How to Have Healthy Hair

There are many problems that can arise in the form of having unhealthy looking hair. And when you have hair problems, this isn't strictly limited to just being a beauty issue. Yes, healthy hair is beautiful to look at, but having healthy hair is a strong sign that your body in general is healthy too.

When something is wrong inside the body, it's often shown through our hair, skin and nails before it's evident anywhere else. So when your hair starts having problems, this is often a sign that you may have additional, and more severe, health problems waiting around the corner.

One of the most common health problems some people have with their hair is that it starts thinning out, becoming brittle and breaking easily, and we start losing it. Losing your hair is often called going bald, and most people assume this happens to men only. It is more common to see in men, but it does happen to women as well.

For women, the problems usually start with thinning and brittle hair. The hair begins to pull out easily when brushed, or breaks off frequently. There are other signs of health problems with your hair too though. When it becomes dull looking, greasy looking, seems overly limp or lifeless, and particularly when it seems to take a long time to grow, these are all signs that something more serious could be wrong.

Most of these common hair health and beauty problems are caused though, by vitamin deficiencies. The foods we choose to eat or not eat each day play a major role in our overall health and well being, and the health and beauty of our hair is no exception. So the first step to making our hair healthier is to simply improve our overall nutritional levels.

Now sometimes problems with our hair can be caused by environmental toxins and pollutants too. And these types of problems are also resolved nicely with nutritional changes, but they can also be resolved by doing a body detox. When toxins, bacteria and poisons build up too high in our bodies, this can create a number of health related problems, some of which are quite severe. So treating hair related health and beauty problems with a detoxification process can actually do a world of good for our body in general.

To boost the health of your hair with simple nutritional improvements, all you need to do is start taking herbal vitamin and food supplements each day. The best herbal supplement to use for improving the health of your hair is Kelp. Kelp is a wonderful seaweed which is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are vital to the proper health of our hair, skin and nails. Taking kelp regularly will help your hair start growing faster, and it will give it body, shine, and life.

Another excellent supplement to take each day which will help make your hair look much healthier is omega 3 fatty acids. You can get omega 3 by eating fish if you'd like, or you can simply take fish oil supplements each day. Another wonderful source of omega 3 fatty acids is flaxseed, and this too can be eaten each day in salads or cereals for instance, or you can simply take flaxseed oil supplements as well. Omega 3 fatty acids will make your hair quite strong, soft, silky and shiny, plus it will help it to start growing faster as well.

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