Importance Oranges Health:

The Importance of Oranges for Your Health

Oranges, in all their forms, from fresh Florida oranges to fresh squeezed orange juice, have long been enjoyed for their delicious flavor as well as their health benefits.

Indeed, oranges and other citrus fruits are among the most healthy of all foods, and nutritionists often recommend a diet rich in fruits and vegetables for a healthy body and a long life.

In addition to their most well known ingredient, vitamin C, research has shown that oranges contain many other important cancer fighting compounds.

Oranges have been found to contain over 170 phytochemicals, including over 20 compounds from the carotenoid family.

Carotenoids have shown real promise in fighting cancer and other common illnesses, and oranges are one of the best dietary sources of these important compounds.

In addition, oranges contain compounds known as limonoids. It is these compounds that give oranges and other citrus fruits their tangy and slightly bitter flavor.

These limonoids are thought to be highly effective anti-cancer agents.

Vitamin C
It is the high vitamin C content of oranges that has earned them such a solid reputation as a healthy food.

One average sized orange supplies more than 92% of the vitamin C a person needs each day, so it is easy to get plenty of vitamin C from a diet rich in oranges and other citrus fruits.

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While many people try to make up for a lousy diet by consuming high volumes of vitamin C supplements, the best way to get the vitamin C and other nutrients you need is through a healthy and balanced diet.

Oranges are so delicious, so inexpensive and so versatile that there is no reason not to enjoy them.

If oranges are too acidic for you, however, we recommend this high quality vitamin c powder that is actually REAL vitamin c, not just ascorbic acid.

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