way there were 2 items in my blood/urine workup that were out of normal (sed rate and calcium level) which have both returned to normal.

It's hard to summarize the 13 years in a few paragraphs, but here it is. Any questions send me an e-mail.


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