Try the Footstool Home Remedy for Constipation Relief

by Chet Day

Most people eating a conventional, modern diet composed predominantly of processed foods will rarely experience a normal bowel movement.

That's a shame because a really good b.m. leaves you with the same feeling you'd get if, say, the Publisher's Clearinghouse award van pulled into your driveway and the whole team started ringing your doorbell.

The natural technique and home remedy for chronic constipation that I'm about to reveal will probably sound odd to many, but, hey, so it goes (so to speak).

Anyway, you can have a better and more complete evacuation of your intestines every day if you put a footstool in front of the toilet.

Then, when you sit down to make a deposit, put your feet on top of the footstool.

Seriously, I kid you not this footstool home remedy for constipation works.

As most of the rest of the world knows, the easiest bowel movements come when the human body is in a squatting position.

Using a footstool with an American toilet helps to more closely get the body in the natural position.

It's even better to put the seat in the up position on the toilet and to squat on the rim of the commode, though I don't recommend this technique for those with balance problems or whose last name isn't Wallenda.

As an aside, I've heard of a postal worker (no kidding) who was fired because he refused to take his shoes off when balancing on the rim of the commode at work.

I don't know how he was caught in the act, so don't email and ask me.

Seriously, the footstool home remedy works wonders for people with chronic constipation.

And even if you're not constipated, give this technique a try because it works great.

Oh, one more thing. After reading the above, Jordon T emailed me the following comments:

Chet, the footstool thing is a pretty good idea. What I actually read is that one of the reasons this might happen is that when the leg is raised, it puts pressure on the intestines which help to push them through and relieve constipation. Apparently this works to help unclog the works even when you're not on the toilet. That's why doing deep squats as physical exercise is so great for health!

Anyway, I'd like to share what I personally do which I feel helps. It's not a stool, but I feel it stimulates things. To get the equivalent pressure, you just bend way forward.

If you're flexible like me you can even put your hands flat on the ground. It's probably a great way for people to exercise. In some cases you can shift all your weight to your feet (and possibly hands if need be). It's pretty fun. Can you post this on your site, or is it too weird?

Thanks to Jordan for sharing this additional home remedy for constipation.

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