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This Week's Featured Articles

Seafood Versus Depression and Inflammation
All too often in the news, we watch one “superstar” drug after another fall from its pedestal, the victim of exaggerated claims and unforeseen side effects. Meanwhile, omega 3 fatty acid which is found in fish oil continued to rise as a fighter of depression. If you suffer from the blues, this article is a good read.

Money Can't Buy Happiness
Well, at least that was the conclusion drawn by research that took a look at the relationship between money and happiness. Personally, I know I'd be a lot happier if I had a couple million bucks sitting in the bank. But, hey, I'm 64 years old as I write these words and getting to be old and in the way, at least that's a rational conclusion to draw if one looks at Department of Labor hiring statistics for aging baby boomers like moi.

How to Make Healthy Energy Balls
You know, most of the so-called "energy bars" at the supermarket are so full of sugar and additives that you almost want to cry if you read the list of ingredients. Well, I have good news for you today because Dr. Ben Kim has decided to reveal his powerful and secret recipe for tasty, healthy snacks that'll give you an energy boost almost as electric as sticking your big toe in a light socket.

How to Make Your Own Herbal Tinctures
This is an interesting and detailed article that provides "how to" details you can use to make your own herbal tinctures to help a variety of health problems.

Practical Budgeting Strategies
You don't have to live in debt, and if you follow the nine strategies in this article, you'll pay your bills on time and maybe even have a few bucks left over at the end of the month.

Everything You Need to Know about Arthritis
In this extremely detailed and useful article, Dr. Ben Kim shares with you his encyclopedic knowledge of arthritis. Learn the causes as well as many natural things you can do to either avoid arthritis altogether or else reduce your pain.

Meditation for Beginners
If you've been thinking about taking up meditation to relax and improve your overall peace of mind, reading this little article would be a good place to start.

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