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Vaccine Legal ExemptionsVaccine Legal Exemptions
Read our review of licensed attorney Alan Phillips' Vaccine Legal Exemptions, a comprehensive and authoritative 92-page report about vaccine legal exemptions you can trust.
This is a MUST read for parents who don't want to pollute the bodies of their babies and children with potentially dangerous vaccines.

Spain Withdraws Gardasil
Spain yanked the aggressively marketed Merck vaccine gardasil after two girls were hospitalized. In the US, 27 have been reported dead in to the CDC's vaccine adverse reaction database. Yet the vaccine is still pushed on nine-year old girls and teenagers.

Vaccine Refusal and Medical Intimidation
In this article, Josh Day reveals the approach he and his wife used to avoid having their son vaccinated during his first visit to a pediatrician.

Vaccine Religious Exemptions
Attorney Alan Phillips explains the things you need to know before applying for a religious exemption for vaccinations.

Why I Say No to Flu Shots
This is the 2006-2007 flu season update of Chet Day's popular article on why he personally avoids flu shots like the plague.

The Thimerosal Conspiracy
Apparently, the government has known about thimerosal dangers for some time and has continued vaccinating infants and children with mercury, understanding full well the link to autism and other disorders.

Dispelling Vaccination Myths 
When I first discovered this sobering and enlightening article by Alan Phillips, I knew right away it was a "must" for Health & Beyond Online. Why? Read on and have the immunization assumptions you grew up with regarding the "shots everybody needs" hammered right out of your head!

Risks of FluMist Vaccine
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny writes after learning that FluMist will be available to Wal-Mart customers, I felt compelled to warn our patients and our Internet subscribers of the potentially serious complications that may come from direct and passive exposure to this new vaccine. I also wanted to give a "heads up" to everyone regarding the onslaught of advertising that is about to besiege them.

Letter with Reasons for Refusing Vaccinations
This interesting letter provides many details you can use to better educate yourself when making a decision about whether or not to vaccinate your child. Important reading for parents struggling with the immunization question.

Important Vaccination Articles 
Click here for a wonderful list of articles taken from medical science's own peer-reviewed journals -- these articles prove to any thinking person that the idea of injecting filth into the bloodstreams of children and adults is indeed not only a stupid thing to do but also dangerous. 

You Can Avoid Killer Vaccine 
Do not let the medical profession play Russian roulette with your child's immune system. Read this article before agreeing to having your children vaccinated for hepatitis-B.

Chronic Fatigue -- A Vaccination Link? 
In the United Kingdom, where Jane Affleck, the author of this article lives, CFIDS is known as "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis" or ME, for short. The cause remains unknown, but a variety of culprits have been named. According to both my wife and Jane Affleck, it seems that there are a significant minority of people who can identify a vaccination as the trigger for CFIDS/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The doctor Ms. Affleck mentions in her article below, Dr. Shepherd, has taken quite an interest in this issue, and knows of several dozen such cases in the UK. Almost all of us know someone with this debilitating disease. And flu shots or other immunizations such as the one for hepatitis B may be causing it for some people!

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